Timer With Built-In Nightlight Prevents You From Being Left in the Dark

Woods 50005 Indoor 24-Hour Mechanical Timer with NightlightThis daily timer turns off appliances when you aren’t using them but also provides a gentle nightlight so you will never find yourself in complete darkness. The timer leaves just enough illumination to light walkways and keep scared children reassured. Up to 24 on/off settings can be programmed for a single day. When the timer turns off the connected devices, it automatically turns on its nightlight. Settings can be programmed in 30-minute intervals. You can schedule lamps to turn on at sunset so you will never have to come home to a dark house. Program fans or space heaters to turn off at bedtime so they don’t run all night when they aren’t needed. You will save energy by ensuring your appliances are powered only when they will be in use. Programming can be completed in a matter of minutes – a quick pin adjustment is all it takes. Pins are permanently attached so you won’t lose them. A convenient override button can suspend the timer with a simple flip of a switch. Use the timer with just about any 2-prong appliance including lamps, fans, heaters, fountains, and more. Read more

Heavy-Duty Digital Lamp and Appliance Weekly Timer Allows 140 On / Off Settings

Sylvania SA 120 Digital Weekly Heavy-Duty Plug-In Timer, 1,250 Watts




  • 7-day timer with grounded outlet
  • Allows 140 On/Off settings per week
  • Large LCD display offers both 24-hour and AM/PM formatsT
  • Retains settings even after a power outage



The Sylvania Heavy-Duty Mechanical Timer features a 3-prong time controlled grounded outlet which has added protection against wasteful stand-by power. The 140 On/Off settings allowed by this device give the user flexibility with scheduling and a deterrent against break-ins while away from the home. Added security and safety can be provided when programmed to automatically switch On and Off at random times to give your home a lived-in look. This is perfect for use while at work or on vacation. This device is programmed using the program buttons and large LCD screen. Set-up is very easy, and a back-up battery (Included) housed in the timer will retain all settings in the event of a power outage. Use this device to automatically control heavy-duty lamps and appliances. The timer can be used to control plug-in devices with a maximum load of 1,250 watts.

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Automatically Control Your Outdoor Holiday Lights!

Woods 17321 3-Outlet Power Stake with Timer & 6' Cord

  • 3-Outlet Power Stake with Timer
  • Auto on/off at dusk and dawn
  • Programmable auto on at dusk and off 2. 4, 6, or 8 hours later
  • Settings repeat daily
  • Works with lamps, fans, and other appliances
  • Lowers energy cost
  • Easy to install

The Woods 17321 3-Outlet Power Stake with Timer & 6′ Cord automatically controls your landscape lights, holiday lights, and more. When it’s cold and dark outside, the last thing you want to do is run out to turn off your lighted yard decorations or turn on your security lights. Let the timer on this power stake do the work for you. Seven different timer cycles let you set a schedule; once set, the cycle repeats daily until changed. It can use the sunlight (with photoelectric eye) to automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn, or 2, 4, 6, or 8 hours later. It saves energy and electricity costs by only turning on lights when needed. Accommodates up to 3 different plugged-in items. Hardy, weatherproof 14 gauge, 6′ cord and rain tight timer and outlet covers make this power stake ideal for all four seasons, it keeps rain, snow, and animals away from the timer and outlets. Read more

Put Plug-In Devices on a Daily On/Off Schedule to Save Money!

Stanley Electrical 31206 TimerMax Indoor Daily Digital Timer

  • Automatically turns attached device on and off as scheduled
  • Repeats daily and also has a manual override control button
  • Eliminates standby power in the off position to save energy
  • Backup battery stores settings in the event of a power failure

This indoor digital timer lets you set a schedule for your plug-in devices, making life more convenient while saving energy. Its large LCD display and push button programming make setting the timers quick and hassle-free. Once the timers are set, your device will automatically turn on and off once a day. A manual override function allows you to operate the device without using the timer. While the timer is powered via an electrical outlet, the timer’s built-in backup battery ensures your timer settings won’t be wiped out in the event of a power outage.

Other timers may allow a small amount of power to flow to the attached device, even in the off position, which can add up over time and reflect in your energy bill. When this timer sets the device to the off position, it cuts off all power to the device so you can be sure the device only draws power when it is in use. Read more

Save Money on Your Electricity Bill By Controlling When Your Appliances Go Off

P3 International P4470 Save-A-Watt Heavy Duty Programmable 7-Day Appliance Timer

P3 International P4470 Save-A-Watt Heavy Duty Programmable 7-Day Appliance Timer
Item# 11390

Price: Normally $29.95
Hot Deal $21.54

Save money by controlling the on/off times of appliances that are drain your wallet and send your energy costs through the roof. Simply connect them to the Save-A-Watt timer, and they will turn on and off based on your preferred settings. This timer can also be programmed to be on or off, on a quarter-hour basis for periods for 7 days and 24 hours. And if you forget which days or periods the timer is supposed to be on or off you can simply access the detailed 7 day 24 hour on/off setting information through the timer. The Save-A-Watt also features a battery backup system. So, if it loses power from its ac power source the timer will automatically begin to power itself from its batteries! And, it will still save your information as if nothing had ever happened! The back-up battery function also allows you to program the timer in the comfort of a chair or stool without the need to be next to an outlet to keep the timer powered while you are programming your preferred settings. This timer will help you save money and it will help prolong the life of your electronics.

  • Easy to use
  • Has a battery back up function that will automatically start if power is interrupted
  • Portable, and can be programmed with batteries installed without an ac power supply
  • Helps save electricity and reduce your electric bill
  • 24/7 programmable timer for lamps, appliances and electronics
  • Soft power-up eliminates harmful voltage spikes
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    Provides Automatic Control for Pumps, Cleaners and Other Types of Loads

    Intermatic PB913N66 24 Hour Mechanical Timer Mechanism with Override

    Intermatic PB913N66 24 Hour Mechanical Timer Mechanism with Override
    Item# 42641

    Price: $26.98

    The Intermatic PB913N66 24 Hour Timer Mechanism with Override provides automatic control for pumps, cleaners and other types of loads. Timers have three-way mounting; flush in round opening, raised in rectangular opening or on base. Quick connect terminals for easy installation.

    Applications: filter pumps, booster pumps, lights, fountains, sprinkler systems, heating systems, cleaning systems, and security systems.

  • Provides automatic control for pumps, cleaners and other types of loads
  • Timers have three-way mounting
  • Quick connect terminal
  • Quick connect terminal
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