Price Drop Alert on Velleman Do-It-Yourself Kits and Tools!

Velleman Price Drop Sale

Price Drop Alert! Hurry and get great pre-holiday deals on all Velleman DIY kits and tools!

1. Velleman VTMUS3 Crimping Tool Kit for Network Cables – Normally $110.00 Hot Deal $88.96

Velleman VTMUS3 Crimping Tool Kit for Network Cables

  • Crimping tool
  • LAN tester
  • UTP/STP wire stripper/cutter
  • Punch down tool
  • 125 Modular plugs

2. Velleman VL2500HUF Ultrafast Charger for Ni-MH AA and AAA Batteries – Normally $107.40 Hot Deal $64.70

Velleman VL2500HUF Ultrafast Charger for Ni-MH AA and AAA Batteries

  • Charges one to four batteries at a time
  • Automatic charge current selection
  • Includes adapter for charging batteries in your car

3. Velleman DVM3218 Pen-Type Digital Multimeter – Normally $67.90 Hot Deal $41.96

Velleman DVM3218 Pen-Type Digital Multimeter

  • Auto range or manual range
  • Data-hold function
  • Auto power-off
  • Diode and continuity test
  • Voltage measurements, current measurements,resistance measurements

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How To: Set up a Garage Door Monitor

Is your garage door safely closed? Are you sure?

Without having to rush through the house to get a good look at the largest door to your home, now you can be assured that the door is down with the Universal Garage Door Monitor, which uses a door-mounted sensor for accurate assessment of the garage door’s status. When the garage is opened, the sensor automatically sends a signal to the monitor, which can be plugged into any convenient location in your home for instant peace of mind.

Chamberlain CLDM1 Universal Garage Door Monitor

The Universal Garage Door Monitor works with any overhead garage door. Mount the sensor to the back of your garage door with the included Velcro strip. When the door opens, the sensor moves into the horizontal position and sends a signal to the monitor that the door is open. The monitor then provides simple, visual cues to indicate your garage door’s status: When the light flashes red, the door is open; when the green light is on, the door is closed.

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INSTEON Project: Receive a text message when a water leak is detected

The TriggerLinc is a wireless battery-operated INSTEON transmitter that while used mainly as a door/window alert, it also can send On and Off commands to linked devices using a pair of contacts that can be connected to any Normally Open or Normally Closed sensor. This allows you to turn any type of sensor into an INSTEON-compatible sensor. Here we will show you how to turn it into a water leak detector for use under sinks, next to toilets and the like. We will be attaching the TriggerLinc to a basic water sensor and linking it to a computer controller that can send text or email alerts such as HouseLinc, ISY, Indigo.

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Smarthome DIY: Stop Heat and AC From Escaping Through Your Fireplace

Tools Needed:
1. Flashlight
2. Safety Glasses
3. Chimney Balloon (with clear inflation tube)



1.  Wear safety glasses, since the chimney can be a dirty place.  Use a flashlight to re-identify the fluke that you measured for your Chimney Balloon.  This location should have parallel walls, be low enough to touch with your hand, and not obstructed by the damper or other hardware.

2.  Partially inflate your Chimney Balloon before you install it, so it’s like a floppy pillow.

3. Grab the Chimney Balloon by the handle valve and hold it aloft in the fireplace so the balloon portion is in the area you want to plug.  If needed, crowd the corners of the balloon into place with your finger.  Inflate the Chimney Balloon the rest of the way so it is snug and in place, and close the valve on the handle.

4. Take the red Reminder Card and put it on your wood grate or by your gas tab to remind yourself that the Chimney Balloon is installed.

The Chimney Balloon is reusable, so any time you wish to use your fireplace, you can open the tab to the Chimney Balloon and remove it so you can use your fireplace again.  When you’re done enjoying your fireplace, you can reuse your Chimney Balloon.


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