Make the Most of Each Workout by Monitoring Your Pulse Via an iPhone or iPod Touch

Scosche IPTM myTREKTake your workouts to the next level with the myTREK armband from Scosche. With the myTREK armband users will get real-time pulse readings and audio prompts while working out to help guide intensity levels. They will also be able to track calories burned, distance traveled, speed, workout duration, progress relative to goals and even map out a running or biking route. This is beneficial because it lets the user know when they are not pushing themselves hard enough as well as when they are over-training. By monitoring intensity levels users can make sure they are working hard enough to achieve training goals and stay motivated by seeing results.

The myTREK armband is able to connect to an iPhone or iPod Touch wirelessly via Bluetooth which means bulky chest straps and wires for measuring a pulse are a thing of the past. The armband contains dual LED optical sensors which send light into the skin and are able to provide a pulse reading while on the move. The way this works is that the myTREK assesses how much light gets through the skin and how much is reflected back to its optical sensor. This then gives an indication of the oxygen saturation of the blood and the frequency of the blood flow from the heart and lungs. Thousands of these readings are taken over several seconds and the myTREK is able to give a pulse reading using algorithms designed to calculate the data. The armband also comes with a remote control pad that will allow the user to control their music because it is connected through Bluetooth. A lithium-ion battery powers the myTREK and gives it up to 5 hours of workout time when fully charged and is easily recharged via an included USB charging cable. Working out around your home? Because the myTREK connects via Bluetooth users can workout up to 33ft away from their phone or iPod Touch and still have data readings sent to it for tracking. Read more

Blow it Up or Make it Wide with the Magnetic iPhone Lens

Digital King 000DKWIDE Wide and Macro 3G and 3GS Lens

This ultra versatile and portable 2-in1 Wide and Macro lens transforms your iPhone 3G and 3GS. Now you can easily take wide or close up pictures with ease. Designed in Japan by Toda Seiko using only the highest quality optical glass in the manufacturing process, it assures a higher refractive index. The resulting pictures are truer in colors and higher in resolution. Aluminum casing for the lens offers a very sturdy and light product. The greatest feature with this lens is the safe-to-iPhone magnet mounting system. It effortlessly attaches and detaches from your iPhone 3G or 3GS, allowing you to take the pictures however you see fit!
Digital King 000DKWIDE Wide and Macro 3G and 3GS Lens

  • Versatile 2-in-1 Wide and Macro lens for the iPhone 3G and 3GS
  • Employs a powerful yet safe-to-iPhone magnet for easy and safe mounting
  • Aluminum and the highest quality optical glasses are used in the manufacturing
  • Higher refractive index results in truer colors and higher resolution
  • Designed by Toda Seiko of Japan

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Deleted an Important Message from Your Cell Phone? Now You Can Recover Deleted Email and Text Files from Your Cell Phone!

We have all been through it–we delete all of our messages in our phone to get rid of the clutter but later we are searching for that one important message only to find that we had deleted it. Instead of beating yourself up about it,  now you can easily recover even deleted emails and texts from cell phones.  This is the perfect solution to erasing those unwanted messages at that impulsive moment. Mini Gadgets SIM-SEIZURE SIM Card Recovery ReaderAll that you have to do is insert the SIM card from the phone into the reader, then plug the reader into your computer. Using the included software, you can now access all the data on the SIM card. Unicode support for Arabic, Chinese, Russian, and other languages. The only downfall of this product is that if you don’t have a phone that contains a SIM card you won’t be able to recover those long lost messages…they’re pretty much gone for good. But all you others that do have a SIM card phone, then start recovering!

  • Recovers data stored on SIM cards
  • Software included
  • Supports several languages

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Antenna Ground for Wireless Extenders Outdoor Antenna

If you have a Wireless Extender System installed in your home to improve reception for PCS-based or 850 MHz cell phones and have installed the Wireless Extender Outdoor Antenna for additional coverage, you can use the Wireless Extenders zBoost Grounding Kit as an antenna ground for this outdoor antenna to help eliminate the risks associated with ungrounded electrical components. The Wireless Extender System and outdoor antenna are sold separately.Wireless Extenders zBoost Grounding Kit

An antenna ground serves two primary purposes. During an instance of stray electrical charge, such as a short or a nearby lightning strike, the antenna ground provides a lower-resistance path to a safe discharge point so that that charge won’t instead reach your delicate components. Secondly, most areas of the country are bombarded with all types of radio signals. The Wireless Extender Outdoor Antenna is designed to receive only PCS/cellular signals, but its lead-in wire shield can pick up other electrical noise that can be drained off the cable at the electrical ground connection, leaving a cleaner signal when arriving at your Wireless Extender’s inside unit.

To install the Wireless Extenders zBoost Grounding Kit, determine where the strongest cell signal is available outside your home. Locate the potential ground sources: the electrical service ground rod, the grounding conductor wire attached to the ground rod, the power service cut-off or breaker box enclosures, the metallic conduit attached directly to the power service cut-off or breaker box enclosures, or the grounded interior metal cold water piping system. Use the included clamps to bond to a ground access location close to where you will mount your Wireless Extender Outdoor Antenna. Read more

Music. Whenever. Wherever. Connects wirelessly to your mobile phone or any Bluetooth® device.

Bose SoundLink Wireless Mobile speaker
Share your music out loud with the Bose® SoundLink® Wireless Mobile speaker. It’s small enough to take with you, so you can enjoy Bose sound whenever and wherever you go.

The speaker connects wirelessly to your mobile phone or any Bluetooth® device. Bose proprietary technology delivers deep, low notes for a full-range listening experience.

The SoundLink® speaker’s sleek design features a Black aluminum grille and brushed chrome end caps. It has an integrated cover made of durable Slate Gray nylon, which protects it during transport. It’s easy to put the speaker in your bag and take it with you to the park, the beach or anywhere you go. Plus, the cover unfolds into a stand. The automatic sleep-mode feature powers down the speaker when you close the cover.

You can keep the party going for hours with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. And the speaker has an auxiliary input for use with other devices.

Hear the SoundLink® speaker for yourself and discover how easy it is to share your music out loud. Read more

Increase Cell Phone Signal Reception Indoors up to 1500 sq ft

Designed for consumers in single story urban dwellings, the zBoost METRO boosts indoor signal up to 1500 sq ft for multiple users in their home or office. The zBoost METRO supports all U.S. phones and mobile devices using 800 and 1900 MHz and doesn’t require an outside antenna placement.
Wi Ex zBoost YX540 Metro Cell Phone Mobile Phone Signal Booster

Setup Overview:
The package includes everything you need: amplifier base unit, power supply, base unit antenna, coaxial cable (RG59-mini), signal antenna and mounting hardware. The wide radio wave beam width directional antenna receives signals from multiple cell towers.

Check For Signal Strength
Before placing a zBoost® in your home, make sure that you can place calls near the window or wherever you plan to place the Signal Antenna. zBoost® can only bring signal into your home when signal reaches the Signal Antenna.

Using your cell phone, place a call near this location to confirm that enough signal is present to complete the call.

If you can reliably make and receive calls at that location then zBoost® can bring the signal into your home.

If only one signal bar is displayed on your cell phone, indoor coverage will be limited to one small room.Learn more

Amplify Incoming Call Sound From Your Cell Phone

Cordless Headset Amplifier

Cell phones are made for talking on the go, but that means you’re often unable to hear your caller over the din of everyday life. Amplify incoming sound up to 24 dB with the Cordless Headset Amplifier, which connects between your cell phone and your headset (both sold separately), and you’ll enjoy louder, clearer conversations. This can come in handy in noisy environments or even quiet ones for those with hearing losses.

The Cordless Headset Amplifier is activated by voice and sound, so it will turn off automatically when your conversation ends to conserve its batteries. This device can also connect to standard cordless phones if they are equipped with a 2.5mm jack.

The Cordless Headset Amplifier is powered by 3 AC675 standard hearing aid batteries (included). This amplifier works with most mobile and cordless phones with a standard 2.5mm headset jack. Read more