Connect All of Your Audio Video Components and Extend Over Multi-Mode Fiber Optic Cable up to 1000 Meters

Hall Research HR-733 HDMI/DVI, VGA, Audio, RS-232 Over Multi-Mode Fiber


The HR-733 is the perfect solution to extend your HDMI video, VGA, audio, and bi-directional RS-232 up to 1,000 meters over one multi-mode fiber optic cable. This unit accepts 2 HDMI or DVI inputs and 1 VGA or YPbPr with corresponding audio. If you have a dedicated home theater or centralized location in your home or office this unit is the ideal solution. The switcher unit accepts 2 HDMI or DVI inputs and 1 VGA or YPbPr with corresponding audio (either via a standard 3.5mm audio cable or S/PDIF Toslink) and transfers all of the audio/video transmissions up to 1,000 meters over multi-mode fiber optic cable. All analog inputs are converted to HDMI and automatically scaled to the native resolution of the remote display. The receiver unit accepts the fiber cable and allows you to connect to your TV or display by using an HDMI cable. The unit is fully HDCP compliant and supports EDID pass-through from the remote display to the selected source. Virtually all PC and HDTV resolutions are supported.

The switcher unit has a high contrast front panel LCD display for easy setup and control of the system. Advanced features include: automatic scaling of the analog video input to match the native resolution of the remote display, diagnostic messages on the front panel LCD, audio delay of the analog input to correct lip sync, and 3D deep-color HDMI 1.4 support. Read more

Use a Remote to Switch Between Four Different HDMI Sources

Steren Python Digital 4x1 HDMI Switch, with Remote

  • Switches between up to four different HDMI sources for display on a single HDTV or monitor
  • Maintains high definition resolutions of up to 1080p
  • Control manually or via the included remote control

Connect all your HDMI devices to your television with a single device. Once this HDMI switch is integrated into your system, you’ll be able to choose which source you’d like to pull the signal from with a wireless remote. Sources can also be selected manually from the switch’s front panel. The unit installs in seconds and is ideal for HDMI-compatible digital video recorders, cable/satellite set-tops, DVD players, and more. The only additional materials you will need for installation are HDMI male-to-male cables. Adapters can also be used for DVI-D (video only) digital connections. All HDTV resolution formats up to 1080p are supported by the switch, as well as 1920×1200 pixel resolution for computer monitors. Read more

Extend the Length of two HDMI Cables with Virtually No Signal Degradation

Powered HDMI In-Line Audio/Video Cable Extender
HDMI is the ideal cable choice for use with all HDTV receivers, Blu-ray players, HD video game systems and components supporting up to 1080p video and high quality multi-channel audio. However, if you have long runs between components, most normal HDMI cables will suffer from picture degradation. This HDMI In-Line Audio/Video Cable Combiner/Extender uses a plug-in extender with active circuitry to join two HDMI cables and power the HDMI audio and video signal up to 164 feet away. Using up to 40 dB of Insertion Loss and with correction at 825 MHz, this device automatically adapts to any cable length maintaining optimal resolution up to 1080p between components. This adapter is perfect for connecting your equipment out of an entertainment closet or if you want to distribute HD video throughout your home. If you are the person wanting to deliver high speed clear uncompressed digital video and multi-channel audio over a long distance installation, the Powered HDMI In-Line Audio/Video Cable Combiner/Extender will help you get there. Read more

No Longer Have Trouble Connecting Your HDMI Cables! Use an Adapter That Can Be Twisted Or Turned To Virtually Any Position

The Twister by NextGen is the perfect solution. It’s an affordable HDMI adapter that can be twisted or turned to virtually any position. The Twister’s rotator adapter features a center ball-joint design that enables a 360 degree rotation and 90 degree bend so any HDMI cable can easily be installed at almost any angle. The Twister’s high performance design provides 100% signal integrity in any position so full HDMI performance is maintained.

  • Allows HDMI connections where space is limited
  • Can be twisted or turned to virtually any position
  • Priced less than a quality HDMI cable. Priceless when you need it

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USB Card Reader Supports Over Twenty Different Types of Media

The GWC Technology RU7150 is a super speed USB 3.0 Multi LUN (4 LUN) card reader controller. This reader can support various types of memory cards, such as Compact Flash, Secure Digital (SD), SDHC, Mini SD, Micro SD (T-Flash), Multi Media card (MMC), MMC Micro, MMC Mobile, Memory Stick (MS), Memory Stick Duo (MS DUO). High Speed Memory Stick (HS MS), Memory Stick Pro (MS PRO), Memory Stick Pro Duo, Memory Stick Pro-HG, MS Pro Micro. High Density memory cards (Capacity up to 2 TB) such as SDXC.GWC Technology RU7150 USB 3.0 Multi Card Reader

This USB 3.0 Multi card reader controller is based upon universal Serial Bus 3.0 specification, which integrates USB3.0 & USB2.0 Transceiver, MCU, SIE regulator and memory card access units into a single chip. It can be linked in Super speed, High Speed, or Full Speed operation and support USB2.0/USB3.0 power saving modes. This also supports both the internal MCU program ROM, and external serial flash memory interface with the external serial flash memory interface, the firmware could be easily updated through USB link. Support Secure Digital (SD), Multi-Media Card (MMC), Mini-SD, Micro-SD (T-Flash), SDHC, SDXC, RS-MMC, Mobile-MMC Plus and MMC-Micro This card reader integrated all regulator, clock generation circuitry and MOSFET components for switching card power, and also dramatically reduce the system cost. Read more

Make data or telecommunications connections easily accessible, yet discreet!

This wallplate accommodates all Keystone connectors, including brands such as Leviton, ICC, Allen Tel, and many more. Port cutouts are a standard 0.58″ x 0.76″ size to fit various multi-media inserts, such as those for data or telecommunication Matching screws are included to blend into the wallplate for a cleaner look.

More About Snap-in Products
Snap-in connectors are designed to work with Keystone, QuickPort, and Modular style wallplates. These wallplates typically have from one to six inputs (ports) for snap-in connectors. Installing a snap-in wallplate allows you to make wiring connections and runs inside your wall. You can use various snap-in connectors to customize your snap-in wallplate with telephones, networking, audio/video (AV) components, speakers, and other cable connections. Vanco International 820104 Multi-Media Keystone Wallplate, with 4 Ports - White
Having a central connection point on the wall is a great way to add a professional finish to your installation and is a simple way to manage your in-wall wiring setup that provides quicker and easier terminations.

  • Installs in seconds with included mounting hardware
  • Mounts to standard electrical j-boxes or low voltage mounting brackets
  • Cutouts fit connectors with the universal dimensions of 0.58″ x 0.76″

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Wall-Plate Inserts Glow All Night Long Without Electricity

You don’t need to hire an electrician to install complicated lighted toggle switches in order to see the light switch in a dark room. Never fumble in the dark for a light switch again, thanks to the Find A Light. Each of these three wall-plate inserts glows all night long without electricity or batteries.
Find A Light, 3 Pack

Simply use your light switch’s existing screws to fasten a Find A Light to your wall plate. The device charges using daylight or artificial light and requires no electricity or batteries to function. The advanced technology of this material provides a bright glow that lasts all night long. You can expect each Find A Light to last over 20 years.

Note: The amount of light output is proportional to the amount of light this device gets before its dark (or the light is turned off). Also keep in mind that if you are going from a bright room into a darkened room, your eyes may need to adjust a moment before seeing the glow.

  • Glow-in-the-dark accents attach to existing light switch plate
  • Find A Lights charge by day and glow all night long
  • Saves energy – no electricity needed

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