Keep Coffee Fresh, Convenient and Mess-Free with an Attractive Coffee Dispenser

Zevro MCD102C Indispensible Coffee Dispenser - Chrome / Silver

  • Dispenses ground coffee one tablespoon at a time
  • Easy squeeze handle for quick and easy dispensing
  • Holds up to ½ pound of coffee
  • Sealed to keep ground coffee fresher, longer

Coffee is typically made 1 to 2 times per day so keeping your coffee neat and mess-free can be difficult. The Indispensible Coffee Dispenser is one of the most convenient and useful of all of the Zevro food dispensers. The Zevro Indispensible Coffee Dispenser not only stores your ground coffee and looks great doing it, but also allows you to dispense just the right amount of coffee. You’ll be sure your coffee maker or espresso machine is filled with the appropriate amount of grounds for the ‘perfect cup’ every time. Storing up to ½ pound of ground coffee beans, the Indispensible Coffee Dispenser seals to keep in freshness. The included base provides for a place to store the dispenser when not in use and keeps the counters clear of coffee grinds. Save time by eliminating the need to grind fresh coffee beans each day. Directly measure and dispense one tablespoon of coffee grinds with each handle squeeze. Also available in Chrome-Red, Chrome-White, Black, and White. Read More

Easily Brew More Rich and Flavorful Coffee

Product Title (In box)

  • Quickly makes a batch of your favorite coffee
  • Brewing chamber releases coffee when placed on top of cup
  • Flow of coffee is stopped when chamber is lifted from cup
  • Made of BPA free Tritan
  • Dishwasher safe

The world runs on coffee. It has, in more recent years, become the liquid-life-giving-fuel we have all come to love and enjoy. It’s no surprise to see companies improving technology to better the art of coffee making as our need for the stuff seemingly increases every year. The company Zevro is of no exception to such improved technology. Their Incred a Brew™ product is a simple device which provides clean filtered coffee. There are no loose coffee grounds swimming about in your mug so there so you won’t get a mouth full of unwanted crunchy stuff. Obtaining a fresh brew is as easy as adding your favorite grounds, pouring hot water into the see through dispenser, and letting the liquid and coffee blend together. After a few minutes of waiting, your coffee is ready to be poured. There is literally no mess here, because the Incred a Brew™ attaches to the top of you a mug, pouring directly into the cup via the built-in valve system. Easy-peazy! Detach it from your cup and give it a wash through to clean it out. To get it extra clean, feel free to place it into a dishwasher. It’s made from BPA free Tritan Copolyester so it’s dishwasher safe. Drinking coffee is a joy and brewing it is now easier, more flavorful, and more efficient. Read More