Make Your Lawn and Garden Work Easy

L.G. Concepts LG-BAGZ-IT Mini Folding Garden Cart

Make raking leaves, clearing clippings and hauling garden debris a simple task with the cleverly designed Mini Garden Cart from L.G. Concepts. This garden cart is made from a durable 1/2″ shaft with two heavy duty wheels and a tear resistant vinyl and makes garden work a snap. This garden cart has multiple uses such as hauling plants, mulch, or dirt to areas in your garden that need it. You can use to carry groceries or other heavy items from your car to your home. It can also be used for other things like trips to the beach, picking up toys around the pool, camping, or that trip down the dock to the boat. The best use for the Garden Cart is to lay flat and rake leaves, lawn clippings, or other debris directly into. On the side of the cart is a convenient tool pouch so you can easily transport what you need to get the job done. When not in use, this Mini Garden Cart folds flat for easy storage and transport. Why not make your lawn and garden work as easy as it can get, without actually hiring someone to do the work for you.

 L.G. Concepts LGCommercial Oversized Folding Garden Cart

  • Holds up to 17 cubic feet of grass or leaves
  • Made for larger jobs at home or for the commercial landscaper
  • Durable design can hold and transport fire wood
  • Heavy duty wheels and tear resistant material can handle almost any job
  • Folds flat for easy storage

The Folding Cart comes in three sizes:

  1. Mini
  2. Residential
  3.  Commercial

Keep Your Mirror Clear While You Get Steamy

ClearMirror 16101-1414120 Original ClearMirror Fog-Free Heating Pad, 14x14 Inches
After you hop out of the shower, you glance over to the mirror to move on to the next step of your hygienic routine. But wait, you can’t start shaving or donning make up with fogged up mirrors. Enjoy the luxury of fog-free mirrors in your bathroom with the Original ClearMirror Fog-Free Heating Pad!

  • Heating pad installs behind your vanity mirror for a fog-free mirror
  • Bring clarity, convenience and luxury to the bathroom experience
  • With a simple flip of a switch, the mirror begins heating
  • No need to apply chemicals or coatings every week

The Original ClearMirror is a great way to accentuate your bath design and is the perfect amenity for master bath designs. The advantage of a fogless vanity mirror will definitely add to the sense of luxury and convenience you are trying to achieve in your bath renovation. The Original ClearMirror is quickly gaining popularity around the country as the ultimate bath amenity, and you will absolutely love looking into a fog-free mirror while standing in a warm bathroom. No need to open doors or windows to remove the steam from your morning shower.

Efficient, Safe and Easy to Install
ClearMirror only uses the 65 Watts and is typically wired to the overhead vanity light, so it is only operating when you really need it. They carry UL, C-UL and NY City BEC approvals to ensure safe operation. The ultra-thin heating pad adheres to the back of the vanity mirror and has electrical leads that are easily connected to an overhead vanity light.

Enjoy Your Morning Routine in Comfort
Enjoy your morning routine without the frustration of foggy mirrors. No more wiping, squinting or struggling to simply see yourself in the mirror! Enhanced Styling and Reduced Cleaning, get it all with the Original ClearMirror.

Say “Bye Bye” to Back Pain!

Massaging Memory Foam Back Cushion




This massaging memory foam back cushion provides massaging comfort and support. It’s specifically designed to support the “S” curve of your spine and has a quiet, built-in massager that soothes aching, tired muscles. Constructed of form-fitting memory foam, with a high/low button to control vibration level. Great for home, work and travel.  Read More



Hands-On Research:
I not only have a desk job, but commute for over an hour each way in parking-lot Orange County traffic. The combination of sedentary body and tense mind is not conducive to a pleasant demeanor. I bring this massaging back pillow with me from desk to car, and now I find myself hoping for bad traffic.

Memory Foam
Created by NASA, Memory Foam is a revolutionary visco-elastic foam that is made up of cells that open and close and adjust to body weight and temperature. No other material has the custom shaping that you get from memory foam. In addition, memory foam is temperature sensitive: harder (more viscous), in lower temperatures and softer and bouncier (more elastic) in higher temps. Memory foam is also known as visco-elastic foam.

Bring Comfort With You
This massaging pillow provides soothing comfort massaging action “anywhere you are”. Relax at home, in the office, at your computer, commuting to work, traveling – think road trips and flying.

The World’s Only Fun and Practical Multi-Use Timer

Datexx DF-33 Miracle Time Cube 5-15-30-60 Minute Preset Timer

  • No buttons, switches, or dials to fuss with
  • No disruptive audible sound during countdown
  • Great gift idea
  • Perfect for cooking and baking
  • Fun and creative design

No more hassling with inaccurate dials, buttons, or switches, The Miracle Time Cube allows users to manage their time in style and digital accuracy. The four sides of the cube are used to represent a countdown time. The timer options available on the cube are 5, 15, 30, and 60 minutes. When not in use the cube will sit on the side showing a Zero. To use the timer simply turn it to the side showing the desired countdown time. Once this is done the timer will beep and immediately begin its countdown process. No clicking or any other noises will be heard while the unit is counting down that may disturb you from a nap or any other activity requiring a quiet atmosphere. A digital display is featured on the bottom of the unit in order to allow you to check on how much time has elapsed. After the countdown time has elapsed, an unmistakable alarm will ring alerting you of the time periods passing. Use this product for cooking or baking, meetings, homework, studying, preparing speeches, test-taking, time-outs for misbehaving children, power napping, exercise training and so much more. This unit is powered by 2x – AAA batteries sold separately.   Read More

The Most Effective Toilet Plunger Available Today

The Johnny Jolter Professional Power Plunger is the most effective toilet plunger available today at any price. Used by Professional Maintenance companies, this hi-quality, made-in-USA product is now available to the homeowner.

The Johnny Jolter works by drawing water into the chamber, then forcing it back through the blockage. Clears most toilet clogs with just one push. No Overflow Mess, No Cartridges to replace. Easy to maintain, clean and store for the times when you need a quick fix to a clogged toilet! Use what the professionals use and FEEL THE POWER! Read More

Handy 28 Lumen Flashlight Clamps to Nearly Anything

The Blackfire Clamplight Junior is a 28 lumen compact flashlight perfect for just about any task in which hands-free lighting is needed. This flashlight is capable of clamping to just about any object available and is made of hi-impact ABS plastic for increased durability. The clamp at the base also has the option of locking in an open position in the event there is nothing available for it to clamp onto. The head of the flashlight can pivot and rotate to get into the best position possible to shine light directly where it is needed. The Blackfire Clamplight Junior is powered by 4 AAA batteries which are not included with the purchase of the product. Read More

Be Green and Stylish All at the Same Time

simplehuman CW1347 6 Gallon Front Load Recycler - Grey




  • Ideal for recycling of cans and bottles
  • Dial next to lid can be set to show what bin is used for
  • Top lid lifts up for disposing of larger goods
  • Designed for easy stacking of one on top of another
  • Constructed of dent-proof plastic


In simplehuman’s® continued quest to make product’s that aide in making recycling easier for you, the user, comes the CW1347 6 Gallon Front Load Recycler in grey. This recycling friendly trashcan is ideal for storage of trashed aluminum, glass, paper or plastic. Next to its circular front loading lid is a dial that can be turned to indicate what type of goods are being thrown into each specific recycling bin. Though its opening is circular the front loading lid can be easily lifted up for disposal or larger items that might not fit into the circular opening; the top lid can also be removed altogether to make changing a line or emptying an easy process. This Recycler has been designed to allow for stacking of multiple units on top of one another to save space when multiple Front Load Recyclers are being used or neatly lined up next to one another. This recycle bin is constructed of dent-proof plastic which is durable and easy to clean.   Read More