Shatter Resistant Springtime Mirror Set for Child’s Bedroom or Play Room

Children's Factory CF332-572 Springtime See Me Scene

  • Includes 2 butterfly mirrors and 1 flower mirror
  • Mirrors made of shatter-resistant PET materials
  • Mirror edges are laser cut to be smooth and safe
  • Help develop curiosity and self awareness in child
  • Made in the USA

Just in time for Spring, the Children’s Factory Springtime See Me Scene is a fun addition to your child’s bedroom or play room! Create a fun springtime scene in any room with the Children’s Factory CF332-572 Springtime See Me Scene. This set of spring-themed products features stick-on vinyl butterflies, 2 butterfly mirrors and a flower mirror. The 3 mirrors are made of flexible shatter-resistant PET materials and the edges of the mirrors are laser cut to be smooth and safe. These Springtime See Me mirrors are designed to aide in the development of a child’s sense of curiosity while at the same time helping them to build self awareness. On sale now! Read More

Stovetop Guard Brings Increased Safety to Your Kitchen

Product Title (In box)

  • Barrier between child and hot stovetops
  • Compatible with 30″ wide freestanding stoves
  • Prevents burns from scalding water, pans and burners
  • Metal construction will withstand temperatures up to 400°F
  • “Mom’s Tested Seal of Approval” from Parents Magazine

Over 5,000 children are burned seriously enough by the stove to require emergency room medical treatment every year according to the American Burn Association. The RangeGuard Stovetop Safety Guard was invented with this in mind as it acts as a barrier between young children and the potential dangers they might encounter from freely reaching their hand up onto a stovetop. Simply put, water heated up to 150°F will cause a third degree burn in just 2 seconds of contact. The RangeGuard is designed for use with most 30 inch wide freestanding stoves and while it is not a substitute for adult supervision it will act as a safety aide for the momentary distractions that are inevitable. It is made of durable metal with a special powder coated finish to withstand temperatures up to 400°F. A curious child will still want to pull on the safety guard to find out why you keep using the stove but not to worry because the Stovetop Safety Guard will withstand up to 15 lbs of pulling pressure on each side. The RangeGuard Stovetop Safety Guard does not require the use of any tools during installation and can be setup in a matter of minutes. It has been given the “Mom’s Tested Seal of Approval” by Parents Magazine. Read More

Giant Octagonal Fortress is Fun to relax in; not meant To Physically Settle Sibling Disputes

Product Title (In box)

  • Perfect for both play and relaxation
  • 9 piece set fastens together quickly with hook and loop attachments
  • Contouring shape makes it both comfortable and functional
  • Easy to clean vinyl surface
  • Suitable for children of all ages

This is no gladiator pit to settle sibling disputes; rather this is a giant comfy octagon for relaxation and play. Story time, nap time, or even timeout time, this giant nine piece gathering area is sure to keep the little ones busy for some time, which usually equates to falling asleep which then equals to free time for Mom and Dad. See where I’m going with this? Read on. You know you want to.

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The Octagonal Welcoming Hollow from Children’s Factory is a 9 piece set that is ideal for both relaxation and play for children. The Welcoming Hollow fastens together quickly with hook and loop attachments that also make it simple to take apart for easier storage when not in use. The octagonal design and angled back rests make this a great gathering area for children to safely play on or get comfortable for story time or to read a book themselves. The Octagonal Welcoming Hollow is suitable for children of all ages and will require a floor space at least 8’8″ long and 6’4″ wide. Cozy Woodland Pillows pictured with the Octagonal Welcoming Hollow are sold separately. Read More

Now Children Can Relax Like Mom and Dad with Their Own Comfortable Chair and Ottoman

Children's Factory CF610-038 Cozy Chair and Ottoman, BlueChildren can now relax comfortably just like they see mom and dad do while watching TV or reading a book with their very own Cozy Chair and Ottoman from Children’s Factory. This chair and ottoman set is a scaled down version of the one they see mom or dad relax on but is designed to fit their tiny frames. Both the chair and ottoman meet all CPSIA and ASTM safety standards. Taking into account the fact that children play hard, Children’s Factory double stitched the seams to provide added durability from wear, tear and play. The Cozy Chair and Ottoman are filled with beads and as an added safety precaution each piece features a double locking zipper designed to stop children from opening each up and getting to the beads. This product is tested and approved by Children’s Factory for ages 2 and older.

The Cozy Chair and Ottoman are CPSIA and ASTM certified but what exactly does that mean?

  • The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008, or CPSIA, was authorized to require additional new testing requirements for children’s products and has helped to change how product safety is regulated in the United States. New children’s products must now comply with the additional safety rules and be CPSC tested accepted.
  • The American Society for Testing and Materials, or ASTM, is a global leader of international standards with roughly 12,000 in place today created to help improve product safety, quality and build consumer confidence.

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5-Tiered Shelf with Clear Display Allows Child to Choose a Their Favorite Book

Children's Factory CF905-052 5-Pocket Clear Book DisplayA typical bookshelf is ideal for adults who can simply read the binding of a book and know what they’re looking at. This, however, is more difficult for a child if they are in the beginning stages of learning to read or not tall enough to reach the shelf. The solution to this is a book shelf designed specifically for children and the 5-Pocket Clear Book Display from Children’s Factory is exactly that. Due to the fact that young children are more visual learners this product uses 5 clear pockets so that a child can see the covers of the books in the display rather than having to read them. The display shelf is low profile and stands only 29 inches tall which allows for the child to identify a book they want and then actually go get it. The product can also be used to help teach children organization skills at an early age by helping them to put their books back into the display when done. This product meets CPSIA and ASTM safety standards.

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Need a place for your child to play?

Childrens Factory CF350-035 Play Zone Floor Mat - Red and BlueThis 44 inch square, 1 inch thick Play Zone Floor mat will bring that soft quiet look that is welcomed indoors and can be used by all ages. One side of the mat is a blue while the opposite side is red. Like all Children Factory products, this mat is made from an easy to clean expanded vinyl surface. Children’s Factory manufactures all of the products we carry in their plant in Missouri. All Children’s Factory educational toys and climbing blocks meet California TB117 Fire Retardant Standards. No lead or latex is used in these products. Children’s Factory uses virgin (not previously used) materials to ensure top quality. The inside core is virgin urethane foam that meets all environmental and California Fire Code Requirements. Children’s Factory buys this material in large buns and fabricates all sizes and shapes and configurations in their own plant under exacting quality control standards.

  • Great for children of all ages
  • Two different colors on each side of the activites mat
  • Easy to clean vinyl surface
  • Perfect for playing indoors

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5 Must-haves for a Back-to-School Sleepover

1. An awesome fort
Childrens Factory CF321-049 Soft Tunnel Climber

Your kids will love to play in this soft foam play climber as their own fort.

Childrens Factory CF321-049 Soft Tunnel Climber

2. Kid-friendly snacks
Zevro GAT202 Double Dry Food Dispenser, Silver
Let your kids get their own snacks without spilling with this cool snack dispenser.

Zevro GAT202 Double Dry Food Dispenser, Silver

3. TV (protected of course)
Weemote 3 - IR Remote For Kids
Let your kids control the TV with this parental controlled remote that is completely customizable.

Weemote 3 – IR Remote For Kids

4. A fun light to tell bedtime stories over
Sylvania LED PalPODzzz Portable Ladybug Nightlight
Let your kids stay up a little longer telling fun stories over this cute ladybug nightlight and let their imaginations run wild.

Sylvania LED PalPODzzz Portable Ladybug Nightlight

5. A cool place to fall asleep
Chillow Plus
Make sure they get a good night’s sleep with this chilled pillow for hot summer nights.

Chillow Plus