Charge All Your USB Compatible Devices in One Place with 12 Port USB Power Hub

Satechi ST-UH12P 12 Port USB Hub with 2 Control Switches

  • Connect up to 12 USB powered devices
  • USB 2.0 ports
  • 2 power switches control 6 ports each
  • Plug and play with no software install
  • Powered by USB connection or AC adaptor

Do you have Smartphones, cameras and other various handheld electronics plugged into wall outlets all over your home? With just about all our handheld electronics now-a-days being USB compatible Satechi has created a simple solution to charge all of these devices altogether in one convenient location. The 12 Port USB Hub with 2 Control Switches looks like a miniature power strip but rather than having AC outlets it features 12 USB 2.0 ports. The 12 Port USB Hub can be connected to a power source such as an available USB port of a computer to turn 1 port into 12 allowing for multiple connections of various USB devices to the computer for charging or use. Also included is an AC adaptor for connection to a wall outlet to guarantee a stable electric current for more effective charging of devices connected to the USB Hub’s ports. Two switches on the Hub control the 12 USB ports. Switch 1 (S/W 1) turns power on and off to the first 6 ports on the Hub and a blue LED light indicates when it is active while switch 2 (S/W 2) does the exact same for the last 6 ports. The 12 Port USB Hub is a plug and play device that does not require the installation of any software to use. It’s USB 2.0 compliant with transfer rates up to 480 Mbps and is compatible with Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7, Mac OS 8, Linux 2.4 and above. Read more.

Weather Proof Your Outdoor Electrical Connections

We are well into the fall season which means that the weather is due to change. But just because a little wind, rain or snow comes your way doesn’t mean you should have to stop enjoying your spectacular outdoor lighting! Whether you spotlight your favorite plants in your garden, or whether you are preparing your cheer with some holiday lights, the SockitBOX weatherproofs your temporary electrical connections so you don’t have to worry about any weather-related electrical danger. SockitBOX features a heavy duty plastic, all-weather construction. The patented seals keep out moisture and dust from entering temporary electrical connections, keeping them in a moisture and particle free environment. It has a large interior space perfect for placmeennt of extension cord reels, surge protectors or power strips, allowing you to safely plug in various connections from equipment such as holiday lighting, fountains, pumps, timers, transformers, and much more.
SOCKiTBOX Model 285 GN Weatherproof Electrical Box, Medium - Green    SOCKiTBOX Model 285 BK Weatherproof Electrical Box, Medium - Black

  • IP 55 Rated silicone weather seal and waterproof gasket aorund the lid
  • Additional secure and waterproof locking lugs and simple locking clamp
  • Silicone moulding blocks provide the seal around the cables channels
  • 4 channels for multiple connections
  • Interior of box has can hold extension cord reels, surge protectors or power strips

The SockitBOX comes in green and black and in sizes small, medium, and large.

Laptop Stand with Stereo Speakers and Quiet USB Powered Cooling Fans

Kinyo CF-990 Laptop Cooling Stand with Stereo SpeakersThe Kinyo CF-990 Ultra Silent Cooling Fans prevents your laptop from overheating and includes Built-In Stereo Speakers for audio enhancement. The slim and lightweight stand is designed for Laptops and Netbooks up to 15 inches in size. Powered by the USB port on your laptop there is never a need to carry batteries or AC adapters. An overheated laptop can lead to a number of inconvenient and costly problems, including sluggish performance, battery fires and burnt-out processors. Protect your investment by keeping your laptop cool and running properly! The cooling fan is powered by simply plugging it in to the USB port on your laptop.

The CF-990 features a comfort and ergonomic tilt work surface while keeping your laptop cool with dual silent cooling fans. The cooling stand features built-in 2 channel stereo speakers with easily accessible volume controls and 3 mode switches (fan only, fan with speaker, speaker only) for settings.
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Transform a Single Power Socket into 2 USB Ports and 2 AC Outlets

The Pivot Power Mini from Quirky is a handy portable power outlet great for use at home, work and while traveling. It plugs into 1 standard AC outlet to provide a total of 4 new power outlets; 2 USB ports and 2 grounded outlets. The Pivot Power Mini provides surge protection from voltage spikes to any product connected to it and when not in use it folds shut for easy storage.

  • Collapsible design for easy storage
  • Provides 2 AC outlets and 2 USB ports
  • Only takes up one AC outlet
  • Protects connected devices from voltage spikes

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Hide and Protect Exposed Wires and Cables for a Clean, Professional Looking Installation

Premiere Raceway Products FWH-11614 1/2-Inch WireHider Raceway, 6 Foot Length, White

The Premiere Raceway Products WireHider non-metallic surface mount raceway speeds up installation by enabling you to simply push the cables into its flexible center slit. Cables may exit anywhere along the run without the danger of the cable falling out. This raceway is constructed of UL94VO Flame Retardant PVC, built with UV stabilizer to prevent color fading and includes adhesive foam tape for fast and simple installation. No raceway covers are required, but are available as an option.

The Raceway System designed to give you an extra hand were created with the Installation Professional in mind. Have you ever laid cable into a raceway only to have it fall out as you attempt to close the cover, especially on ceiling runs? WireHider was designed to eliminate this problem and speed up installation, which saves you TIME and MONEY!

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The First True 21st Century Telecommunication Line Analyzer

Platinum Tools T62 Recon Test Set Telecommunication Line AnalyzerThe Platinum Tools T62 RECON is the first true 21st century telecommunication line analyzer. It is a field instrument that delivers more information of online conditions and status than any other test set on the market, anywhere in the world!


  • Multilingual (English, French, Spanish)
  • Speaker with fine volume adjustment
  • Adjustable earpiece volume, hearing aid compatible
  • Noise cancelling microphone
  • Microphone mute with toggle On/Off locking feature
  • Soft key menu system
  • Cushion boot for extra protection
  • Backlight 0 to 100% adjustable with On/Off optionFunctions:
  • Off-hook current and polarity
  • On-hook voltage and polarity
  • Ring amplitude and frequency
  • On-hook and call waiting Caller ID info
  • Amplified Line Monitor for volume levels comparable to “off-hook” operation
  • 8 number Stored memory with Alpha/Numeric tags
  • Fuel Gauge Battery condition
  • Continuous Polarity Indication
  • Caller ID/Call Waiting and Caller ID error detection
  • Tone and Pulse dialing
  • Configurable Auto Off in all modes
  • Detects and identifies DSL and T1 lines
  • Last number dialed, redialed or received

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Universal Power Outlet Adapter Assures International Functionality

Kanex INTADP Universal 3-in-1 Travel AC Wall Adapter Set
Traveling abroad can have its challenges and dealing with the different types of wall outlets can be one of them. Thankfully Kane provides the INTADP, a universal wall outlet adapter kit which works with 180 different countries. Not every power outlet is the same, different countries have different power ratings and standards. These differences reflect upon the design of the countries wall outlet. The INTADP provides a solution to just about every type of outlet design so you can rest assured knowing your laptop, mobile phone, or whatever device you travel with will remain powered or charged. The INTADP comes as a kit which includes three wall outlet adapter pieces as well a sturdy travel case. It’s stackable by design and will fit easily into your luggage for worry free travel. It’s an essential accessory for today’s world explorer.
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