Smart Tips for Outdoor Holiday Lighting

1.Clear your gutters of debris
Gutter Cleaner Wand

Nothing is worse than a fire caused by holiday lights. Keep your home safe by properly preparing your home before you decorate with lighting. Also be sure to decorate during the day when the weather is clear. This heavy-duty hose attachment has a telescoping wand that extends from 41.5 inches to 68.5 inches to get to those hard-to-reach spots along your roof.

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2. Use solar-powered lights to avoid increased energy costs
Flipo SOL-50LED-MULT 50 LED Solar Powered String Lights - Multi-Color

Enjoy the look of string lights without the mess of electric cables or stress of increased energy costs.  LEDs typically stay illuminated between 8 and 12 hours, depending on lighting conditions. A built-in photo cell measures the amount of available sunlight. If it senses there is not much sunlight left, the string lights will automatically turn on. When ample light is detected, the string lights will automatically turn off.

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3.Not using solar-powered lights? Use a timer to manage your lighting usage
SkylinkHome PA-318 Remote Controllable Indoor/Outdoor Plug-In On/Off Control Module, 1,500 Watts

SkylinkHome’s Indoor/Outdoor PA-318 was designed to operate a 1,500 watt load at 120 volts of alternating current (120VAC) for either lights or small apliances. This plug-in dimmer can be paired to a max of 8 transmitter controllers. To use this device simply plug the PA-318 into an Indoor/Outdoor AC outlet, then plug in the device you wish to control.

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4.Use a long, sturdy ladder
Little Giant 15700-001 Type 1A MicroBurst Fiberglass Ladder - Model 4

The all-new Little Giant MicroBurst is designed to be versatile and durable, yet folds down to a super-slim 3-1/2 inch storage and carrying profile.  Stability is key with any ladder. That’s why Little Giant developed the patent-pending StableLock Spreader System. The high-strength steel alloy spreader bars lock into place creating a solid A-frame structure with no room for shifting or walking. For added stability, the MicroBurst features an extra-wide flare on both sides of the ladder. The added flare significantly increases lateral stability when working near the sides of the ladder.

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5.Keep you extension cords neatly wrapped up
Stanley Electrical 33958 All-Weather 4-Outlet Cord Reel, 20 Feet

Stanley Electrical’s All-Weather 4-Outlet Cord Reel is a great power extension for all outdoor applications. Each receptacle is grounded. The 20 foot black power cord extends out of the yellow durable casing and winds back up for neat storage. It features a carrying handle on the top of the case for easy mobility and an On / Off switch directly on the side of the case that can quickly power down all four outlets. When finished with use its compact size allows you to store the four outlet cord reel almost anywhere.

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Save Your Back and Improve Your Posture with this Multipurpose Lap Desk

For those of your who enjoy using your laptop while sitting on the couch, lying in bed or even on your favorite chair then Uncaged Ergonomics presents the WorkEZ Executive – Silver multipurpose folding desk. The WorkEZ Executive was designed to make every day tasks like reading and surfing the web easier while at the same time helping your posture and saving your back. Slumping over to use your laptop puts a bad strain on your back which is why the WorkEZ Executive can be adjusted in height and angle. This allows the user to be as comfortable as possible while also keeping good posture when using their computer. The multipurpose desk can be extended up to 2ft in height and the platform can be adjusted in angle from anywhere between resting flat at 0° to standing vertical at 180&deg. A push-button adjustment system allows the user to easily change the angle of the platform and then securely lock it in place. The platform itself is constructed of sturdy, lightweight aluminum with cooling holes to prevent laptops from overheating. It is 2-sided with one side being ideal for computer use while the other, smoother surface is best for reading and writing. However, the WorkEZ Executive is for more than just laptops. The 20 inch platform provides tons of work space for making it ideal for such other activities as reading, doing homework, acting as a food tray or even to hold a recipe at a perfect viewing angle while cooking.

Uncaged Ergonomics Executive Silver WorkEZ Executive - Silver

  • Adjustable height up to 2ft
  • Cooling holes prevent laptop overheating
  • Rests comfortably over users legs
  • 2-sided platform adds versatility in use
  • Easily change the platform angle via push-button
  • Quickly Check for AC Outlet Load Handling Capabilities and Outlet Tester functions

    Extech Instruments CT70 AC Circuit Load Tester

    • True RMS measurements
    • Finds false grounds, Tests GFCI and EPD circuits
    • Voltage measurements: Line, ground-to-neutral, and peak
    • Measures frequency of the voltage
    • Checks 3-wire receptacle configuration

    The Extech CT70 AC Circuit Load Tester can detect circuit and wiring problems such as: Poor ground impedance, false grounds, missing ground fault protection, low voltage availability under load, and high ground-to-neutral voltage. In addition, the CT70 tests GFCI and EPD circuits.

    Circuit and wiring issues listed above can introduce shock hazards (from grounding issues) and can comprise performance of machinery and equipment (from poor ground impedance, lack of sufficient voltage under load and/or high ground-to-neutral voltage). In addition, fire can result from the heat generated by high resistance points in a circuit.

    Proper wiring habits have been shown to greatly increase power quality performance. This meter is shipped fully tested and calibrated and, with proper use, will provide years of reliable service.

    The CT70 AC Circuit Load Tester can test outlets or circuits under load for proper wiring, reverse polarity, and the presence of a ground. The CT70 uses a simple menu-driven display to allow the user to quickly see line voltage, voltage drop under full load, ground-toneutral voltage, and line impedance. The GFCI testing utility is performed separately per UL-1436, disrupting the flow of electricity if a functioning GFCI is present.

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    Monitor and Save Money and Energy

    Kill A Watt EZ

    • Shows the actual costs of appliances
    • Accurate within 0.2%
    • Large LCD Display
    • Calculates and forecasts by week, month and year
    • Displays eight critical units of measure

    The Kill A Watt EZ displays all of the same measurements of the original Kill A Watt, but adds in your running cost and projected cost. Now you will know how much that pesky energy hog appliance is costing you to run each day! See the cost of your electrical expenses by the day, week, month or year. You can also check the quality of power from your power company by monitoring line frequency (Hz), voltage (Volts) and Power Factor (VA).
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    Quickly connect almost any Electrical Device to a Network or Remote Control

    Global Cache IP2IR iTach Wired TCP/IP to IR

    • Ultra compact device (fits in the palm of your hand) for convenient and unobtrusive connectivity
    • Supports multiple connections, up to 8 iPhone/iPod devices can simultaneously control one iTach
    • On board web server for fast and easy setup and configuration
    • Flash upgradeable to accommodate future upgrades in the field
    • Backwards compatibility with the Global Caché GC-100 Network Adapter

    The Global Caché iTach is a family of products designed to quickly connect almost any electrical device to a network. iTach devices were designed to connect any control system, including the iPhone and iPod touch, and to common household devices so they can be easily accessed and controlled.

    Employing iTach devices and remote control software available through iTunes, the Apple iPhone/iPod touch is transformed into a universal remote control in a matter of minutes. Now an iPhone/iPod touch or any Wi-Fi-based controller can access the TV, DVD, cable box, and almost any other electrical device from any room in the house without wiring.
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    Global Cache IP2IR iTach Wired TCP/IP to IR features:
    Power input – 12V DC@500mA (wall power adapter included)
    Network connection – RJ45, 10/100Mbps
    Three independent user selectable IR outputs or sensor inputs – 3.5mm mono jack
    Third IR port supports IR blaster
    Full spectrum IR learner built in
    Includes three IR emitters and one IR blaster
    Dimensions: 6.0″ L x 3.0″ D x 1.25″ H

    Connect Multiple Standard and Oversized Plugs with Ease Using this Surge Protector with Outlets That Swivel 160 Degrees

    360 Electrical 36080 8 Outlet Swivel Surge Protector

    • Features six outlets that swivel 160 degrees to fit large plugs plus two fixed outlets
    • 2160 Joules with Advanced X3 Surge Protection
    • Cable management clips lift to help keep cords neat and tidy
    • Safety shutdown technology protects your connected equipment by turning off power in the event of an extreme surge
    • Includes a six foot power cord for more flexibility

    Why purchase a high priced surge protector specifically for your large plugs when you can use the 360 Electrical 36080 Eight Outlet Surge Protector that has six outlets which swivel 160 degrees for you to fit your large plugs, right next to your medium and smaller sized plugs. This strip comes with 2160 joules of surge protection power and a safety shutdown feature that will turn all of your connected appliances off in the event of an extreme surge. This is the perfect solution for owner’s who want a product that can organize multiple plugs at various sizes, that also offers surge protection.

    Surge Protection
    The energy absorption/dissipations rating, given in joules, tells you how much energy the surge protector can absorb before it fails. A higher number indicates greater protection. Look for a protector that is at least rated 400 joules. The Six-Outlet 360 Electrical 36080 Surge Protector with 160-Degree Rotating Receptacles is rated at 2160 joules. Additionally, the Patented X3 Metal Oxide Varistors (MOV), provide advanced surge protection for stronger resistance to heat.

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    Effective Way to Keep Your Cords and Cables Clean and Organized

    Cable Capture 15 Cord Management System (3 Pack)

    Keeping the cords and cables of your computer or home theater system organized can be frustrating if you aren’t using the right product. Twist-ties and straps can keep cords from getting tangled, but you’ll still be left with an unsightly pile of cords behind your equipment. Sleeves and covers simply bunch the cables together, making it hard to distinguish which cable goes to what electronic device.

    The Cable Capture 15 Cord Management System (3 Pack) is an effective and space-saving way to keep your cords and cables clean, organized and easy to identify. It is simple to use, and it spools quickly tame tangled cords and cables in your home or office under your desk or workstation, behind your home entertainment center or even next to your telephone or toaster. Each one holds up to 8 feet of standard cord and they snap together with a quick twist. Simply lift the flexible hood of the Cable Capture and wrap the excess cord or cable around the center column, and then fold down the flexible hood and your cables are captured! You can save floor space without needing to attach anything to your walls or furniture. Once stacked, you’ll easily be able to see which cord goes to which device, making it easy to unplug and replace components as necessary.

  • Spools quickly tame tangled cords and cables
  • Each Cable Capture holds up to 8 feet of cable
  • Lift the flexible hood and wrap excess cord or cable around the center column
  • Fold down the flexible hood and your cables are captured!
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    *Since we strive to provide you with the lowest prices, prices are subject to change.