Additional 8-Zone Controller for the XCI Smart Sprinkler Systems

Cyber-Rain 01XCISA08 XCI Additional Controller. 8-Zone

Cyber Rain’s XCI Cloud is a ground-breaking smart sprinkler controller which conserves water used in landscaping by irrigating plants based on their needs instead of pre-scheduled timers. The power of the internet along with existing sensors and detailed information about the plants, their locations and their soils are all used to create a simple and affordable water-wise irrigation system. This complete kit includes everything you need to convert your existing sprinkler system into an intelligent web-enabled irrigation system.

  • Saves homeowners up to 40% on water bills
  • No fees for weather service
  • Rebate incentives
  • Remote control, programming, and monitoring
  • Email reporting of controller and valve failure
  • Reports water savings
  • Capable of managing an unlimited number of controllers
  • Radio frequency wireless range of 300 feet

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Computer Sprinkler Controller for 8 Zones

WGL Designs 41050 Rain8net+

WGL Designs 41050 Rain8net+
Item# 31247

Price: $120.95

The Rain8net is a modular 8-zone sprinkler controller module that can be controlled over the Internet by any computer. It is capable of driving standard 24VAC irrigation valves directly. Additional modules may be daisy chained to provide control and 24 VAC power to as many as 2,040 irrigation zones from a single COM or USB port.

There is a single RS232 connection between the controlling computer and the “master” Rain8. The distance between the computer and the controller is up to 1000 feet and requires only 3 wires: TX, RX, and GND. The 24 VAC power and network communications are transferred from master to slave-to-slave, etc.

The network connection for the slave units is an 8-conductor RF45. Each slave has a pair of these modular jacks to pass on data and power to the next one in a daisy chain. Each slave also has aRS232 connection that is used only to assign the address during the initial configuration.

NOTE: The Rain8net requires a computer (or other automation device) running to control all scheduled irrigation.

  • Turn on or off each of the zones individually
  • Turn off all zones in a specific module
  • Turn off all zones on all modules
  • Get the current status of all zones
  • Default run timer for each zone to prevent overwatering
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