Alarm Sounds when Unauthorized Entry to your Property is Attempted

Carlon Lamson & Sessons HS4313 Wireless Key Entry Contact Alarm System
The Carlon Lamson & Sessons HS4313 Wireless Key Entry Contact Alarm System is an easy install, DIY alarm system for monitoring entry through a door onto your property. The included alarm mounts on your door and the included magnet mounts on the door frame, or vice versa, using the adhesive strips or screws provided. When the door is opened and the contact and the alarm are separated, the alarm sounds off. Settings for the alarm include Instant Alarm or Delayed Alarm, and an LED Intrusion Indicator flashes to let you know if unauthorized entry was requested. For added convenience, there is also a low battery indicator. The alarm operates on 2 AAA batteries (sold separately), so no hardwiring or professional installation is required.
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Compact, Portable Device Provides Protection Where You Need It!

United Security Products SMA-H Safemaker Portable Area Motion Detector, BlackThe United Security Products SMA-H is a portable, compact device you can use for an added level of protection at home or on the road. This battery operated unit can be placed anywhere on your property to detect both body heat and motion of intruders.

This device has two modes:  Alert Mode produces a low siren for 5-10 seconds & Alarm Mode produces a piercing siren for up to 2 minutes

  • Detects body heat and motion
  • Emits low siren for 5-10 seconds in alert mode or piercing siren sounds in alarm mode for up to 2 minutes
  • Automatically resets
  • Entry Delay up to 30 seconds

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Ultrasonic Sound-Wave Technology Assists You by Adding Spatial Awareness to your Vehicle

It can be difficult at times navigating your car or small SUV into tight spots. Sometimes a mirror just won’t give you all the information you need to confidently park your vehicle. Steelmate USA provides an easy fix for such a situation with the PTS4000EX Parking Assist Sensor, exclusively designed for regular cars and smaller SUVs with plastic bumpers. The sensors install into your vehicle’s rear plastic bumper and use Ultrasonic Sound-Wave Technology to register objects as far as five feet away. Avoid getting an embarrassing, frustrating, and expensive ding from objects you can’t see as you attempt to reverse-park your sweet ride. The PTS4000EX was designed to install clean and includes a 4-Stage piezo alarm that lets you know when you’re getting too close to something you probably don’t want to hit. Rest easy knowing you can park confidently!

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Make Your Windows Tamper and Break Proof With a Window Security Alarm

Don’t let burglars sneak in through your windows! The 95dB Window Alert is an easy-to-install window security system that alerts you instantly with a loud, 95dB alarm if windows are bumped or broken, sounding the window alarm for 45 seconds before resetting automatically, ample time to frighten away even the bravest burglar.

Mace 80202 95dB Window AlertYou’ll appreciate the added security this window alarm provides from window tampering and breakage. The 95dB Window Alert installs easily using the included mounting tape. Just slide the glass-break sensor’s switch to the ON position for instant security. The battery is pre-installed.

A 95dB Entry Alert is also available. This battery-operated door alarm sounds a loud 95dB tone when its magnets separate. If you prefer a motion detector-triggered alarm, the 105dB Motion Alert with Keypad acts as a programmable burglar alarm that has a built-in motion sensor that triggers the extra-loud alarm when someone passes through it. Read more

Be Alerted when Visitors Arrive with this Battery-Powered Light and Alarm

Don’t leave your home or family unprotected. This PIR Motion Sensor Light Alarm will let you know when visitors, wanted or unwanted, enter your property. Select the bright LED light or loud alarm. There’s a photocell to prevent the light from coming on when it’s not needed. The Passive Infrared (PIR) motion detector will sense people at from 15 to 25 feet distance. Use the included remote control to arm and disarm the alarm when the main unit switch is set to “alarm” mode. The main unit operates on four AAA batteries (sold separately) and the remoter control operates on one 23A battery (included).
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Customize Your Doorbell Instantly and Without Any Installation

Can You Imagine 8625 Recordable Party Doorbell



  • Includes doorbell, “Out of Order” sign, and one 12V battery
  • Sound unit works up to 100 feet away from doorbell
  • Multiple pre-programmed ring settings
  • Voice recording option
  • Download favorite MP3 as a ring option


Imagine being able to change your existing doorbell instantly and without any installation. With Can You Imagine’s Recordable Party Doorbell you can do just that. The Recordable Party Doorbell comes pre-programmed with 6 Christmas songs, 3 New Year’s songs, 8 Halloween songs, 4 custom sounds, and a traditional chime. The Recordable Party Doorbell was created to temporarily replace your existing doorbell for fun occasions such as parties, pranks, family gatherings or any time you want to create a fun time.

You can record from your MP3/MP4 player or you can even record your own voice – just push and hold the record button – say anything you want your guests to hear as they enter your home. You can also record sounds from your favorite sporting events such as an announcer calling a great play. The possibilities are endless. This product requires the use of one A23 battery and four C batteries. Read More

A Sleek, Stylish, and Portable Wireless Door Chime

While most homes have a pre-wired doorbell for the front entrance, for those that don’t, using this wireless door chime module by Honeywell is a great solution. Other excellent applications would be for apartments, travel trailers, back entrances, garages, dorm rooms and offices. The bell push unit communicates with the chime module via radio frequency (RF) so no wires are required. There are multiple sounds available and tunes can be programmed to individual bell pushes (if others are added) to identify which doorbell is ringing. Additionally, there are visual indicators on the chime module which helps out those that are hard of hearing. The receiver chime unit can be free standing so you can take it wherever you go in the house, or it can be wall mounted with the included hardware. The bell push module is rated for outdoor use and has a UV resistant plastic housing with a rainproof push button. It can be mounted with included screws or double-sided tape. Each push module has also been individually coded to prevent interference with other transmitters such as PIR movement detectors and telephone ring detectors. The chime module requires three AA batteries for operation, sold separately. Read More