Ergonomically Designed Door Knob of the Future Requires Only 1/2in Movement to Open Door

SOSS breaks the mold of the traditional turn-style door knobs with the ergonomic UltraLatch with Privacy Lock. The UltraLatch is the most ADA friendly lockset available today and is especially ideal for anyone with upper extremity limitations that might make the twisting of a traditional knob or lever difficult. Unlike a door knob or lever which requires a twist of the wrist to open, the UltraLatch opens a door with a simple push/pull of the lever. What makes the UltraLatch unique from other push/pull latches is that it only requires 1/2 inch of movement to open. This means the door can be opened easily even when both hands are full. Its ergonomic handle is designed to conform perfectly to the shape of the hand and keep the users wrist in a neutral position when opening the door. The UltraLatch is designed to seamlessly mesh into a home or office and will even retrofit to most existing door cutouts for a hassle-free installation. The push/pull lever design of the UltraLatch also adds to the hassle-free installation process because it allows it to fit on both left and right-handed doors. This UltraLatch also includes a privacy lock which, when pressed, stops the lever on the other side from being able to open. It is constructed in the USA and has been cycle tested to meet or exceed ANSI Grade 1 specifications. Read More


Starter Kit Includes Everything Needed for Quick Setup of Home Z-Wave Network

A Schlage LiNK Z-Wave Starter Kit with Keypad Entry Lever can take your home connectivity to the next level. A Z-Wave network is made up of Z-Wave enabled products that wirelessly communicate with one another and this kit has everything needed to get started. Included in the purchase are a Schlage LiNK Keypad Entry Lever, a Schlage LiNK Bridge and a Schlage LiNK Light Module, which all communicate using Z-Wave. With the Schlage LiNK Keypad Entry Lever installed on your front door you will benefit from increased home security and convenience.

Schlage FE599GR CAM 505 ACC Schlage LiNK Z-Wave Starter Kit with Keypad Entry Lever - Bright Brass

Schlage LiNK’s Keypad Entry Lever features a 128 bit AES encryption and can have up to 19 personalized 4 digit codes installed on it. Each family member can have their own unique code for access while at the same time assign emergency codes for friends and neighbors or special one-time access codes. Web based access to this system from a Smartphone or computer is also available and provides the ability to confirm a doors status when not at home leaving the peace of mind to know your home is safe. Remote access of this system does require a low, monthly fee which users can activate by contacting Schlage customer service.

Security and convenience go hand and hand with a Schlage LiNK Z-Wave Keypad Entry Lever. By assigning unique, personalized access codes to family members you can keep track of who is home by setting up the system to send an email or text alert upon entry. This is ideal for a situation like ensuring that your child has made it home from school safely. Another convenient feature with Schlage LiNK door locks is the ability to unlock the door remotely. If a neighbor unexpectedly needs access to your home, the door can be unlocked via a phone or computer to grant them access. If connected to other Z-Wave devices then the convenience doesn’t stop at simply being able to have remote access. Z-Wave allows enabled devices to wirelessly communicate with one another and create entrance or mood settings. A Z-Wave enabled thermostat can be set so that upon punching in a personalized access code to the Keypad Entry Lever the thermostat will automatically change to a pre-set desired temperature. This is just one example of the many possibilities a Z-Wave network of products offer. Installation of the Keypad Entry Lever is hassle free as well and in most instances will only require a screwdriver and batteries.

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Secure Entry to Your Office With Biometric Door Access Control System

David-Link A-1300 Biometric Door Access Control System




  • Scan up to 3,000 fingerprints
  • Record up to 60,000 accesses
  • Employee authentication methods: fingerprint, proximity card or pin number
  • Display employee name on screen when punching in
  • Administrator feature to edit, add or delete records


Control System is good for up to 3,000 fingerprint template and can record up to 60,000 accesses. Employee authentication methods are by fingerprint, proximity card and pin number, when employees punch in their name will be displayed on the screen. The latest David-Link Biometric Fingerprint Scanning Sensor (500DPI) can scan fingerprint image in less than 1 second. The Standard Proximity Card Reader is built in with RFID. Each terminal is assigned with an IP address in the network, so the Door Access Software can basically pull data from multiple terminals. The control system offers administrator feature to edit, add or delete records. It allows you to download employee records with a USB flash memory device, Ethernet (TCP/IP) and USB cable connection. You can connect the control system directly to any computer through the USB Cable or Ethernet. Since there are no restriction on how many doors the terminal can support up to, it depends on the power supply unit customer buys. The power adapter is not included in this system. This control system can be wall mounted in your office.

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A Secure Vault Disguised as a Picture Frame? Now That’s Innovative

Secure Logic InvisiVault Hidden Wall Safe and Storage Vault

The InvisiVault offers the strength and durability of a large floor safe (without taking up any valuable square footage)! The The InvisiVault mounts between 16 inch on-center wall studs inside your wall with programming that can be completed in minute, simple enough for any do-it-yourselfer. Additionally, the device is battery powered so no professional wiring is required. The vault is hidden from sight by a picture frame and built with heavy gauge steel to ensure secure storage of your belongings. When the correct access code is entered into the remote control, the vault door slides open quickly to reveal the storage compartment located behind the picture frame facade. No one will know what, where or how your valuables are stored, so even items needed often (keys, wallet, cell phone, mp3 player) can be stored and retrieved with ease, making it perfect for the home or office. It will serve as your in-home safe deposit box and will quickly become an integral part of your daily life.

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Two Customizable User Codes Give You Access to Your Front Door Without the Hassle of Fumbling with Your Keys

Baldwin Hardware 8285.260.AC1 Soho Keyless Deadbolt - Polished Chrome



  • Sleek, modern look with solid, forged brass trim and protective coated keypad
  • Stores up to 2 customizable user codes that can be changed as often as you’d like
  • Installs in minutes without hard wiring
  • Backlit keypad makes punching codes hassle-free, even in the dark
  • Incorrect passcode lockout feature denies entry to would-be intruders
  • Low battery indicator


Combine the security of access control into your home without the hassle of carrying around keys with this electronic deadbolt from Baldwin Hardware. The Boulder Electronic Deadbolt’s classic lines and beautiful finish add elegance to the exterior of your home while providing security for your family and possessions inside. Installation of the deadbolt only takes a few minutes and the only tool you will need is a screwdriver.

Once installed into your door, you can customize the lock to best fit your needs. Create up to two separate passcodes, each from four to eight digits long. Passcodes can easily be changed as often as you’d like. Program which position the turnpiece is facing when it is locked and unlocked based on your personal preference. The deadbolt can be programmed to automatically lock within 30 seconds of unlocking for added safety. Activate the beeper to audibly hear when the deadbolt is in use so you can be alerted when someone is entering. An LED can be turned on so you can easily determine whether the door is locked or unlocked from a distance.

This deadbolt requires the use of four AA batteries, sold separately. Based on 15 uses per day, the batteries will last over a year. A red LED indicates when the battery is getting low, delivering continual, optimal access control. The red LED blinks on the interior of the lock as well as when the keypad is in use on the exterior so you will be sure to see it and switch out the batteries. Durable and weatherproof construction makes this door lock suitable for use in all climates and weather conditions and will provide years upon years of quality performance.

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Protect Your Children from Unlocked Windows

The Window Guardian Lock will give you the peace of mind that your children will not be able to open up and crawl out of any windows that are protected by this lock. Let’s face it, young kids like to wander and explore especially when they notice something just outside a window they may be looking out of. When instincts kick in and tell them to open the window and go explore you can have the peace of mind to know that the Window Guardian will keep them from doing so. The Window Guardian is also quite versatile and can be used to childproof other areas around your home such as a screen door, drawers or cupboards. It is a hassle free installation process that can be completed in minutes with just a screwdriver.

Window Guardian TG01-W Window Guardian Lock - White



    • Hassle free and quick setup
    • Provides peace of mind
    • Tamper resistant cover
    • Fits on most windows
    • Can also be used to childproof screen doors, drawers and cupboards


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Small Businesses: This is Perfect for Tracking Employee Attendance

David-Link delivers its products with advanced technology in the Time and Attendance field. The W-988PB Biometric Time and Attendance System is a wall mounted time clock system designed for any business with up to 300 employees. Employees clock and in and out of the reader by using their fingerprint (biometric scanning sensor takes less than one second to complete the image scan), pin number or proximity card (five included – additonal cards are sold separately). A large 2.5-inch black/white LCD screen displays the employee name when they punch in or punch out for easy verification. It is a simple solution for tracking employee times, in / out, lunch, breaks, overtime, holidays and absences. You can set up rules governing how employee time is accounted for, rounding, early in or late out, and overtime.

David-Link W-988PB Biometric Time & Attendance System with Proximity Verification & Battery Backup

Price: Normally $359.00
Hot Deal $298.99

The reader also works as a standalone time clock and is able to collect employee time without the need for a computer. Or you can connect directly to any computer through a USB Cable or Ethernet connection. Optionally, you can just plug in a USB Flash drive (sold separately). When used with the David-Link Time Management Software (DLTMS), included, you can effectively manage employee attendance and create up to four reports that apply to HR and/or payroll systems. You can edit, add or delete records using the Administrator feature while exporting many informative time and attendance reports to an Excel or Text file.

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