Full-Featured Security System with 4 Independent Voice Message Dialer Channels!

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The United Security Products AVD-2010 combines technologically advanced features, ease of programming and reliable operation in a compact, unobtrusive dialer that is compatible with virtually any security alarm system. The AVD-2010 features a Power Monitoring System (PMS) that constantly operates in the background. The PMS automatically calls up to 8 phone numbers with a pre-recorded message when any of the three conditions have been detected: AC POWER OFF, BATTERY LOW, or AC POWER RESTORED. Installation and hookup are quick and easy, whether installed in conjunction with normally open, normally closed dry contact or voltage activation sensors. The unit can also function as a stand-alone device, by simple connection to an ordinary telephone jack.

The AVD-2010 features a ‘smart’ Power Monitoring System (PMS) that constantly operates in the background without interfering with any of the dialer functions under normal power conditions. In the event of a blackout, or when battery voltage falls below a safe level, or when power is restored, the PMS automatically dials out and notifies by means of pre-recorded voice messages which of the three conditions have been detected: AC POWER OFF, BATTERY LOW, or AC POWER RESTORED.

The AVD-2010 is extensively programmable, offering personalized customization to fulfill virtually any residential or business requirement. Plain-English prompts walk the user through the process in a timely manner. Programming options abound, allowing the user to:
Store up to 8 telephone/pager numbers
Choose 1-9 calling efforts for the numbers dialed
Select 1-3 message repeats
Record a variable combination (maximum: 7) of instructional outgoing messages (total elapsed time: 60 seconds)

Program up to 4 separate input channels with individually enable/disable, entry/exit delay and activation options (Normally
Open (N.O.), Normally Closed (N.C.) – (dry contact or voltage activation) including momentary and continuous activation for each).

Further individualize each channel by selecting the delay times, telephone/pager numbers to be dialed and the specific
outgoing messages to be played.

  • Sends Power Condition voice message in any language
  • Automatic power loss notification – instant or 15-minutes delayed
  • Up to 4 separate outgoing messages
  • Automatically calls up to 8 telephones or cell phones
  • EEPROM memory retains program despite power loss
  • Price: $269.99
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    All-in-One Alarm and Home Automation System with Emergency Dialer

    Product Title (In box)

    Skylink’s Home Smart Center is an all-in-one alarm and home automation system. As an alarm system, the Home Smart Center control panel will automatically call up to five preprogrammed phone numbers and sound a siren when the system is tripped. When the alarm is not turned on, Home Smart Center acts as an alert system, monitoring your premises and giving you notification of triggered sensors by voice announcement, beeping or LED flashing.

    Home Smart Center is also a home automation system, allowing you to remotely control your lights and household appliances. Dial into Home Smart Center from any phone to control your devices when you away from home to give your home a lived-in look and deter would-be intruders. You won’t have to fret that you are wasting electricity by leaving the coffee pot on when a simple call to Home Smart Center can turn it off. A keychain remote is also included so you can begin controlling your devices as soon as you pull into your driveway.

    Additional sensor and controllers (sold separately) can be added to Home Smart Center to suit your specific needs.

  • 5 programmable and supervised zones
  • Works with up to 10 sensors, 5 control modules and 5 keychain remotes
  • 5 programmable telephone numbers
  • Built-in auto dialer with digital dialer function and Ademco contact ID
  • Powered by AC adapter with rechargeable battery included
  • Price: $143.94
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    Automatically Dial up to 9 Telephone Numbers When Alarms are Triggered!

    Product Title (In box)

    The Skylink MS-2001 Emergency Dialer can be used as an emergency dialer and a regular speakerphone. When activated during an emergency, the dialer will send a prerecorded message, maximum 40 seconds, to as many as 9 pre-programmed telephone numbers.

    The Emergency Dialer can also be used as a speakerphone capable of receiving and sending telephone calls. You can also pre-program three different telephone numbers for your convenience. (These three telephone numbers may differ from the preprogrammed emergency telephone numbers.)

    As an advanced feature, you can connect your Emergency Dialer to a Skylink Authorized Monitoring Station. When connected to the Monitoring Station, Emergency Dialer will transmit the user’s information to the Monitoring System when the panic button is pressed. The Emergency Dialer can store information for up to 16 users and is especially useful for senior homes and hospitals.

  • Calls up to 9 emergency telephone / pager number memories, up to 9 times
  • Stores emergency voice message up to 40 seconds in length
  • Programmable pause time for pager access
  • No monitoring fees
  • Universal Dial Tone adapts to voice systems of all phone companies
  • Price: $112.97
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