Time Lapse Camera Records Everyone Moving in its Range

Brinno MAC100 Motion Activated HomeWatchCam Time Lapse Camera

  • Battery-operated for simple installation
  • Motion sensor enables camera to run only when people are present
  • Stores images on SD card up to 16GB
  • Rated for outdoor use

Have you ever wanted to know what goes on while you’re away from your home? This simple camera will fill in the gaps! Just pop in four AA batteries (sold separately) and an SD memory card (2GB card included) and place it so it can see the area you want to monitor. Give it a good view of your storage shed, place it near the bird’s nest in the back yard, or point it toward your front door. The next day, pop out the SD card and see everything that happened. Mount it on a pole to take time-lapse images of your house being built. The built-in passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor turns the camera on and off to record only when it detects movement, saving memory. This feature also makes it easier to fast-forward through the video, as periods of inactivity are not recorded. The batteries can last up to 50,000 frames. Comes with universal mounting bracket. LED indicators for power on, low battery, and SD Card full.   Read more

This Day/Night Camera has a Broad Range IR LED System to Avoid Hot Spots

Night Owl CAM-LA-BS14420-W LED Array Outdoor Camera White


You need to know if there’s a approaching threat to your family. This camera can be mounted anywhere, indoors or out, to capture clear video day or night. There is are 4 arrays of infrared (IR) LEDs that gives a broad range of illumination, which won’t create “hot spots” like less powerful systems with tightly focused IR beams. The fixed 6mm lens will give you clear facial recognition of subjects up to 40 feet away. Its rugged aluminum construction is built for long life and weather resistance, with a rating of IP66. There’s an adjustable sun shield to protect the lens, and it comes with an adjustable mounting bracket. Runs on 12 volts DC from an AC adapter (included) and it comes with a 60 foot video/power cable. It even comes with mounting screws and security stickers.

Connect to a DVR
Old video surveillance systems used to require a remote access system, a camera multiplexer; a time-lapse VCR, and an unlimited supply of videotapes for remote viewing and digitally storing video from a multi-camera system. Now you can get the capabilities of all those products in one with a Digital Video Recorder (DVR). By connecting multiple cameras to a DVR, you will be able to record and review video footage of activity around your property. You can even remotely access your video footage using a Network Digital Video Recorder (NDVR).

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The Ultimate Camera to Capture Your Crazy Adventures

Mini Gadgets Ultra Sports Cam Ultimate Sports Camera/DVR

  • Sleek case is waterproof up to 20 meters
  • Records video or takes still images
  • Optional motion detection recording modes
  • 4 LEDs and 4 IRs can be used in conjunction or independently for low-light or nighttime use
  • TV-Out connector

With this compact camera, you’ll be able to clearly capture life as it is happening. Take full color and audio videos with 720p resolution or still images with 2560 x 1920. Four LEDs can be used in low light situations while four IRs allow for night vision. Use the LEDs and IRs in conjunction or independently. Manually record the video or set the camera to motion detection mode to save battery life. The camera is waterproof up to 20 meters, making it great for both indoor and outdoor use. Files can be stored on micro SD cards up to 32 GB. This camera also features a TV-Out connector and can double as a webcam.

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Hides a Camera in Plain Sight in a Seemingly Ordinary Household Appliance

Mini Gadgets BB2AirPure8GB BUSH BABY2 Air Purifier Covert Camera/DVR, with 8GB Internal Memory




  • Real, working air purifier with a hidden camera
  • Two-speed ionizer air purifier cleans your air while it records
  • Can start recording when it detects motion
  • 72 degree viewing angle with 1280 x 960 @ 30FPS resolution
  • Includes a remote control



This seemingly ordinary air purifier doubles as a high-tech surveillance device. A real working two-speed ionizer, this air purifier hides a camera where it is least expected. High resolution video is stored within the unit’s 16GB internal memory. A wide viewing angle of 72 degrees lets you see most of what is going on in the room. Set the camera to record normal video or begin recording when it detects motion. A remote control is also included for easier control of your camera. Signals are not transmitted, so you can be sure no one is stealing your signal or tapping into your footage. Place the air purifier in the desired location and none will be the wiser.

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Hi-Res Indoor / Outdoor Camera has LEDs for Night Vision



Place this indoor/outdoor camera anywhere you need a clear view of people or vehicles coming and going from your property. It’s weatherproof to the IP65 standard, and has infrared (IR) LEDs for vision even in total darkness. The 4.3mm lens gives a good field of view of subjects close to the camera. Comes with mounting bracket and a pigtail for the power connection. You will also need a 12VDC power supply and a video/power cable.

Honeywell HB72S Super Hi-Res IR Bullet Camera 530TV Lines, Silver



  • 12 infrared (IR) LEDs allow video in total darkness
  • 530TV lines resolution
  • Weatherproof to IP65 standard
  • IR range up to 45′
  • Comes with mounting bracket
  • Comes with 4.3mm lens

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Crime Rates Increase During the Holidays, Protect Your Home from Theft

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Nearly 400,000 burglaries occur in the U.S. from November through December each year. The National Crime Prevention Council recommends that homeowners improve home security to protect their homes from break-ins during the holidays.



Don’t be a statistic. Protect your home and your family during the upcoming holiday season!

Night Owl FS-8500 8 Channel H.264 Video Security Kit

  • Delivers stunning video quality at remarkably low data rates
  • Features remote access and control through an internet connection
  • Allows user to view all cameras remotely on select 3G smart phone
  • Motion-activated to conserve disk space
  • Records up to one (1) year of video
  • Indoor/Outdoor cameras provide 400 TV lines of resolution
  • Triplex technology allows you to record, playback and view remotely, all at the same time
  • User friendly icon-based interface includes both a USB mouse and remote control
  • Sleek compact design

The Night Owl FS-8500 Network DVR Security System is an advanced H.264 smart DVR that allows the user to access it remotely from both the internet via Internet Explorer and/or select 3G smart cell phones including your iPhone. The Night Owl FS-8500 Network DVR Security System includes 8 indoor/outdoor night vision cameras with 60ft of cable per camera, a pre-installed 500GB security hard drive and a simple point and click interface all combined into an easy to use H.264 smart DVR. This Night Owl FS-8500 Network DVR Security System gives you the ability to monitor your home or business remotely, which is a must in today’s environment.

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This Wireless Security Camera System Keeps Two Eyes on Your Home

Clover Electronics TW7002 Wireless 2-Camera Video System





  • 7″ LCD monitor
  • Built-in wireless receiver
  • Built-in digital video recorder (DVR)
  • Infrared (IR) LEDs for night vision
  • Passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor
  • Records on SD cards


Protect your family by keeping an eye on anyone approaching your home. This surveillance system is simple to set up because there are no video cables to string. Plug in the monitor, mount the cameras, and plug in the AC adapters, and you’re finished. The monitor houses a digital video recorder (DVR) that records video and audio on removable SD cards, up to 32GB capacity (a 2GB card is included). The cameras have built-in IR LEDs for clear vision even in total darkness, with a range of up to 50′. There is a motion sensor on each camera which will automatically turn on the monitor and start recording when someone walks in front of it. A photocell in each camera monitors the ambient light and turns on the LEDs when they’re needed. The cameras are weather resistant to the IP64 standard (dust proof, splash proof), so can be mounted under the eaves or in other protected locations outdoors. Use the digital zoom feature to zoom in on a subject for better details. Operates on the 2.4gHz band and minimizes interference from cordless phones, routers, and other wireless devices. The monitor can display the video feed from one camera at a time or can be divided into quadrants, showing up to 4 cameras.

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