Beautiful Decorative Sun/Moon Appliqué is illuminated from Dusk till Dawn Powered by the Sun

AmerTac 8101 LED Solar Sun/Moon Appliqué Accent LightAmerTac LED Solar Garden Accent Lights lend a decorative touch, day or night, to gardens, patios and walkways. Accent your outdoor decor with these beautiful outdoor solar powered garden lights. They are Weather-resistant and automatically illuminates for up to 8 hours at dusk. A rechargeable battery is included – just place the light in sunlight to recharge. This light also features a convenient on/off switch.

  • Seven LED lights illuminate amber panel
  • Perfect for outdoor walls, fences, arbors and sheds
  • Automatically On at dusk, Off at dawn
  • Includes 1 AA rechargeable battery

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Control the Dimming of Your Incandescent and Halogen Light Bulbs with Just a Tap of Your Foot

AmerTac 6089B 500 Watt Full Range Foot Control DimmerThe AmerTac 6089B Plug-in foot control lamp dimmer will allow you to select any light level from soft glow night light to full-brightness task lighting and anywhere in between. The simple slide control allows you to control the brightness of the light simply by taping your foot on the control, perfect for hard to reach lights. Dimmer Controls are a convenient way to select just the right amount of light needed. They can create a mood from night light to full brightness while also saving money by eliminating the need for expensive 3-way bulbs.

  • Slide switch with foot for full range dimming
  • Plugs into standard AC outlet
  • LED indicator control
  • For incandescent and halogen bulbs
  • 6 Foot Cord

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Stack Toggle Switch Combines Two Switches Into a Single Gang Box

Leviton 6200-C0I Cheetah Single Pole Toggle Stack Switch - Ivory

  • Toggle style On/Off for added convenience
  • Stacked switches allow for control of two different light settings
  • Single pole application
  • 15A – 120VAC Residential grade switch
  • UL20 Standards Certified, ETL listed, CSA Certified

The Cheetah Single Pole Toggle Stack Switch is a residential grade 15 Amp switch that combines two toggle switches into a single gang box. This stacked toggle switch can replace any switch in your home and the soft matte color will help blend into walls, hide finger prints and is a great upgrade. This UL listed switch is for single pole application, and it suppresses radio frequency interference.

CHEETAH SPEED DEVICES – Cheetah devices (switches, receptacles, dimmers, GFCI, etc.) are pre-assembled with Cheetah Speed Anchors fastened with standard 6/32 screw (for easy removal or adjustment after installation). After you wire the Cheetah speed device (quickwire or side wire terminals), just push it in! The Cheetah Speed anchors zip-tie into the patented Cheetah Speed wallboxes – always centered and flush with the wall – requiring no screws for installation or finish!

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Dim Almost any Lamp with the Simple Tap of Your Finger

GE 18259 3-Level Dimming Touch Lamp Control, WhiteIf you don’t have the superhuman ability to magically dim a light bulb by touching the lamp it’s installed into, well then that’s too bad. Thankfully though, General Electric has a solution for all you regular, non-superhumans. The GE 18259 is a simple accessory to your lamp/bulb configuration. Screw in the 18259 3-Level Dimming Touch Lamp Control into the socket of your existing lamp, just as you would do if it were a light bulb, and then screw a light bulb into the controller. Your lamp is now officially touch-sensitive. Just physically tap the lamp and the bulb will dim. Tap the lamp at its base, or pole, the control is literally at your finger tips. There are three levels to choose from to reflect whatever mood you’re in: High, Medium, and low. Tap it again and the light goes off. Not quite a magical superhuman ability, but quite convenient nonetheless.

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Create a Soft Illuminated Accent on Your Deck, Railing and Walkways

Aurora Deck Lighting DLR100TKWW Phoenix Recessed 10 LED Lighting Kit, Warm White
Light It Up With Phoenix… The Phoenix Recessed LED light kit help to define deck borders and increase safety for family and friends enjoying your deck after dark. The Aurora Deck Lighting Phoenix LEDs are just 1-1/8″ wide. Their tiny size provides versatility for installing them flush with deck surfaces for a seamless install that illuminates borders or stairs for function and style. The Long Lasting LED bulbs are rated to burn bright for years without the need for replacement.

The Phoenix Kit includes ten warm white LED bulbs, LED driver box, connective wire, remote control driver box with a handy remote control. Add additional lights to your Phoenix 10 pack to create a larger more custom installation, additional lights are sold separately. Included driver box can handle up to 40 deck lights. A Wireless Dimmer Controller with remote is also available separately.

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Switch Almost Anything ON or OFF Using a Bluetooth-Enabled Cell Phone or Device

EMX BG-VK2 BlueGuard VK2 Bluetooth Virtual Keypad Wireless Access Control Module, In-Wall - White
The EMX BG-VK2 BlueGuard VK2 Bluetooth Virtual Keypad Wireless Access Control Module turns a Bluetooth-enabled cell phone into a universal controller – letting you switch almost anything ON/OFF from your iPhone, Android, BlackBerry or other Bluetooth enabled device. BlueGuard is activated when a PIN code is keyed into the cell phone within range, triggering the relay output. The possibilities are endless with BlueGuard, and the user capacity unlimited. Use BlueGuard as a virtual keypad to open and close garage doors, activate magnetic locks and gate openers, as a free exit device, or as a key switch on your car or boat – the applications are limitless.

The BG-VK2 BlueGuard feature an adjustable activation pulse period, from 3 to 90 seconds, which allows direct connection to a magnetic door lock. It also has an output toggle feature; connect to BlueGuard and activate output, connect again to deactivate the output. A built-in remote LED status indicator let’s you when BlueGuard is active. BlueGuard VK2 does not require any software to be downloaded to your phone, it uses existing Bluetooth communication.

For operation, simply search for Bluetooth devices on your cell phone, select BlueGuard, and enter the PIN. The relay output will activate when the correct PIN is entered. This allows an unlimited number of users to activate BlueGuard (with the same PIN). No grooming is required. BlueGuard’s user interface features a secure internal switch to place the unit in the programming mode. During programming, BlueGuard reads the Bluetooth device that is within range and allows editing of the PIN and the BlueGuard’s Bluetooth name. Read more

Energy Efficient 60 LED Clamp-On Lamp Recreates Effect of Natural Sunlight

Zadro MAG10 Natural Daylight Clamp-On Lamp with Magnifying Lens

The Natural Daylight Clamp-On Lamp from Zadro recreates the lighting effect of natural sunlight using 90 super bright LED lights. Having the effect of natural sunlight can help to maintain ideal levels of melatonin and serotonin for those who may not receive sunlight on a regular basis. The Natural Daylight Desk Lamp is also incredibly energy efficient because it uses LEDs which consume up to 70% less electricity than standard light bulbs. The addition of the clamp for this lamp adds to its versatility by being able to attach to the side of just about any desk thus saving valuable desk space and reducing clutter. As an added feature this desk lamp also has a built-in 1.75x magnifying lens to make viewing hard to see items, such as small print in books, easier. For added convenience the head and the neck of the Natural Daylight Desk Lamp are independently adjustable to allow for the perfect angle of light. The lamp is powered by plugging it into a standard wall outlet and has an on/off switch located on its base.

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