Remotely Turn Devices On and Off While Monitoring the Energy Usage of Each Device

Belkin WeMo Insight Switch

Belkin WeMo Insight Switch

  • Remotely turn electronic devices On/Off through WeMo app
  • Monitor the energy usage of a connected device
  • Program schedules, rules and even receive alert notifications
  • Quick setup – plug into AC outlet then connect electronic device
  • WeMo app is compatible with iOS and Android operating systems

Did you forget to turn off the coffee machine? Wonder no more and see which electronic devices you left on or off directly from your smartphone or tablet with the help of the Belkin WeMo Insight Switch! With the WeMo app, you can turn your devices on and off as you please while also monitoring the energy consumption of each device!

Grow your existing WeMo network or get started on a brand new one with the F7C029FC WeMo Insight Switch from Belkin. This plug-and-play device gives you the ability to remotely turn any connected electronic device On or Off from the convenience of the Belkin WeMo app on an Android or iOS smart device. Simply plug the Insight Switch into an AC outlet and then connect the electronic device you wish to control by plugging it into the AC pass-through outlet on the Insight Switch and you’re ready to go. Through the WeMo app you can now create custom schedules and rules for the electronic device while also setting up email alerts to notify you if the connected device has been on for too long.

On/Off control is great but that’s not all the Insight Switch can do. This device will also do exactly what its name suggests; it provides insight into the energy usage of the electronic device. Monitor the devices used most often in your home, or perceived to be the largest energy guzzlers to find out how much each is truly costing you and see where money can be saved by reducing usage of certain devices. Read More

Happy National Cut Your Energy Costs Day!

Happy National Cut Your Energy Costs Day! We’ve got some products to help you celebrate:

1. Flush Mount Heating and Air Conditioning Booster Fan

Flush Mount Heating and Air Conditioning Booster Fan, Brown

  • Easily integrates with your homes INSTEON system
  • Boosts airflow by up to 85%
  • Saves money on heating/cooling bills
  • Replaces 4″ x 10″ floor/wall registers (vents) with optional plate available for larger sizes
  • Automatically switches on when airflow is sensed

Running the Flush Mount Heating and Air Conditioning Booster Fan instead of your thermostat, will boost airflow by up to 85% and will only cost you about 60 cents per month to run! Depending on the season, lowering or raising your thermostat just 4° can cost an additional $35 to $50 per month. Running the Heating and Air Conditioning Booster over the same period only costs about 60 cents. Unlike a traditional booster that simply mounts over your existing wall or floor vent, this device has been designed to replace a standard 4″ x 10″ vent for a professional flush mount finish. For vents larger in size, a convenient Flush Mount Adaptor Plate is sold separately. Once installed, simply connect the power adapter and adjust your settings. Read More

2. P3 International P4490 Kill A Watt Edge

P3 International P4490 Kill A Watt Edge

  • Displays the operating costs of electronics
  • Calculate cost of devices in standby mode
  • Measure Carbon Footprint with CO2 function
  • 4.5′ cord for monitoring hard to reach outlets
  • Programmable motion sensor

The P3 International Kill A Watt Edge displays the operating costs of electronics that you are currently using and allows you to identify the real electronic energy abusers and what they are costing you. The cost of electricity can really hit you where it hurts. Now with Kill A Watt Edge you can reduce your energy costs by identifying the real electronic energy abusers. Simply plug your electronic device into the Kill A Watt Edge and assess how efficient it really is, plus it comes with an added CO2 function to calculate your Carbon Footprint. The Edge has a large LCD display that shows energy consumption by the kilowatt-hour, just like your local utility company, so that you can quickly calculate costs to operate. Read More

3. Venstar T5800 ColorTouch Multi-Functional Programmable Touch Screen Thermostat

Venstar T5800 ColorTouch Multi-Functional Programmable Touch Screen Thermostat

  • Programmable touch screen thermostat
  • Controls gas/electric or heat pump equipment, with up to 4 heating and 2 cooling stages
  • Use your own digital images to customize the background
  • Scheduler keeps home temperature comfortable
  • Security features for locking thermostat
  • Automatic daylight savings adjustments, multiple languages, and alerts

The Venstar Multi-Functional Programmable Touch Screen Thermostat allows you to access your energy usage information to see how much energy has been used in the past 7 days. Helpful graphs help you evaluate energy conservation options, giving you the opportunity to decrease energy costs. Read More

4. Belkin CNS08-T-06 Conserve Surge – Surge Protector with Timer

Belkin CNS08-T-06 Conserve Surge - Surge Protector with Timer

  • Automatically powers electronics off at the end of the day, eliminating standby power
  • 8 total outlets – 6 Auto-Off, 2 Always-On outlets
  • LED light blinks to alert users before power is automatically shut off
  • Surge protection against power spikes and irregularities
  • Convenient desktop timer button lets you power electronics on at the start of the day and starts the 11-hour timer – also lets you turn off electronics manually

Eliminate standby power with the Belkin Conserve Surge – 8-Outlet Surge Protector with Timer! The built-in timer will automatically turn power off at the end of the day or manually turn power off with a single touch of a button! Read More

Reduce Your Energy Bill with Minimal Effort

Intuitous ECC-HS Home Energy Controller

The Home Energy Controller from Intuitous allows for a home security panel to communicate directly with a home HVAC system to seize every opportunity available to save energy. It’s perfect for busy families with unpredictable schedules because this Home Energy Controller will eliminate the need to program a daily or weekly schedule into a thermostat. Because it is connected to both the security panel and HVAC system it will automatically override the thermostat to conserve energy when the security panel is armed. When the “away” mode on a security system is activated the smart controller knows that the house is vacant and when the “stay” mode is activated it knows you’re home for the evening and going to bed. It will then automatically override the thermostat to enter into a managed setback mode to save energy. Once the resident is home and has adjusted the security panel accordingly the Home Energy Controller will return control of the heating and cooling back to the thermostat for normal use. The Home Energy Controller for security systems is 100% automatic and once it is installed the residents will forget it’s even there, that is until they start noticing the energy bill savings! Read more

  • Helps reduce a home’s heating and cooling costs
  • Connects home security panel to home heating/cooling system
  • Intelligently adjusts heating/cooling based upon security panel setting
  • Reduces need to create thermostat schedules
  • Compatible with 12VDC security panels
  • Compatible with oil/electric furnaces, single stage gas and air conditioners with 24VAC control systems

Save Money with Zoned Heating & Cooling

In most homes, the operation of heating and cooling equipment accounts for the largest part of the home’s energy bill. Despite this, most homes waste a tremendous amount of this energy through inefficient use. Efficiency can be significantly improved by only activating the heater, fans or air conditioning when you’re home and by only heating or cooling to an exact desired temperature.

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Programmable Switch Helps with Energy Efficiency and Convenience

Honeywell U 7-Day Programmable Switch for Lights and MotorsProduct Title (In box)

  • Lets you program on/off times for lights and motors
  • Seven on/off sequences so you can program times for every day of the week
  • Hidden programming buttons for a clean appearance

Honeywell RPLS730B1000/U 7-Day Programmable Switch for Lights and Motors – White

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