Keep your Grill Clean and Grime Free with the Push of a Button!

Grillbot Robotic BBQ Cleaner

  • Cleans hot or cold grills up to 250° F
  • Up to 100 uses per brush set
  • Single-push button operation
  • Built-in alarm, timer, and temperature sensor
  • Internal computer regulates speed and direction
  • 3 powerful electric motors and replaceable brushes

Keep your grill clean and grime free without the added hassle of manually scrubbing the grill after each use! Let this Robotic Grill Vacuum/Scrubber Cleaner do all the work for you! With the Grillbot Robotic BBQ Cleaner GBU104 you’ll be able to clean and remove food fat and grime buildup from your grilling surface without having to remove it yourself. The Grillbot is similar to the popular floor-cleaning Roomba, but is a single button operated robot with three small perimeter surrounding and spinning brass brushes to remove said buildup from your grilling surface as it pulls itself along. The Grillbot is designed to work on a gas or charcoal grill, and will clean a hot or cold grill surface at temperatures as high as 250°F.

The Grillbot is completely autonomous with an internal computer chip, and sensors that run on the rechargeable battery. Grillbot has a timer and alarm that are set up from the small LCD screen so you set it up post-grill and clean your grill surface between 10 minutes to 30 minutes, and the audible beeping alarm will let you know when Grillbot has finished cleaning, or if it has overheated (detected temperatures greater than 250°F). Grillbot can be programmed to perform a light or deep cleaning depending on how dirty your grill grates are. The brushes are easily removable and can be cleaned in your dishwasher to give you the best clean possible every time. The grill lid should be closed when using Grillbot so it doesn’t fall over the edge. Read More

Also comes in Black, Orange, and Red!

Become a Grilling Master with this Awesome Grilling Gadet!

iDevices iGrill0987 iGrill, Black

The weather is getting warmer and BBQ season is in full swing! This summer, take the guesswork out of grilling with the iDevices iGrill. This meat thermometer does almost all of the work for you! Rather than constantly running back to the barbeque to check on your meat, you can walk around, mingle, and relax while your meat cooks because the iDevices iGrill will send notifications from up to 200 feet away to your Smartphone once your desired temperature or cook time has been reached.  This is especially convenient when grilling during the cold winter months or those family BBQs that leave 1 person at the grill while everyone else has fun. The iGrill free app is compatible with Android and Apple devices. It is a must-have gadget for chefs and grill masters of all skill levels to help them better their craft. The iGrill is a recipient of such awards as Bluetooth Innovator of the Year and Bluetooth Best of CES Category Winner, the iGrill thermometer probe delivers meat temperature readings to the iGrill hub which in turn wirelessly sends the info to your handheld device via Bluetooth. It is capable of monitoring 2 different meats at once with its dual temperature probe ports and 2 included temperature probes. The iGrill base will display the current temperature reading of the selected probe on its face and has a working temperature range of 40°F to 400°F. The iGrill is ideal for use with an oven, grill or even a smoker and it is powered by 4 AA batteries which are included with purchase. Happy grilling! Read More