Eliminate the Wires in your Nuvo Wireless Music System

Nuvo Technologies GW100 Gateway Music NetworkLiberate your home from the web of wires and delight in the freedom of wireless! It all begins with the NuVo Gateway, the core of the wireless, room-to-room music network. The Gateway connects to your home router and provides the robust, music-only network that is the backbone of the high-fidelity audio capabilities of the NuVo players.

Using the latest Wi-Fi protocol, the Gateway is able to reliably send music, from your home network or streamed from all over the world, to multiple players throughout your system. So you can feel comfortable adding player after player to your system while still not losing a beat of quality. The Gateway makes your ideal music experience possible.

The Gateway is needed with the P100 and P200 Players.

  • Allows all of your Nuvo players to talk to each other and play through every zone
  • Delivers fast and crystal clear audio content through its 802.11n wireless protocol
  • Concurrently uses 2.4 and 5.6 Ghz bands to avoid any type of intereference
  • Extended range allows you to send music throughout your entire home and even outside areas
  • Easy setup: just connect to your home router and your system automatically streams audio from the internet

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1080p Wireless Streaming Between Your HDMI-Ready Device and Your Display

Brite-View BV-1222 HDelight Wireless 1080p HD Beam-to-TV Transmission Kit
Free your digital content with the Brite-View HDelight Wireless 1080p HD Beam-to-TV Transmission Kit. This device can wirelessly stream any digital entertainment in uncompressed 1080p HD quality from your HDMI-ready device to your display. Featuring the most cutting-edge WHDI technology empowered by Amimon’s module, the HDelight beams your favorite high-definition videos and Blu-ray movies, from any HDMI-ready device to the HDTV, so you can break free from cable companies’ set-top box limitations.

The HDelight is Like an Invisible HDMI Cable Now you can enjoy full HD, 1080p @60Hz wireless Beam-to-TV streaming using the built-in omnidirectional antenna system for up to 30 feet (line-of-sight) Just imagine the HDelight kit as a invisible HDMI 1.3 compliant connection.

No Latency; Larger Than Life Gaming Now your PC and Internet games can run on the largest display in your house – the HDTV! Because there is practically no latency (less than 1ms), you can beat your competitors in the game and lead your team to success. Imagine the full-on rush of having World of Warcraft and all of its vivid colors on your flat screen TV with no cables or wires holding you back.

USB-Powered; Small is Beautiful The HDelight transmitter is ultra-compact and USB-powered requiring no external power supply. Only half the size of your palm (3.3″ x 3.3″ x 1.5″), the HDelight is ultra-lightweight and portable, no more fumbling with power supply bricks.

Auto Set-Up: Plug & Play The HDelight’s transmitter and receiver can automatically detect and connect to each other. It will also auto-negotiate its own frequency settings between 4.9GHz ~ 5.9GHz, for the best audio/video transmission performance.

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New Product Release: Smarthome Wireless IP Security Camera with Night Vision

We are proud to announce the release of the brand new Smarthome Wireless IP Security Camera with Night Vision. Have you always wanted to add video surveillance to your home or office but were leery of the price? Have you been hesitant to buy a camera system because you didn’t want to have it professionally installed? Then the Smarthome Wireless IP Security Camera with Night Vision is the perfect solution for you! For under $100 you can get a quality camera, designed to be installed by do it yourselfers, that delivers crisp, clear images and video in either daylight or night. Order multiple units to add surveillance to various locations throughout your home or office.

The Smarthome Wireless IP Security Camera with Night Vision is a great solution for:
• People who travel – check in on your loved ones, home and possessions from anywhere in the world
• Business owners and managers – make sure the staff is working if you are away; check in on your office after hours to make sure it is safe and secure
• People with children – use the camera as a baby cam or check in on the nanny or babysitter – the two way audio feature is great for monitoring little ones
• People with multiple homes or vacation properties – keep your peace of mind by knowing your investment is safe
• Farmers and ranch owners – want to see what is happening in your barn, shed or stalls, but don’t want to leave your home…now you don’t have to
• Pool/Hot Tub owners – receive an image when motion is detected by your pool or hot tub (camera should be mounted away from water)

This brand new product combines a high-quality digital video camera, featuring remote pan/tilt ability, with network connectivity to bring clear video and images to your desktop or smart phone from anywhere in the world via the Internet! Read more


No More Wires Mess – RF Transmission of your HDMI Signal Ensures a Clean Installation

Calrad 40-1097 Home Theater Wireless HDMI Video Transmitter and Receiver System



Forget about running your unsightly HDMI cables in, through, around or on your walls. The Calrad 40-1097 Home Theater Wireless HDMI Video Transmitter and Receiver System delivers a plug-and-play method of extending HD audio/video wirelessly up to 30 meters (100 feet), with a perfect replication of high definition (HD) video and full digital and analog audio. Featuring a performance unimpeded by line-of-sight operations, source signals are capable of transmitting through walls to accommodate multiple room installations. Wireless transmission speeds are achieved up to 300 Mbps, supporting even the most stringent demands of HD video.

Simply connect the transmitter device to any HDMI source, such as a Blu-ray player, A/V receiver, STB or even a PC, and users can now transmit uninterrupted HDMI signals wirelessly and view it on the display that has the receiver connected to it. Now you can place your HD component behind a cabinet, in a closet or in another room and mount your display right where you want it, without having to worry about available cable jacks, outlets, or wired connections. A built-in IR repeater system with the included IR receiver and IR emitter even allows you to control your source component remotely.

To connect multiple source components, consider using an HDMI 4-In, 1-Out Switcher and then connect the output of that switcher to the Wireless HDMI Transmitter. Read more

Stream Your Favorite Music from PC to Any Surround Sound System – Wirelessly!

EZVIBE is designed to wirelessly stream up to 5.1 surround sound audio from your laptop or PC to an external in-room speaker system, stereo system or home theater system. Stop listening to poor quality audio on poor quality PC or laptop speakers. Take your sound quality to the next level with EZVIBE! This powerful wireless audio streamer allows you to listen to surround sound quality audio without having to run wires across the room and without having to worry about experiencing any interference from Bluetooth or other wireless technologies.EZAIR WSR601AUD.3EZWW EZVIBE Wireless Audio Streaming System

  • Wireless audio from notebook/PC to your home theater
  • Works with (up to) 5.1 Surround speakers
  • Hassle free installation
  • Plug-and-Play USB connection with your laptop/PC/Mac
  • Up to 30 feet (9 meter) range within the same room
  • Up to 48KHz sample rate and 16Bit per sample for each audio channel

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No More Unsightly Cables – Wirelessly Stream Full 1080p HD to your TV

You’ve spent all of your hard earned time and money picking out the perfect home theater components – a high-definition flat-screen HDTV, an HD receiver for your cable/satellite connections, a Blu-ray Player, PS3, XBox 360,etc. The only problem is how to connect your source component to your TV without tearing into the walls or leaving cords dangling down the walls. Well finally the solution is here, with the KanexPro WHDI30M Wireless HDMI Extender Kit for HD Home Theater, those unsightly audio-visual cables and components are a thing of the past. Ideally used in situations where traditional cabling cannot be installed in-wall and wiring is chaos – just connect the transmitter device to any HDMI source, such as a Blu-ray player, A/V receiver, STB or even a PC, and users can now transmit uninterrupted HDMI signals wirelessly and view it on the display that has the receiver connected to it. Now you can place your HD component and display right where you want them, without having to worry about available cable jacks, outlets, or wired connections. This Wireless HDMI extender fully supports HDCP and EDID requirements ensuring the display of content-protected media and interoperability with other HDCP devices. Read more

Want to Watch Cable in Another Room but Don’t Want to Pay Extra Each Month?

Well now you don’t have to pay your cable or satellite TV provider an additional monthly fee just so you can watch TV in another room! Takes only 5 minutes to set up. Just attach the Video Sender Pro to your cable box, TiVo, Roku, or any other device and the receiver to your TV in any other room, and you’re ready to enjoy watching television or listening to your audio system. No wires to string through the attic or basement. New technology means no interference with your WiFi network. The Remote Sensor allows you to use an IR remote from the other room to control the main TV.X10 PRO VK83A Video Sender Pro

  • Wireless – Send video up to 100 feet away through doors, floors, and walls
  • Advanced Signal Protection
  • Works with cable, Roku, DVDs, DVR, stereo, TiVo and more
  • No contractors, no wiring, drilling, extra cable boxes or additional fees
  • Set it up by yourself in less than 5 minutes
  • Built-in Remote Sender lets you control it all by remote from anywhere in the house – send cable from your living room to your bedroom and change channels from bed

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