Clean Up and Manage a Tangled-mess of Cables with Ease

Evriholder Products CZ-RP-L-W Cable ZipperNot everything these days is wireless, cables are still used to link many things together. Many cables will usually equate to a major tangled-mess. The Cable Zipper from Evriholder Products provides an easy to use solution to help manage all those cables you have hiding behind your desktop computer, home theater system, and anything else that uses lots of cables. The Cable Zipper acts as a sort of conduit that converges all of your cables into a single point of entry and exit. The included wall mounts, labels, and large zip clip allow the Cable Zipper to handle that large bunch of renegade cables into a clean and organized fashion. Make it happen and get it done with the Cable Zipper!

  • Unique, flexible design easily handles your out of control cables
  • Provided Zip Clip makes passing cables through the Cable Zipper effortless
  • Comes with everything you need to organize and manage your cables

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Open Medicine Bottles Tops with Only Using One Hand

Attempting to open those pesky medicine bottle tops can be quite challenging sometimes. Try doing it with one hand and it’s near impossible. You’ve got enough things to do throughout your day and having to struggle with opening a medicine bottle shouldn’t be one of them. The Evri-Twist from Evriholder Products is the solution. Simply put, the Evri-Twist allows you to open up medicine bottle tops with ease and with the use of only one hand making it perfect for those with dexterity issues or those who just need a bit more assistance and stability when trying to get these ghastly medicine tops off. The Evri-Twist comes with a nice rubber disc that can be used as a base for added support when opening up bottles. The Evri-Twist can accommodate bottle-top sizes up to 1.75 inches allowing it to be quite versatile among your bottle opening accessories.
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Maintain a Dust Free Floor in Your Home Simply by Walking

Evriholder Products SG Slipper Genie Floor DusterDust while you walk! The Slipper Genie from Evriholder Products allows you to maintain a clean and healthy home by simply walking around your house. Durable in construction and made mainly of Polyester, the soft and comfortable Slipper Genie features a detachable microfiber underside that easily picks-up and traps dust from the surface of wood, tile, and linoleum floors. Washing machine safe, simply detach the microfiber underside from the slipper to clean. It really is that simple. Thanks to the Slipper Genie, dusting your floors is now as easy as walking. Get walking and get dusting!

  • Microfiber underside dusts your home’s wood, tile, and linoleum floors while you walk
  • Underside is detachable and machine washable making maintenance easy
  • Features durable construction yet remains comfortable

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Have Trouble Opening Up Favorite Beverages?

Three-in-One Opener Handles Almost Any Kind of Beverage Top

Evriholder Products TT Turtle Top Opener

  • Opens the twist tops, screw tops, and bottle cap tops of all your favorite beverages
  • Flexible, textured-grip design makes removing tops a breeze
  • Small and portable so you can take it with you

One opener to rule them all, the Turtle Top from Evrilholder Products is a unique tool designed to open screw caps, aluminum can tabs, and bottle caps. It’s essentially a three in one bottle opener. The Turtle Top fits nicely within the hand and has a textured-like-flexible-grip to it which allows for control and easy removal of whatever it is that’s stopping you from enjoying your tasty beverage. Save your hands from damage and let the Turtle Top do all the work for you.
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Store Away Your Favorite Bottled Beverage for Use Later

Evriholder Products BS-CF Bottle-Stopper

  • Easily plugs, locks, and seals opened bottles
  • Safely store beverages such as wine and liquour
  • Robust, quality design assures reuse over and over again

Re-plugging your bottle with a cork can be quite tricky, instead use something easier. The Bottle-Stopper from Evriholder is a robust and heavy duty designed plug that locks into place safely allowing you to store your opened bottle. Perfect for wine and liquor or any other glass bottle based drink you wish to preserve. Insert into a bottle and bring the handle down to lock and seal its liquid contents. Bring the handle up to unlock, allowing for easy removal. Save that beverage for another time with the Bottle-Stopper. Read more

A Convenient, Compact and Travel Ready Contact Lens Kit

Evriholder Products LTK Contact Compact KitIf you wear Contact Lenses, then you know that storing and maintaining them are of great importance. The Contac Compact Kit from Evriholder Products provides you with convince, allowing you to clean and store your contacts all in one location. This simple kit provides a reservoir that holds up to three ounces of cleaning solution and stores both a left and right contact lens in their own individual locations while the built in mirror is handy for seeing what you are doing so you don’t poke your eyes out or anything. Simply unclick the bottom portion from the reservoir to access the contact lens storage area and mirror. Snap everything back in place when finished and easily pack the kit into your purse, luggage carry-on, or suitcase.
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Swipe Away Annoying Pet Hair With Ease

Evriholder Products FUR-D Furemover Pet Hair Removal ToolIf you own pets, then you more than likely have to deal with tons of loose hair scattered throughout your home and probably just about everything else including your clothes and car. Now you can clean up all that hair with the Furemover from Evriholder Products, a simple and effective tool that removes unwanted pet hair (and even lint) from not only your furry friend, but from carpeted surfaces, furniture, and whatever else needs some hair-removing-attention. The Furemover is made of durable rubber and features skinny bristles for removing hair and lint while the thicker bristles on the underside is made for grooming your dog or cat. The thick bristles remove loose hair while at the same time providing a massage that your little buddy is sure to love. Pet cleanup and removal is made easy with a simple swipe of the Furemover.
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