Beer Dispenser for Gravity and Pressurized 5L Kegs

Koolatron KTB05BN 5L Mini Keg Dispenser with TapIf you enjoy a cold beer then you’ve almost certainly always thought about how cool it would be to have your own keg dispenser at home. With the easy-to-use 5L Mini Keg Dispenser with Tap from Koolatron this can now be a reality. What makes this 5L dispenser great is that it includes a tap at the top for use with pressurized kegs, an opening at the bottom for use with gravity kegs and it plugs into a standard 120V household outlet or 12V DC outlet. It comes with an AC power adapter as well as a DC power cord allowing it to be used in the comfort of your home, or mancave, or bring it with you to tailgate and simply plug it into a car DC port. Once plugged in the dispenser will chill the mini keg down to 37°F with its quiet running thermoelectric cooling system so that beer after beer is nice and frosty. At the base of the dispenser is a drip tray to keep counters and floors free of drips that don’t make it in their cups. The drip tray can be removed, emptied out and cleaned as needed. The 5L Mini Keg Dispenser is environmentally friendly any does not use and harmful CFCs or polluting coolants.
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Adjustable Mount with USB Power Ports Holds a Smartphone, GPS Device or MP3 Player

Scosche Industries IUH12V powerMOUNT 12V Vehicle Power Socket Mount and ChargerThe Scosche IUH12V powerMOUNT is a simple and effective way to do two things at once – mount your iPod, iPhone, BlackBerry, Android Device, GPS or MP3 player…and charge it at the same time*. Just plug the base into you 12V cigarette lighter or power adapter socket. Then put you mobile electronic device into the holder and adjust the arm and swivel the mount to best view your device. The base of the adapter features a pass through for the 12V adapter so you do not lose that while in use. Additionally, there are two USB ports that you can use to power and/or charge your mobile device.
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The Cooler Seat That Will Beat the Heat!

12v Cooling Car Summer Seat

Summer is right around the corner—this one looks like it’s going to be a real scorcher! The weather is warming up and the blistering hot sun is staying out longer, so we all know what that means; summer is soon approaching— forecasting a record breaking hot, long summer. But have no fear; with a 12V Cooling Car Summer Seat you can definitely beat the heat this summer, whether you’re driving in your car or in your office.

Why mess with sticky hot leather seats…stop fussing with those crucial burns from the hot summer sun. It’s time to install a seat cooler for a more pleasant ride. By investing in a 12-Volt Cooling Car Summer Seat it will provide almost instant relief from that blazing summer sun. It is powered by your car’s battery or any wall socket which will soon trigger a cooling fan.

Just slip the 12-Volt Cooling Car Summer Seat over your seat back and then buckle and tighten it around the seat securely. Plug the 12-volt car plug into your car’s cigarette lighter socket, and the cushion will start to cool down immediately. Adjust the fan speed for cooler air. You’ll also appreciate the seat’s breathable fabric, which is much more comfortable on hot days than your car’s leather seats.

You won’t forget to turn off the seat’s fan, even if you step away from your desk at work or if you accidentally leave it on at home. The 12-Volt Cooling Car Summer Seat shuts off automatically after an hour of use.

• Adjustable cooling control
• Plugs into car charger or wall for home, office or car use
• Easy installation with adjustable straps
What’s Included
• Car seat
• 12-volt adapter
• Instructions

Price: Normally $59.99
Hot Deal $52.16


Be Alerted When Something is Behind You When Driving While in Reverse

The ReverseGUARD is an automotive safety product designed to reduce accidents while backing by providing information to the driver when their vehicle is in reverse. Four sensors built into the ReverseGUARD system use the latest in ultrasonic technology to alert the driver of objects behind the vehicle. When the driver puts the vehicle in reverse, ReverseGUARD is automatically activated. It will sense when objects are within six to eight feet of the rear of the vehicle and will alert the driver by emitting an intermittent alarm inside the vehicle. As the vehicle moves closer to the object, the alarm alerting the driver sounds more quickly until a steady alarm is heard at a distance of about 1.5 feet.

  • Alerts driver when objects are within six to eight feet of the rear of the vehicle
  • Intermittent alarm sounds more quickly as the vehicle moves closer to the object
  • Half-Frame system can accommodate most state-specific laws
  • Sensor allows you to see which side of the rear of the vehicle is closer to the object
  • Raises the resale value of your car or truck

Blinking LED Light Keeps You Visible and Safe At Night

When riding a bike, walking or jogging at night the most important safety precaution one can take is to ensure they are visible to all traffic. The Sentina LED-48 Outdoor LED Safety Light offers 360° visibility plus it features a built-in reflector for added light. A bracket for connecting the Safety Light to a bike is included and can also be used for camping. Do you just want to be visible while taking the dog on a nighttime walk? This light is ideal for that too as it is capable of clipping on to pants, worn on an arm or even attached to a leash. It is powered by 2 AAA batteries which are not included with purchase.
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Save Garage Space by Neatly Hanging a Bike on the Wall

Got a cluttered garage or storage area? Is a bike one of the culprits of the clutter? One quick and hassle-free way to start clearing up that clutter is to remove a large awkward shaped bike from the equation. Using the Monkey Bars Single Bike Storage Rack a bike can be hung on a wall and out of the way to start reducing clutter. This Bike Storage Rack mounts on a wall to horizontally hold 1 bike off the ground plus riding gear such as a helmet or shoes. The Bike Rack is constructed of heavy duty 12 gauge industrial steel with a powder coated soapstone grey finish which will hide dust.
Monkey Bars BSR-1 Single Bike Storage Rack

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Reduce Floor Clutter by Storing Coats, Backpacks and More in One Convenient Spot

Monkey Bars CR Large Coat RackA great way to reduce clutter around the home is by hanging items that are on the floor and a Large Coat Rack from Monkey Bars is the perfect solution. This heavy duty Coat Rack is made from 12 gauge industrial steel and comes with 8, 3-inch hanging pegs to hold such items as coats, backpacks, helmets and more. The Large Coat Rack installs quickly using the 4 included screws and will need roughly 51-inches of wall space when deciding upon where to hang. It is suitable for use indoor as well as outdoor due to its industrial powder coated finish and steel construction.

  • 8 hanging pegs
  • Quick installation
  • Great for indoor or outdoor use
  • Constructed from industrial steel
  • All mounting components included

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