Happy Father’s Day From Smarthome!

It is your day to relax and do what ever you would like. Make sure to enjoy it with your family and loved ones! And why not spoil yourself to something! While you are relaxing in front of the TV or just browsing on the internet be sure to check out our many cool products!

Still looking for that perfect gift for the perfect dad? Here are some ideas that might help :)

Carepeutic Deluxe Neck Massager with Remote Control

This product uses carbon fiber heated therapy with a led remote control to relieve severe muscle tightness in and around your neck and back and especially into the deep muscle layer where the problem often goes untreated. You can use this massager manually or in its automatic mode, either way, you will enjoy its 16 different tapping, beating and pulsating modes that will help you to relax and enjoy a great massage right on the couch. 

Rechargeable Emergency System

It’s smart to keep booster cables in your car, but how safe will you feel with them if you’re sitting on the side of the road late at night when cars are unlikely to stop? Gain the ultimate peace of mind with RoadPro’s Emergency System, which not only contains booster cables and the power to jumpstart your car, but it also has an air compressor to re-inflate your tires. This lightweight roadside emergency kit even has an on-board outlet for powering your cell phone charger or other 12-volt device in order to contact emergency personnel if necessary.

Gorgeous Garages – Monkey Bar Golf Bag Rack

Gorgeous Garages 3 – MBGBR Monkey Bar Golf Bag Rack will securely store 6 Golf Bags off the garage floor with only 15 minutes of installation needed. Only 4 screws into 2 studs 48″ apart and you’re finished. No longer do you have to store golf bags on the floor, in the corner, or in your trunk. Get them off the floor and onto the rack to save space and safely store your valuable golf equipment. Take back the valuable floor space in the garage. This rack does not limit you on the weight or size of the bags. 

Aerobie, Inc. Coffee and Espresso Maker

The AEROPRESS is an entirely new way to make coffee. It allows for the combination of having a total immersion of coffee grounds in water along with the use of gentle air pressure to extracts extra flavor from the grounds, delivering a full flavored coffee. With the AeroPress, the amount of water is predetermined by the user, who can brew any strength from weak to super-intense just by choosing the desired amount of water prior to pressing. The water temperature is also decided by the user. The water and grounds simply need to be mixed for ten seconds. Then gentle air pressure will be used to push the mix through a micro-filter in 20 seconds. The result is a total brewing time of only 30 seconds, with an exceptionally smooth flavored coffee. 

Cooling Car Summer Seat

Warm summer days evoke certain standards, such as blue ocean waves, long, vacation-filled days, and hot car seats! Since summer clothing shouldn’t have to be adjusted for a more comfortable ride to work or the beach, it’s time to install a seat cooler for a more pleasant ride. The 12-Volt Cooling Car Summer Seat provides almost instant relief from that hot summer sun, using your car’s battery or any wall socket to provide a cooling fan. 

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Last Minute Father’s Day Ideas!

Did you wait until the last minute to get your dad something this Father’s Day? Or, you just couldn’t seem to find the perfect gift for your dad to show him how much you appreciate him? Does it just seem impossible because it seems like he has everything he could possibly need?

Well no need to worry, we have all been in feeling the same thing! Since Father’s Day is only 3 days away we figured we would give you some tips on how you can show your dad how much you really appreciate him on Father’s Day–all while the perfect gift is in the mail!

Father’s Day Ideas

 1. Take him to his favorite place to eat, or cook him his favorite meal:

There is nothing like having your favorite dish while spending it with your family. Let Dad choose where to eat, and show him that you can surprise him with his favorite meal. He will surely appreciate it, and we know his stomach will!

2. Plan a fun activity:

Why not do something that he likes to do. Has he always wanted you to go golfing with him, play a game of pool, or go bowling? Well this day is the perfect time to show him that you are willing to try it out!

3. Make him something:

Take your Dad back to when you were young and you use to give him a homemade card or a craft made at school. There is nothing better than something made from the heart.

4. Finally, let him do what ever he would like:

If your dad would love to spend the day sitting on the couch watching his favorite TV shows, well then so be it. He deserves a day where he can just relax and do what he enjoys…and to make it better why not have the whole family join him!

Although, these are all great ways to show your dad how much you love him, they will go well with the perfect gift that is in the mail.We are sure that we have made a list of perfect products for any dad, even the one that has everything!

Get The Perfect Gift!

Father’s Day is Around the Corner! How About Getting Him his Own C02 Powered Beer Tap System!

The perfect gift for the Father in Your Life!!

He can enjoy world-class draft beer, cider and soft drinks with the CO²-Powered Beer Tap System. This unique tap revolutionizes the way beer and soda is dispensed, combining portability, efficiency and preservation of the beverage without hand pumping or cumbersome gas equipment.

C02 Powered Beer Tap System w/ 2 Cylinders

Keeps Kegged Beverages Fresher
Beverages in kegs are pure, essentially without any preservatives. Since air contains bacteria and other contaminates, injecting it into beverages is damaging. Taste and freshness suffer considerably, especially when the keg is from the night before. Bars and restaurants use pure CO² exclusively to dispense all their beverages.

Uses 99.97% Pure CO²
The CO²-Powered Beer Tap System is equipped with a precise pressure-regulating valve unit conveniently mounted on a rod and faucet style tap. Disposable cylinders of 99.97% pure CO² are easily installed in the regulator, which supplies the needed pressure in the keg to push out the beverage.

Includes CO² Cylinders
Each CO² cylinder will push about 7.5 gallons, which is a ¼ keg. So it will take two cylinders to fully preserve and dispense a 1/2 keg. The unit comes with two cylinders. Additional cylinders may be purchased separately. Read more