Clean Up Your Desk By Untangling Those Cords

Your desk is covered in electronics. Most electronics come with cords. Therefore, Your desk is covered in cords.

Untangle the nest of cords with these handy organizers:

1. Quirky COR-2-BLU Cordies Desktop Cable Cord Organizer – Blue
Quirky COR-2-BLU Cordies Desktop Cable Cord Organizer - Blue

  • Contains three individual loop spaces, enabling you to store many cables at once
  • Perfect for power cords, USB cords, cell phone chargers and computer cords
  • Compact size: 3.5 inches wide
  • Also comes in Gray, Pink, and White.

2. Dotz, LLC DCI201CO Dotz Identifiers, Computer/Office


Dotz, LLC DCI201CO Dotz Identifiers, Computer/Office

  • Dotz attach to cords and cables for easy identification
  • Can be easily removed and reused
  • 24 punch-out icon tabs and 12 DIY punch-out icon tabs
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3. Quirky CON-1-GRN Contort Flexible USB Hub, 4 Ports
Quirky CON-1-GRN Contort Flexible USB Hub, 4 Ports

  • Sturdy plastic hub with four easily accessible USB ports
  • Flexible TPE rubber neck, with 360-degree mobility
  • Built-in cord management, with four anchors to corral your cables
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4. Dotz, LLC CWA503W Dotz Cord Wrap, White
Dotz, LLC CWA503W Dotz Cord Wrap, White

  • A fun and simple way to instantly protect, shorten and store cords, ear buds and cables.
  • Easy-to-use: just wrap it and snap it
  • Innovative and portable design is a colorful way to conquer unruly cords
  • Includes 1 cord wrap, 1 removable clip, 1 suction cup, 1 Dotz cord identifier and 1 DIY punch-out identifier tab
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5. CordCtrl Headphone Cord and Cable Wrap Management System – Black
CordCtrl Headphone Cord and Cable Wrap Management System - Black

  • Made of 100% high grade liquid silicon
  • Firmly holds both ends of your headphones
  • Perfect for any iPhone, iPod, or any other MP3 player or mobile phone
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Divert Home Theater Wires to Run Behind Your Walls With This Attractive Wall Plate Insert

PowerBridge HDMI-1-CVS-BK Component/S-Video/HDMI Decora-Style Insert - Black

  • One wall plate allows HDMI, Component and S-Video connections
  • Fits Decora-style wall plates (sold separately)
  • Front and back female connector, therefore no adaptors are needed
  • Non-circuited, passive connector works with all versions of HDMI

This home theater wall plate by PowerBridge combines three different types of video cabling into one, allowing you to connect your TV, satellite, Blu-Ray player and many more devices. By using this wall plate, eliminate unsightly audio/video cables that run along your baseboards, walls and floors and divert them to run behind the walls for a clean and professional look. This insert by Powerbridge fits in a Decora-style wall plate (sold separately).

The port is a non-circuited passive connector that works with all versions of HDMI. Both sides of the insert are female connectors, therefore standard component, s-video and HDMI cables can be used and no adaptors are needed for installation. This product is sold as a single unit therefore you will need a second insert to complete the installation properly. Once the two inserts are installed in their desired location, connect the A/V source, like your stereo receiver, DVD or Blu-Ray player, to the first port. Connect the two ports together inside your wall with appropriate cables and complete the installation by connecting your display or HDTV to the second port. If you are installing this port in one room in your home and connecting to a source in a different room, you will need an IR Receiver Kit to control your device.

Note: When installing an HDMI cable behind walls, please verify that the cable is CL2 or CL3 rated to meet local fire codes. Be sure to get a CL-Rated HDMI cable for in-wall installations and a quality HDMI Cable to complete your installation, each sold separately. Read More

Centralizes Connection Points for AC Power, Audio, Video, Data, and Phone

Leviton 690-I 2-Gang Recessed Duplex Receptacle with QuickPort Plate - Ivory



If you ever thought about installing outlet receptacles and audio video connections behind your flat-screen TV or electric components, we have the answer. The Leviton Recessed Duplex Receptacle with QuickPort plate mounts flush to the wall with two AC outlets and the capacity for six QuickPort connections that are also recessed into the wall. The AC outlets are ideal for supplying power to your TV and cable or satellite receiver. QuickPort snap-in connectors (sold separately), are available for your audio and video connections. The package comes with a plastic electrical box; the receptacles fit inside the box and have a built-in wallplate for a flawless, flush-mount installation. Your connections will fit perfectly in this unobtrusive design that will let you centralize your connections and manage them from one location.

Snap-in connectors are designed to work with Keystone, QuickPort, and Modular style wallplates. These wallplates typically have from one to six inputs (ports) for snap-in connectors. Installing a snap-in wallplate allows you to make wiring connections and runs inside your wall. You can use various snap-in connectors to customize your snap-in wallplate with telephones, networking, audio/video (AV) components, speakers and other cable connections. Having a central connection point on the wall is a great way to add a professional finish to your installation and is a simple way to manage your in-wall wiring setup that provides quicker and easier terminations. Read More

Connect All of Your Audio Video Components and Extend Over Multi-Mode Fiber Optic Cable up to 1000 Meters

Hall Research HR-733 HDMI/DVI, VGA, Audio, RS-232 Over Multi-Mode Fiber


The HR-733 is the perfect solution to extend your HDMI video, VGA, audio, and bi-directional RS-232 up to 1,000 meters over one multi-mode fiber optic cable. This unit accepts 2 HDMI or DVI inputs and 1 VGA or YPbPr with corresponding audio. If you have a dedicated home theater or centralized location in your home or office this unit is the ideal solution. The switcher unit accepts 2 HDMI or DVI inputs and 1 VGA or YPbPr with corresponding audio (either via a standard 3.5mm audio cable or S/PDIF Toslink) and transfers all of the audio/video transmissions up to 1,000 meters over multi-mode fiber optic cable. All analog inputs are converted to HDMI and automatically scaled to the native resolution of the remote display. The receiver unit accepts the fiber cable and allows you to connect to your TV or display by using an HDMI cable. The unit is fully HDCP compliant and supports EDID pass-through from the remote display to the selected source. Virtually all PC and HDTV resolutions are supported.

The switcher unit has a high contrast front panel LCD display for easy setup and control of the system. Advanced features include: automatic scaling of the analog video input to match the native resolution of the remote display, diagnostic messages on the front panel LCD, audio delay of the analog input to correct lip sync, and 3D deep-color HDMI 1.4 support. Read more

Say Bye-Bye to Bulky, Straight Power Strips Forever

The Quirky Pivot Power Flexible Power Stip lets you reclaim your outlets with an adjustable power strip that holds large adapters in every outlet. The power strip can be flexed into a circle, semi-circle or zig zag pattern to accomodate larger plugs as well as fitting around furniture. The Power Stip also features surge protection of up to 672 Joules. Includes a 6 foot power cord with flat head plug. Read more

Quirky PVP-1-BLK Pivot Power Flexible Six Outlet Power Strip with Surge Protection, Black

  • Flexible form that bends into circular, semi-circular, and zig-zag shapes
  • Six outlet pods, which can be adjusted so that large power bricks don’t hog space
  • Adjusts so you can utilize all six outlet pods
  • 672 Joules of rock-solid surge protection

Stocking Stuffer Alert! A Smart Gift for the Do-It-Yourselfer


QA Worldwide HP 9040-UE-006 Cable Clamp Pack, Small/Medium




  • Reusable
  • Adjustable
  • Cable Organizational Tool
  • Quick Connect/Quick Release




The Cable Clamp is an innovative and easy-to-use cord management and organizational tool which is superior to tape, cable ties, and hook & loop products. The Cable Clamp is forever reusable and can be easily opened and closed with one hand utilizing its unique Quick Connect Quick Release feature. Constructed with durable polymers and stainless steel, it features self-aligning, self-adjusting, and self-locking technologies. Tremendously useful with real-world applications, the Cable Clamp is the solution to your wiring nightmares!

It has been designed to accommodate a wide array of applications, including organizing standard desktop computer wiring to bundling extension cords as long as 100′. Additionally, it’s offered in an attractive assortment of colors and private labeling is available.

The reusable Clamp’s unique self-aligning, self-adjusting, and self-locking features allows it to be easily and rapidly engaged with a gentle squeeze on the jaws, and just as easily removed with a slight lift of the specially designed trigger. Each Clamp has up to ten adjustable settings and will not cause damage to sensitive systems such as CAT 5 or fiber optic lines since they cannot be over cinched.

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Organize your Audio/Video Equipment using a Heavy Duty Rack

Video Mount Products ER-184 19-Inch Headend Equipment Rack with 46 Rack Spaces, 84-Inches Tall

If you are looking for a way to organize and maintain your Audio/Video (A/V) equipment, the best solution is to keep all of your A/V equipment in one easy-access location by rack-mounting it. The Video Mount Products ER-184 is a Headend Equipment Rack with 46 Rack Spaces is enough for almost any home application. The rack is capable of accommodating standard 19″ racking equipment and the channels are tapped with 10-32 holes in universal EIA spacing. The ER-184 features a black powder coated finish. Video Mount Products (VMP) developed a system of durable, functional racks, shelves, brackets, mounts and accessories that address the challenges of mounting A/V equipment in small or enclosed areas. VMP’s unmatched designs, famed reliability, and long term durability have become a staple for mounting applications.

Video Mount Products: Mounting Solutions For Video, Audio, and Security… Nothing Holds Up Better!
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