Sweat Resistant Headphones Perfect For Your Daily Workout

Product Title (In box)To push your workout to the limit, you need headphones that can keep up. Bose® SIE2 sport headphones deliver a combination of sweat- and weather-resistance, comfortably secure fit and Bose quality sound that conventional sports earbuds can’t match. The exclusive TriPort® acoustic headphone structure gives your music a full, rich sound you’d expect from much larger headphones. The proprietary StayHear® tips, available in three sizes, provide a comfortably secure in-ear fit, even during vigorous exercise. SIE2 sport headphones let you enjoy your music while allowing you to stay aware of your surroundings. The acoustic ports are positioned to resist sweat and weather, and covered with hydrophobic cloth that keeps moisture out but lets sound pass through. The exclusive Reebok® fitness armband holds your device securely and comfortably in place during exercise – plus stores your headphones when your workout’s over. The cables and connections are optimized for durability. Available in Green. You demand more from your workout. Shouldn’t you demand more from your headphones, too?

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Your music. Great Sound & Comfortable around-ear fit.

Bose AE2 audio headphones (white)With the improved audio performance of Bose® AE2 audio headphones, you can immerse yourself in your music and enjoy an around-ear fit that stays comfortable for hours. The enhanced TriPort® acoustic headphone structure – available only from Bose – lets Bose AE2 headphones deliver the full, low notes of your music, reproduce high frequencies with more clarity and offer smoother audio throughout the entire frequency range. Improvements to the ear cushions, in both design and materials, provide a more comfortable fit. In addition, engineering enhancements to the headband produce reduced clamping force and better weight distribution across the top of the head. The advanced product design and durable materials contribute to lasting quality, while the sleek fold-flat design and convenient carry bag provide for easier storage and transport. Experience Bose AE2 headphones for yourself, and discover why they look, feel and sound like no other headphones you’ve tried before.
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Bose SoundLink–Music. Whenever. Wherever.

Share your music out loud with the Bose® SoundLink® Wireless Mobile speaker. It’s small enough to take with you, so you can enjoy Bose sound whenever and wherever you go. The speaker connects wirelessly to your mobile phone or any Bluetooth® device. Bose proprietary technology delivers deep, low notes for a full-range listening experience.

Feature details

    • Full-range sound from a small Bluetooth® speaker, thanks to proprietary Bose technologies.
    • Bluetooth® technology enables high-quality, wireless stereo performance from your smartphone or other source to the SoundLink® speaker. Industry-standard Bluetooth connectivity is almost universally available on most smartphones, feature phones, MP3 players, tablets, and laptops.
    • Compact size lets you take the speaker anywhere; it’s small and lightweight enough to carry in one hand or place in a backpack or travel bag.
    • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery delivers more power and longer playing time than other rechargeable batteries – up to 8 hours.
    • Integrated cover automatically powers down the speaker when closed, protects the speaker, and unfolds into a stand for easy portability.
    • Convenient controls for power and volume located on speaker itself; other functions controlled by your mobile phone or other Bluetooth device. No remote needed.
    • 30-foot wireless range lets you keep your phone or other device with you and place the SoundLink speaker where you want.

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Don’t Limit Your Favorite Music to Your Earphones! Instead Use a Bose iPod Speaker

Performance You Have TBose 309505-1300 SoundDock 10 Digital Music Systemo Hear To Believe…

The Bose® SoundDock® 10 digital music system is the best-performing SoundDock system for your iPod® or iPhone™. It delivers performance you have to hear to believe. The SoundDock 10 system reproduces music with a generous range, from the deep lows of the bass line to the soaring highs of the vocalist. Its depth and clarity are reinforced by Bose waveguide speaker technology, introduced in the Bose® Wave® music system.

To design the SoundDock 10 system, Bose engineers intricately folded the waveguide around a specially designed woofer, allowing both to fit into a small space. The woofer – with motor strength roughly equivalent to four conventional woofers – is strengthened by the waveguide so it can deliver clear, natural sound and help fill a room with music.

And it’s easy to use. Just place your iPod or iPhone into the dock and play. The system is Apple® certified and compatible with all iPhone and most iPod models. The SoundDock 10 system includes an auxiliary input for other audio devices and a video output, so you can watch iPod video on a TV while listening to it on the system.

Your iPod or iPhone will keep charging, even while playing, as long as it’s docked and the system is plugged in. A convenient remote control operates the system, lets you select iPod playlists, and switches back and forth between your iPod/iPhone and other connected sources.Bose 43085 SoundDock Portable Digital Music System for iPod, Black

Or try out a portable sound system that is wireless and ready to go!

Give your music the freedom to move. Introducing the SoundDock® Portable digital music system for your iPod® a portable iPod speaker system that delivers a quality audio performance – without compromise. Designed to work with most iPod models, this system uses exclusive Bose® technologies to reproduce music with fullness and clarity unmatched by other battery-powered speakers.

Bose 309505-1300 SoundDock–Cnet Review

Bose 309505-1300 SoundDock 10 Digital Music System
Item# 97238

Bose 309505-1300 SoundDock 10 Digital Music System

  • The best-performing SoundDock® system for your iPod or iPhone
  • Hear realistic low notes delivered by Bose® waveguide speaker technology
  • Listen to other audio devices through the aux input
  • Play content from your iPod or iPhone on a TV through the video output
  • Charge your iPod or iPhone while you listen
  • Convenient remote operates basic iPod or iPhone functions and playlist navigation
  • Enjoy music from your stereo Bluetooth® phone with the Bluetooth dock, sold separately


Cnet Review

The good: Really good sound from a compact, single-speaker; classy, minimalist styling; plays loud without distorting, and fills a large room; simple to operate; interchangeable dock system; composite video output/line input; GSM shielded for iPhones.

The bad: Expensive; optional Bluetooth dock accessory works well but is $150 extra; no radio; you can’t charge your iPod/iPhone when using the Bluetooth accessory; video-out limited to low-res composite connection.

The bottom line: While it’s expensive and isn’t loaded with features, the Bose SoundDock 10 is classy looking and sounds excellent for a compact iPod/iPhone speaker.

Believe it or not, iPod speakers were once rare objects–and Bose’s SoundDock was one of the first to hit the market back in 2004. Since then, the company has followed up with the SoundDock II ($299) and the SoundDock Portable ($399), even as the iPod speaker category has become completely commoditized (nowadays, there are plenty of sub-$100 clock radios with built-in iPod docks). For the 2009-2010 buying season, Bose has gone back to the drawing board and produced the SoundDock 10.

Bose says it worked for several years on this new speaker system for the iPod and iPhone, with the lofty goal of building a product that can deliver “audio performance previously unattainable from a one-piece speaker system for iPod.” The SoundDock 10 is bigger and more expensive (costing a whopping $599) than previous SoundDock models, but it’s still relatively compact, measuring 17 inches wide by 9 inches high by 10 inches deep, and has a nice clean, understated design that gives the whole system a classy look.

We really liked the design, though it’s worth noting that since there are no buttons on the unit itself, you have to use the included remote to control playback. Lose the remote and you’ll have a problem, especially when it comes to adjusting volume. (The remote controls your iPod’s basic functions, and, while the system does have a video output, Apple doesn’t allow the iPod menus to be displayed on a TV or other video source, which would make it much easier to navigate the device from afar.)

The centerpiece of the unit is a hefty, custom woofer, bracketed by two Bose Twiddler transducers (no, that’s not a new social-networking site; it’s a combination of a high-frequency transducer and midrange driver). The woofer alone adds a lot of weight to the unit, and while the speaker can be moved around the house easily enough, the SoundDock 10 weighs a beefy 18.9 pounds (that’s three times as much as the aforementioned SoundDock Series II and SoundDock Portable). Held in hand, this model feels quite substantial and well built.

As far as extra features go, you don’t get a whole lot. There’s no radio or clock, but you do get an audio input for other audio devices and a composite-video output for showing iPod/iPhone images or videos when connected to a TV. While Bose is known for its sound and not its video, we wish it had incorporated a component-video connection because composite video really offers a mediocre picture. Particularly at this price point, if you’re going to include video, you might as well make it decent.

Bose also has equipped the SoundDock 10 with a proprietary interchangeable docking architecture, which it says is designed to “future-proof” the system and make it compatible with any hot media players or smartphones that might come along (around back, there’s a USB port for uploading any future firmware updates). For instance, if Microsoft’s Zune really took off, it could add a dock for that, but right now it’s only offering an optional Bluetooth dock that costs an additional $149. For 600 bucks, you’d have hoped Bose would have integrated Bluetooth into the unit, but it didn’t.

As you might imagine, that Bluetooth dock allows you to stream music wirelessly from your iPod Touch or iPhone to the SoundDock 10 using your Apple device as a source and a remote. When you move too far away from the device–we got about 40 feet away–or run into some interference issues (i.e., microwaves or other Bluetooth devices), a light starts blinking on the dock, which alerts you that the quality of stream may be affected. If the light blinks faster, you’re more likely to have a problem.

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