Talk of Snow in the Northeast? Better Gear Up Again

Oskar 41130 Extendable Fold Up Snow Brush



  • Locking system with push button keeps extending handle sturdy and easy to use
  • 2 Positions: double brush for sweeping and extra wide head for pushing and pulling snow
  • Includes rubber squeegee to use on windows
  • Constructed of strong polycarbonate with aluminum and foam handle and soft touch PVC bristles
  • Detachable scraper can be used with or without handle
  • Folds up for easy storage


When temperatures drop, this snow brush is sure to clear your car of snow and ice. Its lightweight design is constructed from sturdy polycarbonate with foam-covered aluminum handles, making it durable and tough on stubborn ice, yet ergonomic on your hands and wrists. The snow brush can be used in two positions: a double brush for sweeping or an extra-wide brush head for pushing and pulling snow. A push button locking system allows you to extend the brush from 36 to 44 inches to best fit the current application. The scraper is detachable and can be used with or without the brush handle. A rubber squeegee is also included to clear off windows. Fold the snow brush to half its size for convenient storage in your trunk or under a seat. Read More

Store Up to 3 Pairs of Skis and Ski Poles in One Safe and Convenient Spot

Monkey Bars SSR-3 Ski Storage Rack, 3 Pairs



  • Holds up to 3 pairs of skis and poles
  • Wall mount rack keeps skis safely off of the ground
  • Quick installation
  • Indoor/outdoor use
  • Works with all ski sizes



Skis can get expensive and whether you’re the only skier or you’ve got a family of them it is important to make sure each pair of skis is safe when not in use. Monkey Bars is here to help protect and keep skis organized with its Ski Storage Rack for up to 3 pairs of skis and poles. Throwing skis in the corner of a closet or garage can lead to nicks, scrapes and dings which is where this Ski Rack comes in handy. This storage rack comes with everything needed to mount it onto a wall and can hold skis of all sizes safely off the ground and out of the way. It is made of industrial grade stainless steel making it very durable and suitable for use indoors or outdoors. Each ski holding hook is powder coated in a grey finish and its unique soapstone grey color will hide dust and maintain it original look making it ideal for garage and outdoor use. Read More

Finally, a Garage Door Remote to Attach to Your Car Keys

Garage Door Remote Control Kit




  • Simple installation
  • Rolling code technology
  • SmartButton receives signal from remote control and opens/closes garage door
  • Optional password protection


Now you can add the convenience of a keychain remote control to nearly any garage door opener. The receiver simply clips to your existing wiring both for control and for its power. Skylink’s Easy Clip makes this connection really simple – just position the existing control wire inside the clip and snap it closed! With additional GB-318 SmartButton Receivers, you can program the transmitter’s buttons to open individual garage doors. For additional security, program the transmitter to require a password. Installation on some older garage door openers may require a 12VDC 100mA power supply with a 3.5mm barrel plug. The transmitter runs on one CR2032 lithium coin cell battery (included). Add an additional transmitter for each family member. Read More

Double-Edge Wiper Blades are Designed to Scrape Away the Solid Crud Blocking Your View

Your present windshield wipers just don’t work as well as they could in getting crud off the glass. You press the washer button and squirt fluid on the windshield, and your wipers move back and forth to clear away the water, but that bird mess is still there right in your vision. The new Scrubblade wipers are a revolution in wiper technology, first because there are actually two rubber blades to give double the cleaning power. Second, the edge of the rubber is lined with tiny scrubbing triangles designed to cut the solid goo that blocks your vision. Sold individually, so measure your existing wipers and order as needed. Don’t forget the rear window! Read More

Cool Air You Want, Where and When You Want It

GoGear SP571204 Personal Cup Holder Tower Fan

GoGear™ brings the personal tower fan technology to vehicles. Allowing individuals the ability to control and personalize the amount of air flow. This small fan fits in any vehicle cup holder, yet is powerful enough to help you beat the heat. Due to its compact size and ease of placement, this tower fan will not obstruct your line of sight while driving. Helps keep you and your family safe and cool.  

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Keep the Items in Your Vehicle in Its Place

Ever have items spill or fall while you are driving? Sometimes the center console just does not offer enough room to fit all your things. The GoBand™ is the answer to all your problems. This band is not only easy to install, it is easy to use. Simply slip the GoBand over the top of your seat and you are ready to stow items without worry of slipping or sliding. When it is not in use or if you have a passenger, simply slide it all the way down and it becomes absolutely non-intrusive. The GoBand offers a eligant and effective solution to make those daily hectic commutes a lot easier. Read more

Convenient Car Charger Allows You to Charge Household Devices On-the-Go

PowerLine 90309 PowerCup 200 Watt Inverter with 2 AC Outlets and USB Power Port




  • Fits conveniently into standard cup holders
  • Safely provides 120 volt AC household power from any cigarette lighter socket
  • Charges iPods, iPhones and other USB connected devices from USB port
  • Features overload protection and low battery shut off
  • AC power for TVs, DVD players, video game consoles, laptops and more!


The PowerLine 90309 PowerCup 200 Watt Inverter with 2 AC Outlets and USB Power Port fits perfectly into a standard cup holder because it is shaped like a cup! The PowerCup safely provides 120 Volt AC household power from any 12V socket in an automobile. Charge laptops, DVD players, TVs, video game consoles, and more from the AC outlets, and use the USB port to charge iPods, iPhones, and any other USB chargeable device.

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