Sony Media Port Streams Audio from Your PC Over Your Wi-Fi Network

Sony Digital Media Port Wi-Fi Client
Everyone today knows CDs are so “last century.”

You have a great music system set up in the living room, but all your tunes are stored in your PC. How do you play them on your home music system? This magic little cube is the answer.

This Wi-Fi Client retrieves the files, passes them to your receiver, and also gives you the same sorting abilities as your iPod or other MP3 player – sort by genre, artist, album, song title – and shows this info on its LCD display or on your TV. Plays most music file formats: MP3, WAV, ATRAC, AAC, and WMA. Control your playlist via its remote control while your Sony receiver (must have Sony’s Digital Media Port) pumps the tunes.

Plug the Sony Digital Media Port Wi-Fi Client into the digital media port of your system to experience all of your favorite tunes through your compatible home theater. This magic cube is only 3 x 3 x 3″ small and features a bright, digital screen that displays the song, artist, and other audio information. The Sony Digital Media Port Wi-Fi Client is compatible with Sony home theater systems or receivers with Sony’s Digital Media Port interface. Read more