Stand-Alone Motion Sensor Alarm has a Solar Panel to Charge its Batteries

SecurityMan SolarPIR PIR Motion Alarm with Solar Panel

  • Solar panel recharges batteries
  • Battery life up to 3 years
  • Motion sensor triggers loud 130dB alarm
  • Low battery indicator LED
  • Programmable security password

Protect a hallway, stairwell, or other entry point with this independent motion sensor alarm. Enter a security password of your choosing to arm and disarm the unit, then screw it to the wall, and forget about it. Operates on three AA batteries, sold separately. The solar panel will charge the batteries to extend their life up to 100x – expect up to 3 years from a set. The passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor is sensitive to a range of 26 feet (8m) and is immune to small animals up to 11 pounds (5kg). When an intruder enters the protected area, a piercing 130 dB alarm sounds. Read more

Easily Mount a Speaker Outdoors!

Stainless Steel Outdoor Speaker

  • Installer friendly
  • easy to mount
  • Sealed reed tamper switches prevent crooks from disabling the speaker
  • Blends with any mounting surface

Expand the power of your security system or multi-room paging system with this outdoor speaker mounted in a weatherproof, rust-resistant steel enclosure! This speaker is ideal for everything from making PA announcements at commercial locations to “dinner’s ready” broadcasts at home (especially if your house is built on a large parcel of land). The speaker is built into a polished stainless steel enclosure that naturally reflect the mounting surface and easily blend with any residential or commercial building. Also available in a Siren version.

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Use this Cable Lock / Alarm when You Travel

Product Title (In box)You’re in a strange city and the cheap hotel lock isn’t adding to your level of personal security. Just hang this alarm system on the doorknob and any vibration will set off a loud alarm. Its small size, and no installation required, mean this alarm is completely portable so you can take it with you anywhere. Requires three LR44 button cell batteries (included). Select a 4-digit password for use when disarming the alarm. This alarm even protects you if a thief tries to defeat it by removing the batteries, as just removing them will trigger the alarm.

The system also operates as a personal emergency alarm. Place it in your purse or pocket, or just carry it in your hand, and loop the cable around your wrist. If anyone tries to steal your purse, the chain will be pulled out and the alarm will sound. The panic button triggers the alarm instantly. Read more

Secure Your Home’s Exterior Access Points with Honeywell 58160D Outdoor Wireless Magnetic Contacts

Many of us neglect to include their gates and fencing in our home’s security monitoring system. Luckily the people at Honeywell have created a low cost DIY solution for monitoring your gate, shed, detached garage, or other exterior access point. The Honeywell58160D Outdoor Wireless Magnetic Contact normally priced at $109.95 is on sale right now for only $67.46 at

When securing a home it can be costly to install wired solutions. Luckily this weather proof device can be quickly attached to any exterior access point without the increased installation cost of wiring. Secure your homes exterior and gain peace of mind that no intruders or harsh winds will be opening your exterior access points.

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Use this Driveway Sensor to Alert You when Vehicles Enter Your Driveway

Do you have a need to know when vehicles enter your driveway?

EMX VMD202-50 Driveway Sensor w/Adjustable SensitivityThis sensor is designed to be buried 6″ to 12″ deep and uses changes in the earth’s magnetic field to detect when vehicles pass over. Note this is not a presence detector but a motion detector – vehicles must be moving 5 mph or more in order to be detected. Its sensitivity is adjustable in 10 steps with a remote sensitivity adjustor to customize for your traffic pattern. The detector’s non-volatile memory retains the setting so the remote may be removed, thus reducing power consumption. This also prevents unwanted changes to your settings. At maximum sensitivity it has a 12′ detection range, depending on vehicle mass and speed. A green LED indicates power on, and the device can accommodate voltages between 9 to 41VDC or 6 to 29VAC. The output is a SPDT form C relay.

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Monitor Entryways to Your Home Using an Invisible Beam of Light

Enforcer Flush-Mount In-Wall Photoelectric Beam Sensor with 16 Foot Range

  • Transmitter/receiver fits into a single-gang box and the reflector is a simple wall mount
  • Easy installation with adjustable beam alignment
  • 16′ (5m) range for beam
  • Normally closed, normally open and common relay outputs

Increase security to entryways at home or in the office by installing the Enforcer Flush-Mount In-Wall Photoelectric Beam Sensor. The Transmitter/Receiver has been designed to fit into a single-gang box for a flush mount application and the beam reflector simply mounts on the wall across from the transmitter/receiver up to 16 feet away. The transmitter/receiver and reflector will not only be attractive, they will not stick out from your wall as other similar plug-in modules will. Beam alignment is adjustable up to 15 degrees horizontally or vertically, making installation even easier. A typical application for this product is to set the beam up across an entryway or hallway in your home, office or retail shop. When the beam is broken, the sensor will turn the yellow LED light on and trigger a normally closed, normally open or common relay output on your alarm system or warning device. This product requires a 12VDC Power Supply, sold separately. Read more

Easy to Install Alert System for Home or Office

The Wireless Motion Alert uses a passive Infra-Red (PIR) sensor to detect movement of people and vehicles, while allowing small animals to pass through undetected. Once motion has been detected, the sensor can transmit a signal to the base up to 1/2 mile away. Expandable up to 4 sensors for total perimeter coverage. Many uses such as: driveway, patio, deck, storage shed, farm, office/worksite, and more. The base station is powered by the AC adapter and four AA batteries supply power in case of a power outage. Read more