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Netatmo NWS01-WW Personal Smartphone Weather Station

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Allows More Comfortable Air Distribution into Problems Rooms

Product Title (In box)

The temperature of a “problem room” fails to match the thermostat, so it’s chilly in winter or hot in summer, or uncomfortable in both seasons. Problem rooms can have many causes, but often rooms distant from the central furnace/ air conditioning unit are difficult to heat and cool effectively.

Sliding directly into a standard room register, the AirFlow Breeze Ultra pulls extra air from the duct to raise or lower the temperature of a room by 3-5 °F. As a result, the AirFlow Breeze Ultra restores comfort to the vast majority of problem rooms, in both winter and summer.

Simply slide the AirFlow Breeze Ultra directly into a floor register opening measuring 6″x10″ or 6″x12″ and plug into a standard outlet – no further steps are required! For wall and ceiling mounts, simply drill two screw holes and attach the AirFlow Breeze Ultra to the surface using standard screws. The AirFlow Breeze Ultra may be powered either from the front or back with the included 6′ power cord.

  • Remote control operation
  • Built-in temperature sensor
  • Automatic ON/OFF function
  • Whisper quiet, three-speed fans
  • 12 month warranty
  • Price: $74.94
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