Always Keep a Fully Charged Battery With or Without an Outlet Nearby

Revolve Electronics Sol-Sport 5 Folding Charger

  • Battery charger for USB powered devicesteries
  • All-weather encasing for outdoor use
  • Folds in half for easy storage when not in use
  • Generates over 5W of power
  • Easy to carry and lightweight at 10.4oz

If a regular backup charger doesn’t seem convenient enough for you (since you’ll end up having to plug that into a wall and charge that anyway) then you’ll love this! There’s nothing worse than knowing your Smartphone or iPod are about to die, especially if you’re nowhere near an outlet! With the Revolve Electronics Sol-Sport 5 Folding Charger you can feel free to take an extended camping trip or nature walk and rest assured your cell phone¬†can stay charged and ready for any emergency phone calls you might need to make. The Sol-Sport 5 Folding Charger from Revolve Electronics is designed to help make sure you’re never stuck with a dead cell phone battery when you need it the most. When unfolded the Sol-Sport 5 reveals 2 monocrystalline solar panels that will convert the energy of the sun into usable power to charge USB devices such as a Smartphone or iPod. The Sol-Sport will directly charge the battery of a connected USB powered device or can be used in unison to charge a backup battery, such as the Revolve Electronics Rescue Series, to make sure you have emergency power when needed. An outer pocket on the folding charger will even hold in place whatever device is being charged. Reinforced holes on each corner of the solar charger make it easy to clip to a backpack or bike to charge in the sun and it even includes 4 suction cups to mount the charger on a windshield or window during the daytime. The Sol-Sport 5 Folding Charger will generate over 5W of power in full sunlight and at that output is capable of charging a Smartphone in under 2 hours. Read More

Never Worry About a Dead Smartphone or iPad Battery Again!

Revolve Electronics Rescue 7000

  • Battery charger for USB powered devices
  • All-weather case enclosure
  • Advanced lithium-ion 7000mAh battery
  • Battery status indicator
  • Earth-Friendly device

There’s nothing worse than the stress of knowing your Smartphone or iPad are about to die. Worrying about a dead Smartphone or iPad battery can be a thing of the past with the right backup charger. The Rescue 7000 from Revolve Electronics is a battery backup designed to make sure you’re never stuck with a dead cell phone battery when you need it the most. The Rescue 7000 has a rugged all-weather design so it can be taken with you just about anywhere and at only 8oz it conveniently fits in a pocket, purse or backpack without adding noticeable extra weight. Now you can portably charge your phone on-the-go so you won’t be stuck waiting by an outlet until your phone is charged. Read More

Be Free! Get a Solar Powered Battery Charger!

Keystone ECO SC1500-001 Solar and USB Power PAK Charger

If you’ve ever found yourself stuck with a dead cell phone battery and without a way to charge it in the foreseeable future then the Solar and USB Power PAK Charger from Keystone ECO is here to save the day. With this limitless, portable charger you are now free to take extended camping trips, beach days and long nature walks and stay connected! This Solar and USB Charger is roughly the size of Smartphone so it will easily fit in a pocket or purse while on the go. The charger is Apple certified to work with an iPod and iPhone and comes with a total of 5 connector tips allowing it to work with many more devices. You’re free at last! Read more