Enjoy Powerful Audio Output from a Premium, Professional Amplifier

Technical Pro AX3000 2RU Professional 2-Channel Power Amplifier, 3000 Watts



Technical Pro is always providing high quality products for the professional audio world and home entertainment. The gear is constantly pushing the limits of emerging technology while always maintaining a high standard of excellence. The AX3000 is a 2-Channel Power Amplifier meant for the audio professional. If you are designing sound in a studio or on stage and need real power, this is for you! If you are a DJ and need a proper amplifier for your mobile rack, this is for you! It features a small 2RU (RU = Rack Unit) design and the back panel has been simplified with RCA inputs and Banana Binding post outputs. The front panel provides input control and a blue LED meter allowing you to quickly see your level and manually adjust to your needs.

You may be thinking to yourself it’s too small to push out enough power. As we all know you can’t judge a book by its cover…or in this case, an amplifier by its size! The AX3000professional sound design has a peak power of 3000 Watts and 300 Watts @ 8 ohms. It also has separate input gain and volume controls, a dual 3 band equalizer, and power, level and clipping indicators per channel.

This amplifier is one hot unit! But don’t worry about overheating! Its two built in cooling fans will keep everything at the optimal temperature. Aligned with industry standards and the professional design expected from Technical Pro this unit is ahead of its class!

If you’ve spent any time at all in professional audio, you know the name Technical Pro and what it stands for – incredible performance and sound, and the ultimate in reliability under harsh conditions. And now, Technical Pro offers the same technology in a series of integrated amps and receivers bringing more of what sets Technical Pro apart from all others. Read More

Project Your PC display Onto Your HDTV in Real Time

The EZVIEW+ is the ultimate wireless Notebook, Laptop or PC to HDTV solution, allowing users to project their PC display on their HDTV in Real Time. EZVIEW+ allow users to access and stream video from the entire internet, and play any content, stored on their notebook or internet, on their HD TV in up to full HD resolution (1920×1080) and with surround sound. With the more than 200,000 users (!) can now access all internet websites to fully enjoy HD content from services such as Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer etc. in the comfort of their living room. Alternatively, they can share their home generated HD videos, high resolution pictures or other documents on a HDTV, or play their favorite music on their high quality home theater system. Read more

Make All Your Music Equipment Wireless

EOS Wireless EOSC200TX Converge Wireless Stereo Audio ReceiverThe Eos Converge Wireless Receiver is extremely versatile, it lets you play all your music, all over your house, on the audio equipment that already exists in your home; Home Theater Receiver, Stereo System, Powered Speakers, and much more. With Eos Auto-Link, just turn the Eos Converge Receiver on and it is instantly part of your Eos Wireless System. The Eos Converge Receiver gives you uncompromised audiophile sound quality that is comparable to most wired solution.

With the Eos Converge Transmitter, (sold separately) connected on a computer (with iTunes or other software based media player) the Eos Converge Receiver allows you to play/pause skip tracks forward or back, or control your system remotely using an iPhone or iPod Touch and Apple’s free Remote application.

All Eos products feature the legendary GigaWave wireless technology giving you the ability to broadcast Wi-Fi friendly, interference-free music over 150 feet, through walls floors ceiling and doors, inside or out. Best of all Eos does not require a WiFi network or a mind-bending complex set up, you just plug it in and the Eos system plays.
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Take Control of your Movies, Music, Photos, Web Content and More!

Calrad 95-2010CUBE xLobby Cube Multimedia SystemManage your complete DVD movie collection from the xLobby Cube’s simple to use menu driven interface. Load movies quickly using 3rd party DVD storage software. Find all your content using extensive search tools. Playback all of your standard DVD movies and have it scaled up to 1080P with Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound.

Manage your music collection including CD’s, downloaded MP3 files and any iTunes libraries that are available on your network. The xLobby cube provides several interfaces for navigating your music collection as well as important tools to find the artist and songs your looking for. Create individual play lists or add and mix several play lists to create unique music listening landscapes.

All of your important photos of family, friends, vacations can now be shown in life size HD quality that can easily be searched by image name, date or rating to help you find your specific vacation photo or that favorite moment in time. The desktop Slide show feature can create basic Slide shows or Slide shows with music.

Control the xLobby cube with your iPad. With our simple navigation and volume control screen. Or consider an upgrade to a RF Handheld Keyboard for complete, convenient wireless control. Read more

Get Satellite Radio at Home

NuVo NV-SCH1 SiriusConnect Module

  • Connects to Satellite radio antenna (sold seperately)
  • Easy to install
  • Expand your NuVo audio distribution system

Get the power of SIRIUS on the NVT2SIR with the SiriusConnect Home Tuner Module (NVSCH1). The included single SIRIUS-Ready connect module and SIRIUS indoor antenna (sold separately) is all you need to add SIRIUS Satellite Radio to your T2 tuner. With reception this remarkable, the T2 Tuner from NuVo (NVT2) just may be the closest we’ve come to music from the heavens for an earthbound audience. Combine the best of both terrestrial and extraterrestrial signals in one versatile tuner. With dual AM/FM tuners built in and dual SIRIUS Satellite-Ready connections, you have the power to customize the same tuner for each unique system. Read more

Increase your Media Storage Capacity

Xtream Media 1Tb Additional Storage Hard Drive Module

  • For use with an Xtream Media Server Storage Expander
  • Compatible with Xtream Media Server

If you already own or plan to purchase an Xtream Media Pro-8800 1080p Video, Audio and Image Server or Xtream Media Pro-4800 1080p Video, Audio and Image Server to enhance your home theater as a media server that will play, import, store and distribute HD video, audio, and images, you can upgrade either server with an Xtream Media Server Storage Expander. The Xtream Media Server Storage Expander gives you the ability to add up tp 10 Terabytes (Tb) of storage. Simply install this Xtream Media 1Tb Additional Storage Hard Drive Module to the Expander; because it is a 1Tb module, you can add modules as you go, minimizing your cost. 1Tb equates to 180 DVDs, 30 Blu-ray movies, 30,000 music CDs, or over a 150,000 images or pictures.

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Integrate Old Analog Devices to into your Modern Home Theater

Calrad 40-281H Component Video / Analog Audio to HDMI Converter

  • Converts five cables (Component HD Video and Stereo Audio) into one
  • Supports HDMI output resolutions up to 1080i
  • Simple plug-and-play setup
  • Compact size

If you have an older cable/satellite box or other high-definition AV source component, you may not have an HDMI output – which is fine until you purchase a brand new HDTV that only has HDMI inputs. The Calrad 40-281H Component Video / Analog Audio to HDMI Converter solves that problem by converting your component connection into an HDMI connection. It is also a great solution if your want to reduce the wire clutter in your home theater from the FIVE cables it takes for a component video and analog audio connection, down to ONE HDMI cable that can transfer all of the same video and audio over a single cable. Simply plug your existing component video and analog audio cables (or a new shorter set of cables) into the converter, then connect an HDMI cable between the converter and the HDMI input on your HDTV, projector or display, and lastly connect the power supply to the converter and plug it in – that’s all there is too it! Read more