Hands-Free Soap Dispenser Adds a Touch of Ease to Washing Hands

simplehuman ST1008 Plastic Sensor Soap Pump - Black

Eliminating germs and bacteria from your hands takes more than just a quick wash and rinse. Most bars of soap and liquid soap pump dispensers are in contact with dirty, germ filled hands all day; but this sanitary alternative doesn’t require you to touch anything. The ST1008 Plastic Sensor Soap Pump – Black from simplehuman® allows its users to soap their hands without ever having to touch the actual device. A sensor on the underside of the spout determines when the user’s hands are under the device and then releases a pre-set amount of soap to the user. Because the user doesn’t have to actually touch the device there is no passing of germs from hand to device and vice versa. The pre-determined amount of soap dispensed by the Sensor Soap Pump is set by the user via the control buttons located at the base of the pump under the spout. This pump is ideal for use with not only soap but for hand sanitizer as well as lotions; therefore depending upon the liquid being used and the thickness of it the user can set it to a shorter or longer release time. Watery, liquid soaps and sanitizers come out much quicker and therefore do not need to have as lengthy of a release time. On the other hand, thicker soaps and lotions might need to be set to a higher setting in order to make sure the pump releases enough for use. Refilling this pump is a very clean process and easy to do. A pop-off lid at the top of the device easily releases and leaves a large opening to make pouring of soap, sanitizer or lotion into the dispenser painless. The Plastic Sensor Soap Pump is powered by 4 AA batteries which are not included with the purchase of this product.   Read More

The Ultimate On-The-Go Desk and Lap Workspace with Two Slide-out Extensions

The TriPad® Traveler is the ultimate in portable workspace. It is not only ideal for business people but children, travelers, and home users alike. The Traveler easily attaches to any standard sized suitcase or carry on luggage handles. It has two slide-outs that offer additional room and even a slot for beverages.

When you are not on the go, it double as a lap desk that can keep you and your laptop cool. All these features in a product with a form factor of only half an inch thick – this is the perfect companion for your active life. Read more


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  • The Traveler instantly provides you with a convenient and portable workspace
  • Easily attaches to standard size suitcases for an easy handsfree and rigid workstation
  • Two slide-outs extenders provide the option for extra workspace and a beverage holder
  • Keep your lap and laptop protected from excess heat
  • Only half an inch thick – it is easily stored away in almost all luggage and suitcases

See the “Real You” with this Magnified Vanity Mirror

Zadro SLVT410 Surround Light 10X/1X Tri-Fold Vanity Mirror - Satin Nickel



  • Tri-fold mirror allows you to see your face from every angle
  • SURROUND LIGHT technology produces natural looking light
  • Light is dimmable for light intensity control
  • Mirror swivels 360 degrees to switch between regular and magnified views



Sitting atop an elegant pedestal, this ultra-thin mirror adds class and style to your bathroom or dressing room, while allowing you to see just about every angle of your face. A patented design with surrounding light bulb evenly disperses light around the mirror for ample light at every viewing angle. Special SURROUND LIGHT technology reproduces the effect of sunlight for the most natural looking light possible. The light can easily be dimmed to meet your personal light intensity preferences. The mirror includes both 10X and 1X magnifications and can be swiveled and pivoted to achieve the most optimal viewing angle. The light is powered by an AC adapter located in the base of the pedestal.

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No More Wives Nagging About the Toilet Seat, this One’s Automatic!

You won’t need to worry forgetting to put the toilet seat down ever again with this automated toilet seat installed in your bathroom. This toilet seat cover opens and closes based on readings from its infrared sensors located on the top and inside of the cover. Walk right up to the toilet and the cover will automatically open. Place your hand above the top of the cover to raise the seat . An occupant sensor on the inside of the cover determines whether or not the toilet is in use. When it detects the toilet is unoccupied, it will automatically lower the seat and cover of the toilet. The cover will stay closed until the toilet is approached again. You’ll never have to touch the toilet seat, eliminating contact with and transmission of germs.

To avoid unnecessary activation, the beam-type sensors require you break the infrared beam for a short amount of time before the seat and cover will respond. Therefore, walking past the toilet will not cause the cover to open. The seat is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which can last up to three months on a full charge. When the battery power starts to wane, attach the included charger and plug into an AC outlet. If you do not have an AC outlet readily available, the toilet seat easily slides off for temporary relocation.

iTouchless TS1EWAC Touch-Free Sensor Control Automatic Toilet Seat - White Elongated



  • Seat and lid open and close based on activity sensed by infrared beams
  • Do-it-yourself installation only takes a few minutes
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery can work for up to 3 months on a single charge
  • Seat slides off the toilet for easy cleaning and recharging

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Clean Every Crack and Crevice with This Automated Brush

Crowley Jones BBDB Brite Brush LED Flashlight and Detail Brush




  • Portable and compact unit is able to maneuver into tight spaces
  • LED light helps to see into tiny areas with minimal illumination
  • Bristles can be used to brush dirt and then retract for protection while not in use
  • Bendable crevice tool can pick out and clean debris in narrow areas


Getting the job done right means having the right tool for the job. The Brite Brush LED Flashlight and Detail Brush is a small, lightweight tool that is perfect cleaning dirt and dust out of tiny hard to access areas such as dashboards, electronics and keyboards. While in use, brush bristles extended and can by used to clean away particles in thin crevices; when not in use, the bristles retract into the tool for protection. A crevice tool can be used to clean out the smallest of spaces with ease and care. Additionally, a built-in ultra bright LED light will allow you to see into the dark corners, making any detailing task easier. Take this tool with you anywhere to clean buttons, knobs and anything else with showroom quality precision. This product is powered by one LR1130 / 1.5V battery, included.

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An Environmentally Friendly Washer that Saves Electricity, Water and Money


Do you need that dirty pair of pants tonight but don’t have a full load of laundry to justify doing the wash? The answer to this problem and many more laundry associated ones is the The Laundry POD from StoreBound. This environmentally friendly device allows its users to effectively wash up to 10 pieces of clothing at a time and only requires some water, a little laundry detergent and some spins of the handle from its user. Washing machines can be a burden on the electricity bill, especially when used at peak hours, but with The Laundry POD there is nothing to plug in and no electricity required. Along with using no electricity this eco-friendly washing system uses less than 3 gallons of water while a traditional machine can use as much as 40 gallons with each load. The Laundry POD is both compact and portable which make it ideal for those in college with cramped living quarters, a home without a traditional laundry machine, people frequently on the move, or anyone looking to save money and room.

StoreBound LP001GRN The Laundry POD - Green



  • Eco-friendly way to effectively wash clothes
  • Consumes no electricity and requires no quarters
  • Works with up to 10 pieces of clothing
  • Portable
  • Saves $$$

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Smart Bathroom Solutions by simplehuman®

Sometimes we don’t realize it, but the bathroom is one of the mostly-used rooms in the home. We spend countless hours each week getting ready for the work day, getting ready for nights out, or cleaning up before bed. Our bathrooms keep us to look and feel our best, so why not return the favor?

Here are some simplehuman® products to give your bathroom a sleek and smart style:

simplehuman Automatic Soap Pump Dispenser with Touch-Free IR Sensor, White


Eliminate germs and bacteria from your hands takes more than just a quick wash and rinse. Most bars of soap and liquid soap pump dispensers are in contact with dirty hands all day, collecting germs; but this sanitary alternative doesn’t require you to touch anything. The simplehuman® Automatic Soap Pump Dispenser with Touch-Free IR Sensor detects when your hands are in front of it. Just hold your hands at the level of the IR sensor, and the dispenser will provide you with liquid soap needed to get your hands squeaky clean.


simplehuman Toilet Paper and Magazine Holder




This all-in-one storage solution has a stainless steel base that holds two jumbo toilet paper rolls and an adjustable, chrome-plated rack that holds magazines and newspapers within easy reach. A quick release knob makes changing the roll quick and easy. A chrome-plated steel storage rack holds magazines and newspapers at ideal height. An additional weighted, extra stable base holds 2 jumbo rolls. Place the simplehuman® Toilet Paper and Magazine Holder in your bathroom for a convenient, all-in-one storage solution.


simplehuman Toilet Brush, Black



The simplehuman® Toilet Brush features a slim shape for superior cleaning and space-efficient storage. The removable brush head features stiff outer bristles for scrubbing tough stains, and fuller bristles for regular cleaning. The included brush holder has a pivot-open door that allows for quick and easy one-handed removal and replacement of the brush. The removable brush heads are replaceable. The plastic tray inside the holder is removable for easy cleaning.




simplehuman BT1028 Dual Bottle Wall Mount Pump

Is the rim of your bath or floor of your shower cluttered with various bottles of shampoo, conditioner and body wash? If so then the BT1028 Dual Bottle Wall Mount Pump from simplehuman® is a must have to help you take back control of your shower and give it a little bit of flare while doing so. With the Wall Mount Pump installed you can make sure that all your soaps and shampoos are conveniently within reach in an easy to dispense bottle. One hand is all it takes to depress the pumps t-bar and release the desired amount of soap or shampoo needed.



simplehuman BT1060 2-Tier Adjustable Shower Caddy



This simplehuman® BT1060 2-Tier Adjustable Shower Caddy is constructed of rust-proof high-grade stainless steel and clamps securely over the neck of your showerhead. The clamping mechanism of this device helps set it apart from other like products because not only is the clamp rubberized to prevent sliding on the shower next but it is also screwed shut for a completely secure grip. The top tray also feature storage hooks for such items as a loofah, shaving razor or toothbrush.





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