Stop Heating and Cooling Empty Rooms and Evenly Balance the Temperatures in Your Home

We all struggle with those rooms that never get the right amount of air and end up feeling much too cold or way too hot.. But if you are not ready for a fully automated HVAC system…then the Advector inVent-M/C-R1 inVENT Manually Adjustable Register for New Construction might be just what you need. Using aerodynamic principles to promote 360 degree airflow distribution, the Manually Adjustable inVENT provides for more comfortable and balanced feeling temperatures. The inVENT closing plate has a full range of motion between the open and closed position allowing you to decide how much conditioned air is directed at each room. Adjust the closing plate to the shut position and stop wasting money heating and cooling empty rooms…adjust the closing plate to the open position to redirect the conditioned air to where you need it most. The manually adjustable inVENT gives you the ability to regulate temperatures by controlling the amount of air that enters each room.
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