Conveniently Unlock Your Door with the Push of a Button within 30 Feet

LockState LS-DB500R-SN Electronic Deadbolt with RF Remote, Satin Chrome
If you’ve ever been stuck fumbling around with a handful of items while trying to find your door keys then the Electronic Deadbolt with RF Remote from LockState is your answer. This lock completely eliminates the need for a key because it offers 2 keyless alternatives for unlocking the door which are user code on the keypad or push of a button on the RF remote control. The included RF keyfob remote adds increased convenience to this product because it has a working range of up to 30 feet from the door. This feature means that if you know your hands are going to be full the door can be unlocked ahead of time or while approaching with simply the push of a button. They keyfob can attach to a key-ring for added convenience but is small enough to stash in pocket or purse. Because convenience is king it doesn’t stop with the RF remote. The lock also has a backlit, ten-digit keypad that will allow for the programming of up to 6 access codes. Each user access code can be between 4-10 digits long and is a great way to limit having to give a door key to family, friends or maintenance. Codes can easily be deleted and added to the Electronic Deadbolt as needed which is much easier than tracking down a key or having to change a lock. The system also allows for one-time access codes to be used. This handy feature is ideal for use with cleaners, handymen or guests that only require one-time access to your home. The keypad is also conveniently backlit making it easy to see and use at night. However, should someone be attempting to gain access that shouldn’t be the deadbolt will disable itself for 45 seconds after 5 incorrect keypad entries. Read more

Automatically Closes Garage when Left Open and Grants Entrance via Fingerprint or Numeric Code

Xceltronix i-touch/autocloser i-Touch with Autocloser KitThe i-Touch with Autocloser Kit from Xceltronix is designed to provide increased home security as well as added ease for users and guests to enter their home through the garage. The kit consists of 2 main components, an i-Touch biometric fingerprint scanner and a garage door Autocloser which will shut a garage door automatically when it is left open longer than a pre-set amount of time. The i-Touch device is capable of learning up to 30 different fingerprints as well as 30 different numeric access codes and mounts to the garage door frame with or without an existing gang box. It grants keyless access to pre-approved users that have been given a numeric access code or have their fingerprint saved in the i-Touch database. The Autocloser, which the i-Touch connects to, is what opens and closes the garage door automatically and it is powered by a 9Vdc power supply which is included with the purchase. With an Autocloser users will have peace of mind to know that their garage door will never be accidentally left open all day or night because a pre-set time limit will automatically close it when left open.
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Biometric Deadbolt Lock System Stores Up to 99 Fingerprints

Actuator Systems ACT-NBDB-4PBSM NextBolt Secure-Mount Biometric Deadbolt, Polished Brass
The NextBolt NX4 is the latest biometric deadbolt lock from the biometric industry’s sales leader Actuator Systems. The NX4 sets the latest standard in innovating advanced lock design and was specifically developed from the ground up for residential homes and small-businesses. Utilizing expert input from locksmiths, security firms and consumers the NextBolt continues to set the standard for quality, reliability and ease of use.

Never worry about losing or locking your key inside again by using the power of your fingerprint! The Secure Mount Edition adds extra security by adding two additional internal mounting points. The NextBolt NX4 is the most advanced biometric deadbolt available today and is a stylish, rock solid option for securing your home or office using keyless fingerprint recognition technology for fast entry with maximum security. The deadbolt opens in less than a second and includes an Impact Alarm so if someone tries to break in, a high-pitched alarm sounds to alert you and your neighbors and scare off the intruder.

Easy to add or delete any user individually and holds up to 99 fingerprints. No more giving out copies of your key or codes. The NextBolt NX4 has a fast enrollment mode for rapidly adding users for situations such as small businesses where more than a few users are necessary. Read more

Electronic Touchpad Deadbolt Means No More Fumbling Around with Keys to Enter Your Home

Morning Industry HF-01AQ Touchpad Deadbolt Lock, Antique BrassTired of fumbling around with keys to lock and unlock your door? With a Touchpad Deadbolt Lock from Morning Industry no longer will you have to rely on door keys because access is granted simply by punching in a 2-8 digit code on the touchpad. The touchpad is even glow in the dark making it very convenient for use at night without the hassle of looking for the key-lock. Up to 6 access codes can be programmed into the touchpad allowing for various members of the family to have their own unique entrance code. Another benefit of having up to 6 codes is that special access ones can be assigned to grant access to neighbors, house guests, repairmen and more. Once assigned, codes can also be deleted from the touchpad memory to ensure those who do not need access on a regular basis will not have it. As an added security precaution the Touchpad Deadbolt Lock has a built-in alarm which will sound after 4 consecutive incorrect codes punched in. The lock will also make an audible sound when locked, unlocked and to alert when its batteries are low. To power the Touchpad Deadbolt Lock will require 4 AA batteries which are sold separately. In the event of a dead battery the deadbolt can still be opened in the traditional fashion as 2 keys to the lock are included with purchase. The Touchpad Deadbolt Lock will fit standard door preps and is adjustable to fit right and left handed doors. This deadbolt is a Residential Grade 3 door lock.

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Safely and Securely Store Up To 5 Keys in a Heavy Duty Combination Lock Box

LockState LS-KD100 KeyDock Lock BoxThe LS-KD100 KeyDock Lock Box from LockState is a simple solution to storing up to 5 spare keys for a property. This combination Lock Box securely attaches to the knob of a door to safely store a key to access the property for those who are allowed access and have been given the combination. This is ideal for homeowners, realtors, small business owners, repairmen and vacation renters among others. The combination is also changeable so that a temporary combo can set if one-time access needs to be granted to someone such as a neighbor or repairman. A rubber shell surrounds its weather and water resistant housing to keep the inner contents safe and the exterior free from rust.
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Add Extra Security without The Use of Wires or Batteries

Morning Industries MP-300 Mechanical Push Button Door Knob is perfect for restricting access to areas such as rooms, closets, storage areas, offices or gates leading to pool areas or yards. This door lock offers over 8,000 possible code combinations for the ultimate in security as well as the ability to quickly change a code when needed without disassembling the lock. The MP-300 does not require any batteries or wiring to work as it is a fully mechanical door lock. It has a metal housing with an aluminum finish to provide it the durability needed to work use after use whether it be in or outside.

Morning Industries MP-300 Mechanical Push Button Door Knob

  • No batteries required
  • Hassle free installation
  • Works with both interior and exterior use
  • Easy code changing
  • Over 8,000 possible codes

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Innovative, Intelligent, and Reliable Digital Deadbolt

Product Title (In box)
The Samsung EZON SHS-3120XMK is the slim, elegant solution to your deadbolt needs. Whether you need it for your home or business, the peace of mind provided by a deadbolt is invaluable. This item features access via both keypad and RFID card reader, and provides a number of additional features to boost security levels. With up to 70 possible users and an access override feature, you can set up the SHS-3120xmk to meet any requirement.

  • Better Security Options

The SHS-3120 includes features that solve many problems of traditional and PIN-style deadbolts. Random security codes prevent wear on commonly-pressed keypad digits and the Nightlock feature allows a person on the inside to prevent access to all parties, even authorized users. The system powers off for three minutes following five invalid password entries, and in the event of a power failure the unit stays locked.

The 70 possible users on the system can be given unique passwords, added or removed individually. The included Magnetic Sensor Automatic Locking Feature locks the door two seconds after you close it, providing an extra level of ease and an added stage of security.

  • The door can be opened with a card.

The door can be opened with a card fit for support standard as well as a card contained in the product (Support for the ISO14443A-Type, Up to 70 including the password can be registered).

  • The door can also be opened with a password.

Once the user’s password is registered, the door can be opened without a key by entering the registered password. (Up to 70 including cards can be registered)

  • The door does not have to be locked manually.

Using the automatic locking function, the door is automatically locked when it closes, eliminating the need to lock it manually.

  • Double locking function adds security.

The double locking function adds security by preventing the door from being opened from outside at night or at times when extra security is needed.

  • Pranks played by children and juveniles can be prevented.

When an unregistered card is used, or when an invalid password is entered 5 or more times consecutively, an alarm sound is generated and power to the lock is automatically cut off for three minutes.

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