Portable Fireplace is an Ideal Centerpiece for any Indoor or Outdoor Tabletop

Brasa Fire BR-10-SS Centerpiece Tabletop Fireplace, Stainless Steel
Add a warm atmosphere to any dinner, coffee or outdoor patio table with the Centerpiece Tabletop Fireplace from Brasa Fire. This compact and portable fireplace is suitable for both indoor/outdoor use and its lightweight body makes it easy to move around your home. The base of the Centerpiece Fireplace is constructed of powder coated carbon steel with tempered safety glass to protect the flame from gusts of wind as well as people without compromising the appearance of the fire. It has a patent pending spill proof burner with a fuel capacity of 12.5 ounces that will burn for up to 2 hours. Keeping the environment in mind, the Centerpiece Tabletop Fireplace uses clean Bioethanol fuel (sold separately) from Brasa Fire and has a thermal output of 3,800 BTU/hour.
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Indoor/Outdoor Bioethanol Fireplace can be Mounted to a Wall or used Freestanding

Brasa Fire BR-17-AS Bensen XL Fireplace, Antique Silver

The Bensen XL Fireplace from Brasa Fire is designed for flexibility despite its large size. The Bensen can be wall mounted or used as a freestanding fireplace where ever desired. Its powder coated carbon steel and stainless steel exterior adds to its durability making it suitable for use indoors as well as outdoors. The Bensen XL comes with a 2 foot long burner which in turn produces a 2 foot long ribbon flame that will dance in the fireplace for up to 4 hours. This fireplace uses Brasa Fire Bioethanol fuel (sold separately) and has a fuel capacity of 3.5 quarts; each quart will burn for roughly 70 minutes. The thermal output of the Bensen XL Fireplace is 17,000 BTU/hour. Also included with the Bensen XL are a control wand tool, fuel pour spout accessory to prevent spilling of fuel and a long lighter to ensure safety when lighting the fireplace.

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Gift for Her: Indoor Tabletop Fountain

Fountain Cellar FCT001 Tabletop Fountain wth Tea Candles

The soothing sounds of a flowing water fountain help to create a tranquil, stress-free environment in just about any setting. The Tabletop Fountain with Tea Candles from Fountain Cellar features 3 pillars, each with a removable tea candle for accent lighting, and water flowing down the fountains back wall. This 12 inch tall fountain is intended for use indoors and makes for a great addition to the décor of a home. The Tabletop Fountain with Tea Candles weighs roughly 3lbs and its small, tabletop size allows for it be easily moved around the house. This fountain comes with a pump and is powered by a standard 110V electrical outlet.

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Chic Fireplace with Lively Decorative Shadows Upgrades the Décor of a Home Inside or Out

The Round Shadow Lantern Tortoise from Brasa Fire is a quick way to upgrade the décor of any room or patio regardless of whether the lantern’s flame is in use. Made from high temperature ceramic and stainless steel, the Round Shadow Lantern Tortoise is durable and suitable for use indoors and outdoors. The fireplace’s unique architectural pattern will create lively shadows in the immediate area as the flame dances and brings a warm ambiance to any room. While the flame will add to a room’s décor it also serves as an effective heating addition capable of increasing a room’s temperature by as much as 5 degrees. The Round Shadow Lantern Tortoise uses clean Bioethanol fuel (sold separately) and has a 12.5 ounce fuel capacity with a spill proof burner. It has a burn time of up to 2 hours and features a home fragrance burning reservoir for burning of scented oils making it an elegant upgrade over candles.

  • Versatile for indoor/outdoor use
  • Unique design creates lively shadows when burning
  • Makes a great tabletop decoration
  • Capable of raising the room temperature by 3-5 degrees
  • Up to 2 hour burn time

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Ultra Modern Freestanding Design Features Dancing Flames for All to Enjoy

Nu-Flame NF-F2TIO Tizzo Freestanding FireplaceThe Nu-Flame NF-F2TIO Tizzo Freestanding Fireplace makes for a great centerpiece to any room. This large, floor fireplace features a chic modern design that will be sure to draw the attention of guests while creating a relaxing environment. The Tizzo has a 1.5 liter stainless steel burner which sits upon a black powder coated base and between two tempered glass safety panels which will enhance and reflect the glowing flame. With a full burner of fuel the Tizzo will provide up to 3 hours of burn time. An included dampener tool makes adjusting the flame height or extinguishing it altogether a safe and easy task. The warm and inviting design of the Tizzo Fireplace will be a gathering point for family and friends to relax and unwind while watching the dancing flames of the fireplace. Assembly of this fireplace is hassle free and Nu-Flame suggests that it should take roughly 30 minutes to setup. The Tizzo Fireplace burns liquid bio-ethanol fuel which is not included with the purchase of this fireplace. Nu-Flame bio-ethanol fuel is recommended for use with this Nu-Flame fireplace.
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Biodegradable and Eco-Friendly Bio-Ethanol Fuel

Nu-Flame NF-BIOETH12 Bio-Ethanol Fuel, 12 Pack

  • Preferred fuel for use with Nu-Flame fireplaces
  • Eco-friendly fuel
  • Safe for use indoors and outdoors

Nu-Flame NF-BIOETH12 Bio-Ethanol Fuel is safe for use both indoors and out without creating smoke or hazardous fumes. This product comes in a case with 12 bottles and each 1 quart bottle will provide 2.5-4 hours of burn time. The Bio-Ethanol Fuel is eco-friendly and biodegradable, making it safe for the environment. The fuel is made from renewable plant sources in the USA with no added petroleum products and contains Bitrex which is a bitter additive to prevent human consumption. Read more