Award Winning Bluetooth PC Speakers Will Make Quite an Impression on Your Ears

Edifier e30-Black Spinnaker 2.0 Designer Speakers - BlackRecipient of the 2012 CES Design and Engineering Showcase Honors, the Spinnaker Bluetooth PC 2.0 Speaker System is an unprecedented sound system that stands at 16 inches tall with an abstract shape design is designed to be visually striking as well as enhance the audio performance. Spinnaker boasts a total of 6 separate amplifiers driving two silk domed tweeters, two 2 3/4″ mid-range and two downward firing 4″ bass drivers. This 2.0 speaker system is Bluetooth enabled (2.1+ EDR) and is able to operate with virtually any Bluetooth enabled device. The multi-functional dome-shaped remote, controls track navigation, play-mute and volume adjustment within a 30 foot radius. An optical and 3.5mm auxiliary input port is available for connectivity to other multimedia devices. An output port allows an external subwoofer or speaker to optimize the system with an additional bass performance. With its elegant design and powerful sound the Spinnaker a very unique and versatile system and can be used as speakers for your home entertainment system. This system can be easily connected to your home entertainment receiver or TV.

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Dock Your iPhone and Wake Up On Time With This Retro Alarm Clock

Edifier iF220-Black iTick Tock Alarm Clock with Docking Station

  • iPhone/iPod pivoting dock to listen to your music and charge your device
  • Auxiliary input for additional audio connections
  • Omni-directional full range speakers
  • 2 inch passive radiator for excellent bass performance
  • Classic “retro” design enhances the modern features

The Tick Tock Alarm Clock Docking Station by Edifier takes you back in time with this very easy to use, multifunctional retro-styled alarm clock that uses your iPhone or iPod as the clock face. Dock and set your alarm on your iPod/iPhone for a great start to your day with the two 360° degree omni-directional full range speakers that allow for a multi-directional rich sound. The iF220 Alarm Clock can be controlled with ease using your docked iPod/iPhone for playlist navigation with volume control and snooze buttons located on top of the clock. The pivoting dock allows users to hide the dock when not in use. When ready to enjoy your favorite music or charge your iPod/iPhone simply pivot the dock to the front. Download one of the hundreds of free alarm clock apps, and you will instantly have a stylish alarm clock while your device is docked.

The iTick Tock Alarm Clock comes in White and Black.

Attractive 2.1 Speaker System Delivers an Excellent Audio Experience

Edifier S730 Multimedia 2.1 Speaker System

  • Wooden MDF housing for all speakers with glossy piano finish on satellite speakers
  • Passive radiator on both sides of the subwoofer amplifying bass performance
  • Switchable analogue/digital input ports for a variety of audio source connecting capabilities
  • Separate bass and treble adjustment capabilities
  • Multifunctional wireless remote for convenience

The S730 Multimedia 2.1 Speaker System from Edifier is an elegant yet powerful wooden housed speaker and subwoofer set and boasts 300 watts of pure power. The 2-way satellite speakers and 10 inch subwoofer create a supreme, smooth dynamic audio, effortlessly controlled by the included wired and wireless remote control. The wired remote control has a crystal clear LED display screen that shows you the volume, speaker, and subwoofer levels. With multiple switchable analog and digital audio ports, the S730 Speaker System can be connected with a diverse range of audio applications. This speaker set is ideal for PC use.

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iPod/iPhone Docking Station Looks Like a Satellite Dish, Can’t Talk to E.T.

Product Title (In box)

Docking System Offers Unmatched Audio and With a Modern Style

I know what you’re thinking. The second you saw this delightful looking product you thought, “Finally I can plug in my iPhone/iPod to communicate with beings beyond the stars.” Either that or you can finally get some Satellite TV action. Sadly…you are way off. You can however, enjoy music to it’s fullest! How about that?! The Luna Five Speaker Dock from NASA Edifier features five powerful drivers which deliver out-of-this-world (keeping with the theme here) audio from your iPhone or iPod. It doesn’t stop there though, this dock also has an integrated FM radio, six touch sensitive buttons with automatic back-lights, as well as an AUX audio input so that other audio sources can be utilized like an Android phone or Zune player (Yes, I went there). A feature rich device, it would not be complete without its unique floating docking station, which reduces interference and vibrations because stuff like that is annoying when you’re trying to enjoy your tunes. Modern styling tops it all off thus making the Edifier Luna Five Speaker Dock worthy of today’s uses and audio demands.

More essential information this a-way:

The award winning Luna 5 Speaker Dock from Edifier is a five driver speaker system that combines smooth curves and a sleek finish in a modern and contemporary design. Made exclusively for the docking of iPhones and iPods, this speaker dock also employs an auxiliary audio input for other audio sources to be connected as well as FM radio. The convenient remote control that is included with the speaker dock makes changing the song or setting the volume a snap. With an audio quality to match its sleek design, the Luna 5 incorporates a unique floating dock, vibration and resonance control to remove the possibilities of feedback or vibrations for an audio experience that is unmatched in quality. Read More

The Luna 5 Speaker Dock also comes in Black.

  • iPod/iPhone compatible docking station, auxiliary audio connection, and digital FM radio
  • 5 driver speaker system incorporating vibration resonance control technology
  • Floating docking station to reduce interference and vibrations
  • 6 touch sensitive buttons with motion-triggered backlights
  • Docking adaptors to custom fit all iPod/iPhone players

Speaker System Sounds as Good as it Looks and Comes with a Handy Travel Case

Edifier MP300 Plus-Case Aurora 2.1 PC Speaker System with Case - Stormy BlackThis 2.1 audio system is the perfect companion for notebooks or PC, MP3 players, digital media, iPods, and smart phones. The 15-watt, aluminum brushed subwoofer and two accompanying spherical satellite speakers wrap elegantly around your PC or laptop and optimizes the surrounding space. The volume can be controlled by the two buttons located on one of the satellite speakers. The discrete and compact design make this speaker and subwoofer set ideal for travel. The travel case fits and holds the speakers, subwoofers, and cables perfectly in place while you are on the go.

  • Bass ported and brush finished 15W subwoofer for extended bass response
  • Magnetically-shielded full range speakers and subwoofer
  • Intelligent Distortion Control technology manages input overload and avoids distortion
  • Satellite mounted control for easy operation
  • Incredibly discrete and compact design

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All-In-One Home Audio System Delivers Great Sound and an Attractive Design

Edifier iF360 Esiena Complete Home Audio SystemThe Esiena from Edifier provides uncompromised sound quality for an array of applications making it a complete home audio solution. Housed within a classicly elegant presentation, the Esiena is ideal for home or office and compliments all surroundings. This unit comes complete with a USB connection, SD card reader, CD, CD MP3 and CD WMA operation, iPod and iPhone docking station and FM radio. The docking station for Apple devices is cleverly disguised in a pop up design and you are able to navigate your iPod or iPhone through the included remote control. The LCD display shows the time, date, and input information and the attractive controls on top of the unit allow simple navigation to your favorite song or radio station. The Esiena would compliment the decorum of any room and will ensure that all your audio needs are fulfilled. Read more

Throw Back Alarm Clock With 21st Century Style and Technology

Edifier MF240 BT-White Tick Tock Bluetooth Alarm Clock - White
The Tick Tock radio by Edifier takes you back in time with this very easy to use, multifunctional retro-styled alarm clock. This 21st century version of the classically styled alarm clock allows you to stream your favorite music from your Bluetooth enabled device to enjoy on its omni-directional pair of speakers. Along with the Bluetooth connectivity, this alarm clock comes in with a built-in FM radio tuner with 24 preset channels, an auxiliary input, 5 preset alarm functions, and a sleep function. The LCD display shows the audio input selected, date and time as well as any active alarms and strength of the signal for both Bluetooth and FM radio.

  • Bluetooth pairing capability with Bluetooth enabled devices
  • LCD display screen for FM/AUX/Bluetooth/Time/Date functions
  • Omni-directional, magnetically shielded speaker
  • FM radio function with 24 preset channels
  • Alarm clock function with the choice of any of the FM preset channels

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