An Outdoor, Solar Powered, Charging Table for all your Mobile Devices!

Nature Power 49801 Savana Solar Patio Table

  • 2 USB ports to recharge devices directly from the table
  • Charges even when cloudy
  • Automatically stops charging once devices are charged
  • Protection from over-charging, over-discharging, over-current, short-circuit protection, and more

No more running inside to recharge a dead battery – Keep your mobile devices fully charged while you enjoy the ourdoors with the Nature Savana Solar Patio Table! Nature Power’s 49801 Savana Solar Patio Table features an integrated solar panel and portable PowerBank battery charger so you can enjoy your portable devices outdoors without worrying about a dead battery. The tabletop’s solar panel absorbs the sun’s energy and stores it in the portable PowerBank battery charger concealed in the tabletop drawer. The portable PowerBank battery charger can also be charged via an AC outlet if sufficient sunlight is not available to solar charge your devices. The charger is outfitted with dual USB ports, for charging smartphones, MP3 players, and tablets, which includes an LED light indicator to display the power levels and connected device’s battery status. The solar panel is sturdily built, weatherproof, and even charges your connected devices with indirect sunlight or overcast skies to help reduce your electricity consumption. Read More

Save Money With the Cooper Wiring USB Wall Plate

Cooper Wiring Dual USB Charger

  • Standard AC duplex receptacle with two USB charging ports rated at 2.1A
  • Tamper Resistant duplex receptacle provide compliance with 2011 NEC
  • LED indicator light notifies user that device is connected
  • Replaces a standard single gang duplex receptacle
  • Convenient patented built-in wire strippers speed installations

Have you ever found yourself playing musical plugs with appliances and tablet or phone chargers? The Cooper Wiring Dual USB Charger provides you with a wall plate that has standard AC and USB ports. No more bulky phone adapters because all you will need are the thin USB ends. As an addition, it will help you reduce the amount of clutter at charging stations with a clean, organized look for all your inserted plugs. This USB wall plate is also a great way to save money on your energy bill because it uses less energy than standard outlets. However, this does not prevent you from being able to charge tablets fast. One reviewer writes, “It actually charges phones faster than the adapter and now my wife and I don’t have to fight over the plug in the kitchen.” A wall plate that saves you money, speeds up charge time, and helps create a happy, peaceful house shouts great investment! Read More

Be Free! Get a Solar Powered Battery Charger!

Keystone ECO SC1500-001 Solar and USB Power PAK Charger

If you’ve ever found yourself stuck with a dead cell phone battery and without a way to charge it in the foreseeable future then the Solar and USB Power PAK Charger from Keystone ECO is here to save the day. With this limitless, portable charger you are now free to take extended camping trips, beach days and long nature walks and stay connected! This Solar and USB Charger is roughly the size of Smartphone so it will easily fit in a pocket or purse while on the go. The charger is Apple certified to work with an iPod and iPhone and comes with a total of 5 connector tips allowing it to work with many more devices. You’re free at last! Read more

Never Let Your Cell Phone or Handheld Devices Run Out of Battery Again

Kiwi Choice KWS2 U-Powered Solar Charger - White

If you have ever found yourself stuck with a dead cell phone or mobile device and no way to charge it then the Kiwi Choice KWS2 U-Powered Solar Charger – White is the product for you. This mobile device charger is the perfect companion for anyone with a cell phone because it allows you to have a back-up source of power to keep your phone or mobile device up and running. The U-Powered contains 3 solar panels that let you take advantage of using clean solar energy to power your handheld devices keeping you connected but doing so in an environmentally “green” way. For added convenience Kiwi Choice has placed a magnet on the back of the U-Powered so that you can stick the product to anything metal and let it charge hands-free. However, in the event you aren’t able to charge the U-Powered via its solar panels it does offer several other methods of charging such as USB port, wall or car charger. This charger simply offers you peace of mind in ensuring you’re never stuck with a dead phone again whether you’re on the road, on vacation or simply out and about. Once charged the U-Powered will hold on to its power for at least 6 months. Fully charge it up once and then keep it in your purse, glove box or desk at work and rest assured you’ll always have a back-up power source. An added feature of this device is that it comes with an LED flashlight built in to the end of the charger.

This product is also available in black.

  • Solar powered handheld electronic charger
  • Can hold its charge for 6 months
  • Charges via the sun, USB port, car charger or wall charger
  • Compatible with all your mobile devices
  • Magnetic backing so product can be stuck to anything metal to charge in sun

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