Lacking in Space, but not in Wardrobe?

Evriholder Products HNH-W Hang N' Hide Laundry Holder

Summer is ending, school is starting and work is picking up again. With a busy lifestyle on the rise, it’s time to get organized! If you are moving into a small dorm or apartment, or even if that closet of yours just isn’t as large as you would like, the Hang N’ Hide is the perfect solution for hang up your garments in a tight space. The Hang N’ Glide acts as a temporary solution for hanging up your clothes and can accommodate jackets, scarves, shirts, and anything else you have in your clothing arsenal that needs to be hung up. When not in use, the Hand N’ Glide will fold away allowing it to blend in and hide among your wall or closet area. The Hang N’ Glide can hold up to 17 hangers and supports a maximum weight of 10 pounds. Install it into the laundry room and hang clothes to dry after the wash then, fold it up when done or install it into a closet to provide more storage for your clothes. How convenient! Start Organizing