iPod Wall-Dock Allows You to Listen, Charge, and Control your iPod Music & Video from any Room

Channel Vision A0316 iBus Wall-Dock Station made for iPod

  • Wall dock and output plate system connects via CAT5 cable
  • RS-232 connector allows for advanced control and feedback
  • Supports IR control: compatible with Channel Vision A0505 or Apple Remote
  • Built-in IR receiver
  • Charges the iPod while docked
  • Allows viewing of iPod videos on a TV
  • Dock mounts in a standard 2-gang box
  • Output mounts in single-gang box

The iBus Wall-Dock allows you to listen and control your iPod music and video as it charges. Channel Vision’s A0316 helps you bring content from your iPod to any room in your home. It is an on-wall iPod docking station for distributed audio systems, allowing you to listen, charge, and control your iPod music and video from any room in your home or business. This set includes an iPod docking plate that connects to an output plate (included) via CAT5 cable and composite video cable. The output plate features left and right RCA audio outputs that allow you to connect directly to a component or to a distribution system. Video is transmitted over an RCA cable or over CAT5 cable using the B-201 Balun (available separately). An RS-232 interface allows for an advanced touchscreen control system and iPod meta data feedback for title, cover art, and playlist. With its elegant design and functionality, it enhances your iPod entertainment experience. Get it on sale now for $165.56, normally $299.99! Read More

iPod/iPhone Docking Station Looks Like a Satellite Dish, Can’t Talk to E.T.

Product Title (In box)

Docking System Offers Unmatched Audio and With a Modern Style

I know what you’re thinking. The second you saw this delightful looking product you thought, “Finally I can plug in my iPhone/iPod to communicate with beings beyond the stars.” Either that or you can finally get some Satellite TV action. Sadly…you are way off. You can however, enjoy music to it’s fullest! How about that?! The Luna Five Speaker Dock from NASA Edifier features five powerful drivers which deliver out-of-this-world (keeping with the theme here) audio from your iPhone or iPod. It doesn’t stop there though, this dock also has an integrated FM radio, six touch sensitive buttons with automatic back-lights, as well as an AUX audio input so that other audio sources can be utilized like an Android phone or Zune player (Yes, I went there). A feature rich device, it would not be complete without its unique floating docking station, which reduces interference and vibrations because stuff like that is annoying when you’re trying to enjoy your tunes. Modern styling tops it all off thus making the Edifier Luna Five Speaker Dock worthy of today’s uses and audio demands.

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The award winning Luna 5 Speaker Dock from Edifier is a five driver speaker system that combines smooth curves and a sleek finish in a modern and contemporary design. Made exclusively for the docking of iPhones and iPods, this speaker dock also employs an auxiliary audio input for other audio sources to be connected as well as FM radio. The convenient remote control that is included with the speaker dock makes changing the song or setting the volume a snap. With an audio quality to match its sleek design, the Luna 5 incorporates a unique floating dock, vibration and resonance control to remove the possibilities of feedback or vibrations for an audio experience that is unmatched in quality. Read More

The Luna 5 Speaker Dock also comes in Black.

  • iPod/iPhone compatible docking station, auxiliary audio connection, and digital FM radio
  • 5 driver speaker system incorporating vibration resonance control technology
  • Floating docking station to reduce interference and vibrations
  • 6 touch sensitive buttons with motion-triggered backlights
  • Docking adaptors to custom fit all iPod/iPhone players

Finally, a Docking Station Worthy of Recharging Your Beloved Devices

Product Title (In box)

Docking Station Provides a Clean Look with only 1 Cord While Charging up to 4 Handheld Electronics

These days, everything needs recharging and until wireless charging becomes the norm, we will just have to continue dealing with all of these cables. Fear not though, Quirky has brought to the consumer market a very sleek, contemporary, and nicely designed docking station which makes USB cable management much less of a headache. Featuring four USB outlets, the Converge Charging Station provides a one-stop-charging-spot for four of your thirstiest, rechargeable devices. It’s easy on the eyes and thanks to its intelligent design, keeps your devices in place while they fill up on sweet-sweet electronic juice.

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If you’re tired of having handheld electronic devices plugged into various wall outlets throughout your home then the Converge Charging Station from Quirky is a must-have product. Not only does the Converge allow you to charge up to 4 USB devices at once but it will also help hide those unsightly cords as well. The Converge Charging Station uses one cord to plug into a wall outlet which in turn will supply power to as many as 4 devices neatly connected to the stations 4 available USB outlets. It is designed to work with devices that have bottom or side connected charging cables and allows for excess cable to be wrapped around TPE soft grips out of sight underneath the docking platform. The platform, itself, is curved in order to create a cradle which will allow handheld devices, such as a phone or camera, to stay securely in place while they charge. Read More

  • 4 USB outlets
  • External power source charges connected devices
  • Manages cables for bottom and side connected devices
  • Curved base keeps electronics in place
  • TPE grips keep cables out of sight

Charge and Transfer Data To/From Your iPod, iPod touch or iPhone

MP 7858 30-pin to USB Docking Station for MP3 Players, Cellular Phones and Portable Electronics, Wh

  • Charging Station
  • Syncing Station
  • Compatible with iPod, iPod touch and iPhone

This USB Docking Station has an Apple 30-pin connector and comfortably fits all models of the iPod, iPod touch and iPhone. A 7-inch long USB cable is attached to the dock and has a standard USB A male plug for connecting to a computer or USB power source. When not in use, the cable wraps around the base of the dock and the plug is fitted into a recessed section on the bottom of the device. Read more