Latching Solenoid for Your Enercon Irrigation System, No Energy Required!

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The Alex-Tronix LS Latching Solenoid is a 12 VDC two-wire polarized latching solenoid. It requires a short DC pulse to turn it on, and a reverse polarity DC pulse to de-energize it. No energy is required to keep the valve open. The LS can be operated directly by the Enercon controllers. Alex-Tronix recommends using the model LS (Latching Solenoid) with all of its battery powered controllers.

*Black lead is the common and the red lead is the positive. Connecting the leads in reverse will cause valve to stay on when it is supposed to be off, and off when it’s supposed to be on.*

  • 12VDC two-wire polarized latching solenoid
  • Directly operated by the Enercon
  • No energy is required!
  • Price: $35.25
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    Use the Universal Smart Module to Lower Water Usage and Costs!

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    The Alex-Tronix USM Universal Smart Module┬« coordinates itself with your sprinkler timer’s run times, and adjusts irrigation schedule based on current temperature and location. It learns each station’s summer peak watering duration and modifies the run times by a daily percentage based on location, date, and temperature. Patented “Temperature Budgeting” technology is S.W.A.T. tested and results in lower water usage and costs.

  • Module adjusts irrigation schedule based on current temperature and location
  • Control up to eight stations
  • 50% of the cost of a smart controller
  • “Set it, don’t sweat it”┬« programming. Simply enter date, time, and zip code
  • No monthly service fees or expensive weather stations
  • Price: $169.00
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