Keep Your Mirror Clear While You Get Steamy

ClearMirror 16101-1414120 Original ClearMirror Fog-Free Heating Pad, 14x14 Inches
After you hop out of the shower, you glance over to the mirror to move on to the next step of your hygienic routine. But wait, you can’t start shaving or donning make up with fogged up mirrors. Enjoy the luxury of fog-free mirrors in your bathroom with the Original ClearMirror Fog-Free Heating Pad!

  • Heating pad installs behind your vanity mirror for a fog-free mirror
  • Bring clarity, convenience and luxury to the bathroom experience
  • With a simple flip of a switch, the mirror begins heating
  • No need to apply chemicals or coatings every week

The Original ClearMirror is a great way to accentuate your bath design and is the perfect amenity for master bath designs. The advantage of a fogless vanity mirror will definitely add to the sense of luxury and convenience you are trying to achieve in your bath renovation. The Original ClearMirror is quickly gaining popularity around the country as the ultimate bath amenity, and you will absolutely love looking into a fog-free mirror while standing in a warm bathroom. No need to open doors or windows to remove the steam from your morning shower.

Efficient, Safe and Easy to Install
ClearMirror only uses the 65 Watts and is typically wired to the overhead vanity light, so it is only operating when you really need it. They carry UL, C-UL and NY City BEC approvals to ensure safe operation. The ultra-thin heating pad adheres to the back of the vanity mirror and has electrical leads that are easily connected to an overhead vanity light.

Enjoy Your Morning Routine in Comfort
Enjoy your morning routine without the frustration of foggy mirrors. No more wiping, squinting or struggling to simply see yourself in the mirror! Enhanced Styling and Reduced Cleaning, get it all with the Original ClearMirror.

Portable Toilet is Perfect for Travel, Tailgating and Remote Locations

Restop RS000 Portable Commode ToiletThe Restop Commode is a sturdy, top-locking base holding a full-size folding toilet seat. It includes a tight-seal screw on lid. The commode has been tested to withstand 300 pounds of pressure over a period of 10 hours, so you can be sure that it will work for you. The commode base is a reinforced 5 gallon bucket that is the height of a standard toilet for your comfort.

The commode is designed for use with Restop 2 Solid/Liquid Disposal Bags (sold separately) which uses a patented “bag within a bag” design to safely contain and neutralize solid and/or liquid human waste. Simply insert the Restop 2 into the commode bucket and fold the upper bag over the foam toilet seat – when done, the upper bag folds into the lower triple layer barrier bag which then zip locks closed for complete containment. Now the waste is safe for disposal in any trash container. For containing liquid human waste only, Restop 1 Liquid Disposal Bags are also available separately.

If you plan using the commode in an area with other present, such as a tailgate party, picnic, or camping trip – consider using the Restop Privacy Shelter (sold separately) for added discretion.
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Automatically Dispenses Paper Towels when Passing a Hand Through the IR Sensor

Having things handed to you is much more convenient and easy than getting them yourself. With the Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser from INNOVIA all it takes is the wave of a hand past the devices IR sensor to have 1 sheet of a paper towel automatically dispensed to you. However, sometimes more than 1 piece is needed and for those occasions simply leave your hand over the sensor and the dispenser will continue dispensing. With an automatic dispenser you may also have the fear that the device will go haywire and dispense the entire roll to you.

INNOVIA planned for this ahead of time by adding their Smart Dispense Sensor. This sensor limits the device from dispensing more than 5 sheets at once and any excess paper towel you do not tear off will be automatically retracted so that it can be used the next time. The dispenser conveniently fits under a kitchen cabinet, or where ever else you might need it, and installs in couple minutes time with some normal household tools. The dispenser measures 14.6″ wide x 9.6″ deep x 7.6″ high. Installing it underneath a cabinet helps save space on kitchen counters which can get very cluttered, very quickly now-a-days. This Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser is compatible with all standard-size paper towel rolls. Adding and removing paper towel rolls to the dispenser takes seconds by squeezing the handle and opening the drop-down door. The Paper Towel Dispenser is powered by 4 D-cell batteries for wireless use or with an AC adapter (included) for a wired operation.
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Protect Yourself Against Criminals Trying to Capture you on Hidden Cameras without your Knowledge

Mini Gadgets CD550 Pro Professional Bug Detector with Voice Verification

This bug detector is the latest from Mini Gadgets in their top-of-the-line portable technology. It packs all the features you would expect in similar larger, bulkier, and more expensive units. Designed to locate bugs hidden in the surrounding area, this particular detector features audio verification, allowing you to help eliminate false positives by listening in.

Are you worried that you may be being filmed without your knowledge? This wireless detector can detect hidden wired and wireless video, dead or alive, and has multiple alert modes including audible alarms, LEDs, and vibration. It locates bugs on frequencies from 50 MHz to 6500 MHz, and you can adjust the detecting sensitivity.

Detect signals. RF detectors are simply radio frequency receiving devices. They are designed to detect wireless signals that are being transmitted within a certain frequency range. This unit detects 50MHz to 6.0GHz. Most surveillance equipment operates at 2.4GHz.

Professional grade. You’re looking at the best bug detector available from Mini Gadgets, with RF Signal Detection and Analog/Digital Switch and LED Indicator. This professional wireless signal sweeping device will be an invaluable tool for your bug sweeping needs.

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Defend You and Your Family from Bears with a Long-Range Pepper Spray Dispenser

Mace 80346 Bear Pepper Spray
Heading to the woods for a camping or hiking excursion? Be sure to take this Mace Bear Pepper Spray in your pack for added protection from potential bear attacks. Drive off bears with this powerful magnum fogger, which blasts a powerful yet safe and humane hot pepper solution up to 35 feet for 6 seconds. The safety clip prevents accidental discharging.

  • Protect yourself from a possible bear attack
  • Safe, effective and humane 2% capsaicinoid concentrate spray
  • Magnum fogger sprays up to 35 feet for 6 seconds
  • Safety clip prevents accidental discharge

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Monitor Social Media and Email Accounts & Get Alerted When There are New Posts and Emails

Dream Cheeky 906 USB Mailbox Activity Alert

The USB Mailbox Activity Alert from Dream Cheeky is designed for use with Windows 7 or later to provide social media and email alerts. The dongle connects to an available USB port on a computer and allows for the setup of custom sound and visual color alerts to notify you of a new email or tweet. Upon setup users will be able to personalize alerts for such programs as Gmail, Yahoo mail, Outlook Express, POP3, Weibo, Facebook, Twitter and other similar applications. The Mailbox will monitor all accounts that you choose to setup so that you don’t have to waste time checking them when there are no new emails or updates to see.

  • Mailbox alerts when there is a social media update or new email
  • Personalize different alerts for each account
  • Dongle connects to USB port of computer
  • Works with Windows 7 or later
  • Compatible Gmail, Outlook, Facebook, Twitter and more

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LED Lit Shower Mirror that won’t Fog in Steam

Zadro ZW20SS Z'Fogless Shower Mirror, Stainless Steel
The Z’Fogless Shower Mirror from Zadro makes shaving in the shower an easier task. The Z’Fogless Mirror conveniently mounts to nearly any shower wall with its 3 powerful rear suction cups or silicone adhesive and comes equipped with multiple flex holders for showering accessories, such as a razor or toothbrush. The patented mirror is shatter-resistant and will stay fog-free even in the steamiest environment. An LED light below the mirror can also be illuminated for an even clearer view of the mirror when needed. The Z’Fogless Shower Mirror is powered by 3 AA batteries (sold separately) and comes in a midnight gray finish.
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