Jump Start your Car from the Inside!

Viatek MJ01B Mighty Jump Vehicle Emergency Jump Starter

  • Small enough to store almost anywhere
  • No more confusing jumper cables that rely on a jump-start from another car
  • Charges both AA & AAA rechargeable batteries simultaneously
  • Takes only 10 minutes to charge a car battery enough to start the engine
  • Multiple uses, rechargable

Mighty Jump is an emergency jump-starter that allows you to Jump-start a vehicle without leaving the drivers seat. When the mighty jump is plugged into the dashboard cigarette lighter it transfers power from itself to the car battery, using the internal wiring of the vehicle. Using the Mighty Jump on a car that needs a jump-start is easy. First turn the ignition/key to electrical accessory mode (where the radio and clock are on but not the a/c system). Then plug in the Mighty Jump charging cable into your 12v outlet with the other end NOT yet plugged into the jumper body. With the switch in the rearward position there should be a green light indicating that your car battery is ready to be charged. Plug the cable into the jumper body and push the switch on the 12v plug forward to initiate charging. Read More

Avoid Speed Traps and Traffic Tickets with this Radar Detector

ESCORT Radar Passport MAX Radar Detector

ESCORT Radar Passport MAX Radar Detector

ESCORT Radar Passport MAX Radar Detector

  • Detects all radar and laser bands
  • Incorporates Digital Signal Processing military technology
  • Distinguishes real from fake threats by identifying the signature of the signal
  • Preference option for customizing to your type of driving
  • AutoLearn feature remembers and rejects false alarms
  • Pre-loaded with DEFENDER Database
  • OLED color display screen

Avoid costly traffic tickets and never be caught off guard from a speed trap again with the ESCORT Radar Passport MAX Radar Detector! The Passport MAX Radar Detector from ESCORT is the first detector available to feature high definition radar performance. Equipped with built-in military technology referred to as Digital Signal Processing (DSP), this radar detector can scan quicker and more accurately than any other detector ensuring you have plenty of warning on radar threats. The Passport MAX also has the ability to sort out real threats from the various other signals that might cause a false alarm by looking at the signature of the signal and determining the validity of the threat it is coming from. Another feature that adds to the intelligence of the Passport MAX is its ability to AutoLearn. The AuotLearn feature is an ESCORT Radar patented technology that uses GPS and exact frequencies to learn where false signals are emanating from so that they can be rejected in the future now that it has learned the location of the signal. These false signals can come from such things as building security cameras or door openers. The detector comes with pre-set settings but can also be customized to fit each person’s type of driving to ensure the radar detector has you covered no matter how you drive. The Passport MAX also comes with a high definition OLED multi-color display screen making the icons very vivid and easy to see. Read More

No More Dropped or Lost Items Between your Seats when Driving

The AirFlow Technology 1000-0108 Seat Barricade is the best solution on the market for preventing items from falling between your seat and center console while driving. No longer will you struggle with reaching down for lost money, cell phones, wallets or pens. When these items fall it is dangerous to retrieve them.  Never worry or reach again with the Seat Barricade. Available in Tan and Black; the Seat Barricade fits most cars, vans, trucks, and SUV’s. Installation is a breeze just place the strap over the seatbelt receptacle and you are ready to roll. Included in the box are 2 Barricades so the driver and passenger receive equal protection. The cushion is poly-filled and constructed out of vinyl to ensure a no-hassle cleaning.

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Tired of Loosing Functionality of your iPhone and Applications After Connecting to your Car’s Stereo?

Look no further your solution is here, The OCar Audio Head Unit from Oxygen Audio is now in stock!  Upgrade your old car stereo system and start to enjoying your driving experience today!

Messy wires, lost functionality and unreliable charging will be a thing of the past once you upgrade your car’s stereo to the new OCar Audio Head Unit. Wether your car is new or old there is a good chance your stereo lacks an infotainment system.

This unit is an affordable upgrade to bring your driving experience up to date with the latest technology available on the market. It is easy to install and functions flawlessly with your iPhone and iPod.

 The OCar gives you the ability to:

  •  Connect an iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4 or 4S to your car’s infotainment system.
  • Run any iPhone Application while driving.
  • Transform your iPhone into the display of your car’s stereo.
  • Make handsfree phonecalls with your car.
  • Rotate your iPhone 360° and swivel 15° to allow you to set it to just the right angle.

All of these great features are packed into one well designed and priced package from Oxygen Audio. Normally $299.95, we lowered our price to $258.97 for this unique product release.

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Get Through Morning Rush Hour with Ease

Is it one of those mornings? You get up 20 minutes after your alarm goes off and realize you’re running late for work. Perfect, right? Now you race frantically through the house, speed through your morning ritual, hop into the car, and fend through rush hour just to make it to the office on time.

We’ve all been there, and we all hate starting our days off on the wrong foot. Don’t worry friends, we want to help you out. Here are some Smarthome solutions to help you ease your mind, body, and soul when you’re a bit behind schedule.


1. Alarm clock buzz not working for you anymore?

iTalk Reminder Assistant - Voice Activated Reminder Clock

Neutrano Concept’s iTalk Reminder Assistant – Voice Activated Reminder Clock allows you to easily record important tasks or reminders with alarm times, all to the tune of your own voice. iTalk is completely voice activated. Speaking English simply talk to iTalk in your normal voice to record up to 10 personal reminders, set the alarm, ask for today’s date and much more. The iTalk Reminder Clock intelligently combines the new generation of TimeSet Voice technology with large 2″ inch Blue or Amber LED digits in an attractive and highly functional clock design. Best of all, iTalk is completely “speaker independent”, meaning it understands any English spoken voice- right out of the box!

  • Record 10 reminders with alarm times for today, everyday, or any day of the week
  • Loud reminder alarm playback repeats until you say “Reminder off”
  • Doubles as a voice activated bedside alarm clock – choose from 4 popular alarm sounds or record a personal voice alarm
  • Start your day asking iTalk for “Todays reminders”
  • iTalk understands any voice in English out of the box
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    2. Never worry about forgetting to close the garage door!

    Garage Door Autocloser

    Have you ever left for work in the morning only to realize that you accidentally left the garage door open all night long? Restore your peace of mind with the Autocloser-GA, an automatic garage attendant that automatically closes your garage door when you inadvertently leave it open. The Autocloser-GA incorporates the latest micro-controller technology, infrared light sensors and advanced software algorithms to deliver a safe and reliable product — yet it installs onto most garage door openers in minutes! There’s even a disable button you can press for those times where you do want to keep the garage door open. Only basic hand tools are needed for proper installation. The unit is AC powered (adapter included).

  • Deter theft and restore peace-of-mind by making sure your garage door is closed
  • Audible and visible alerts before closing provide extra safety
  • Installs easily in minutes to almost any garage door opener
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    3. Forget to charge something?

    PowerLine 90309 PowerCup 200 Watt Inverter with 2 AC Outlets and USB Power Port

    The PowerLine 90309 PowerCup 200 Watt Inverter with 2 AC Outlets and USB Power Port fit perfectly into a standard cup holder because it is shaped like a cup! The PowerCup safely provides 120 Volt AC household power from any 12V socket in an automobile. Charge laptops, DVD players, TVs, video game consoles, and more from the AC outlets and iPods, iPhones, and any other USB chargeable device from the USB port.

  • Fits Conveniently Into Standard Cup Holders
  • Safely Provides 120 Volt AC Household Power from any Cigarette Lighter Socket
  • Charges iPods, iPhones and Other USB Connected Devices from USB Port
  • Features Overload Protection and Low Battery Shut Off
  • AC Power for TV’s, DVD Players, Video Game Consoles, Laptops and More!
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    3. Keep your coffee hot, even in the car!

    RoadPro RP19SS 12 Volt Thermal Mug

    The RoadPro RP19SS plugs directly into your car’s power outlet/lighter or a USB port to keep your beverages hot on the road or at you desk. Durable stainless steel construction makes this mug durable while a non-skid rubber base and slide closure lid keep spills to a minimum. Great for traveling or everyday commuting, the RP19SS fits right in your cup holder.

  • Plugs into USB port or your car’s power outlet/lighter
  • Durable construction – stainless steel inside and out
  • Slide closure lid and rubber base
  • Great for traveling or commuting
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    4. Relax, you made it!

    Flex Tube Memory Foam Massager

    Stress never does anyone good, especially when you’ve been sitting uncomfortably in a car. So sit back and relax with the Flex Tube Memory Foam Massager. Relieves aching muscles and provides neck support. Designed to bend and flex to fit any body shape or area. Longer than the usual neck pillow for use on shoulders, arms, or legs.

  • Massages away aches and pains
  • Bends to fit any part of your body
  • Super soft memory foam custom fits to your needs
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