Find Misplaced Items with Ease by Using a Wireless Tracker

Click n Dig ClickNDigF6 Item Finder

The F6 Item Finder includes one transmitter, three key ring receivers, and three thin receivers. Double-sided adhesive tape is included for attaching the thin receivers to remotes and other items. Batteries come installed in the transmitter and receivers and an extra battery set is included in each package.

This convenient and high quality gadget will beep the right device every time. Simply press and hold the color-coded button on the radio transmitter to find an item up to 60 feet away. The transmitter’s radio frequency penetrates through walls, cushions, and more, so the receivers will beep and flash whether they are in another room or lost deep under the couch. Now you never have to worry about losing your keys, wallet, remote controls, or cell phone again!

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Send an Alert to Your Z-Wave Network Whenever Water, Freezing Temperatures, or a Low-Battery Condition is Detected

DynaQuip Controls ZWCFS1 Z-Wave WaterCop Wireless Water and Freeze Alarm



This Z-Wave enabled Wirelss Water and Freeze Alarm monitors your home 24-hours a day for leaking pipes, corroded water heaters, fixtures in bathrooms and laundry rooms, automatic water and ice dispensers, and other appliances that could cause water damage. Upon the detection of water or freezing temperatures, this device will send out a water leak alert on our Z-Wave nertwork. The ZWCFS1 sensors are much more effective at protecting your home against water damage when used with a WaterCop Z-Wave Automatic Shut-Off Valve (Sold Separately), but not needed. Using the ZWCFS1 that has not been included with a Z-Wave network will still notify you of leaks (audible alarm does not sound for temperature alerts) using the audible alarm. This unit is battery powered and will send an alert throughout the Z-Wave network at regular intervals when a low-battery condition, in addition, an audible “chirp” will sound to alert you of a low battery within the water and freeze alarm.

Built into this sensor is a 85 decibel siren. This siren will sound an 82 decibel audible alarm and will send an alert message to the Z-Wave network (If already included in a Z-Wave network). Pressing and performing a 2-second hold on the Program switch will clear the Water Alarm. When freezing temperatures are detected an alert message is sent to the Z-Wave network. No audible alert will occur. With a Z-Wave gateway or the appropriate web-enabled Z-Wave controller, you will be able to check the status of this sensor remotely as well as receive text message via smartphone or email messages whenever an alert is sent. Install this sensor under sinks, next to sump pumps, water heaters, laundry rooms, bathroom floor, storage area, garage, utility sink, vacation/recreation homes, boats, etc. Read More

A Customer Favorite: Remotely Monitor and Operate Your Garage Door Via Your INSTEON Network

I/O Linc - INSTEON Garage Door Control & Status Kit

Enhance the versatility of your INSTEON network using I/O Linc – INSTEON Garage Door Control & Status Kit to let you know if you accidentally left the garage door open and remotely close it if necessary. This kit takes advantage of the bi-directional capability of I/O Linc – INSTEON Low Voltage / Contact Closure Interface ( 1 In / 1 Out ), allowing it to send a command that indicates the status of your garage door and to receive a command that operates the garage door. Using INSTEON automation, you can link a button on a KeypadLinc as a status light to indicate whether or not your garage door is open and remotely open or close the garage door from other areas of your property using that button or another button on a KeypadLinc, SwitchLinc or RemoteLinc. Read More

What Do Customers Say?

NANCY —    6/26/2011

This is a great product. We have many Insteon controllers throughout the house but this gives peace of mind when you know that your garage door is shut without having to go out to look.

VERNE —   1/26/2011

Was very easy to install and works every time. Nice peace of mind knowing the garage door is closed….

DAN —   10/8/2011

Works great with no glitches. High quality kit.

INSTEON: Receive an Alert When There is Excess Rain Build-Up

I/O Linc - INSTEON Rain Sensor Kit
The rain sensor is designed for indoor or outdoor use in and around your home. The kit is great for monitoring rainfall and/or moisture levels in sensitive areas such as green houses, flower beds or lawns. Using the included mounting bracket and mounting hardware, the rain sensor can be placed anywhere where you would like to detect the accumulation of water. If you are using I/O Linc – INSTEON Low Voltage / Contact Closure Interface (4-Pack) to electronically control sprinklers via your INSTEON network, this rain sensor kit can trigger the sprinklers to automatically shut-off when it rains, saving water and money. Alternatively, it can be placed near the foundation of your home to help detect detrimental standing water and flooding; as soon as the accumulation of water starts, the rain sensor will trigger I/O Linc to turn any INSTEON controlled lights or appliances on or off, alerting you of the condition. Conserve water by having your sprinklers turn off automatically when it rains or stop catastrophic and expensive water damage as soon as it starts with I/O Linc – INSTEON Rain Sensor Kit; an easy-to-use solution for adding convenience and awareness to any INSTEON-controlled home.

How It Works
The rain sensor monitors the build-up of liquid (rain, water, etc.). When 5mm or more of liquid has been detected, the sensor triggers the included I/O Linc – INSTEON Low Voltage / Contact Closure Interface (1 In / 1 Out) to send an INSTEON signal. Simply link I/O Linc to a remote INSTEON device which can act as an alert for leaks. For example, you can have a KeypadLinc LED light up, have all the lights in your house flash, or activate a custom event in HouseLinc 2 – INSTEON Desktop Software to notify you of the concern. Read more

Home Automation Controller Allows On-Site and Remote Management of All Home Systems

Pro-100 Home Automation Controller
Control every electronic system in your home from your computer, even if you’re away from home! The PRO-100 Home Automation Controller is designed to incorporate all the power and flexibility of HomeSeer software into a very compact, rugged and easy-to-install unit. Once configured, you’ll be able to control lighting, appliances, security, HVAC and home theater components with one central interface. Powerline interfaces and patch cables are sold separately.

The PRO-100 Home Automation Controller provides a single user interface to all of your home’s subsystems. Control your lighting, heating system, security, home theater, and other systems through a single web interface, PDA, touchscreen, or even your telephone or cell phone, thanks to HomeSeer’s voice-recognition technology. The PRO-100 Home Automation Controller supports all popular automation technologies, such as INSTEON, X10, Z-Wave, UPB, and more.

In addition to direct control of your systems, you can schedule events to occur based on time (including sunrise/sunset), upon security panel triggers, I/O controller response, e-mail receipt, and RS-232 input. In response to these triggers, you can set your system to turn on lights, send e-mail, run a script, trigger another event, control a web camera, or even play sounds or speak using human voices. Announcements can also be sent to other computers in the home to alert users to incoming phone calls, motion at the front door, or news or weather events.

Configure and manage the PRO-100 Home Automation Controller system using any web browser, whether you’re on or off site. The system software is totally customizable, and plug-ins allow the software to be extended to support custom hardware. The system also includes a scripting interface that supports popular scripting languages like VBScript, JavaScript, and Perl. The user interface and custom interfaces are built or modified using simple web (HTML) technologies.

The PRO-100 Home Automation Controller is free from moving parts and has no fans, so it can be mounted inside a structured wiring cabinet or in any other location, even without ventilation. Read more

Use Your INSTEON Network to Remotely Open and Close Your Somfy Controlled Drapes

I/O Linc - INSTEON to Somfy RF Drape Control Kit

I/O Linc – INSTEON to Somfy RF Drape Control Kit enhances your INSTEON network by allowing you to remotely operate drapes, blinds and other window coverings powered by Somfy RTS and/or Inteo motors and controls, sold separately. Using INSTEON automation, you can open and close your window coverings at the press of a button using a switch, keypad or remote control. With HouseLinc, you can schedule the blinds to open or close according to sunrise, sunset or any other predetermined time you decide. You can even use an INSTEON-compatible thermostat to activate a scene when an upper temperature limit is reached that will turn on the air conditioner and close the blinds simultaneously to rapidly cool down your home. This kit is a convenient, easy to use solution ideal for anyone that wants to automate their Somfy RF window coverings using an INSTEON network. Blocking direct sunlight and maintaining an even temperature in their home is easy with INSTEON.

How It Works
The included Somfy dry contact interface wires directly to the included I/O Linc – INSTEON Low Voltage / Contact Closure Interface (using the included hook up wires), which simply plugs into an available outlet. When I/O Linc receives a signal from any linked INSTEON device, it will trigger a radio frequency (RF) signal to be sent by the Somfy interface to control compatible Somfy RTS or Inteo motors, opening or closing your window coverings. Read more

Receive Instant Notification of a Water Leak or if the Temperature Drops Below a Set Point

FortrezZ WWA-02 Wireless Water & Freeze Alarm Sensor with LED

  • Works with your existing Z-Wave enabled system or as a stand-alone device
  • Improved Z3X transceiver technology
  • If installed with a Z-Wave network it allows for remote status monitoring
  • If not installed with a Z-Wave network it will flash its LED
  • Using the program button on the device allows you to install it in minutes
  • Works for multiple alarm events
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • 3.6V lithium battery included, with low battery indicator alert
  • Splash-resistant enclosure



The FortrezZ WWA-02 Z-Wave Wireless Water and Freeze Alarm will provide you with peace of mind and protection you expect from a quality product. Water damage can be caused by leaking pipes, corroded water heaters, water storage tanks, refrigerator drip pans, bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room fixtures, and many other causes. The Wireless Water and Freeze Alarm is a Z-Wave enabled device and is fully compatible with a Z-Wave network. Inclusion of this device into your Z-Wave network allows remote status monitoring and alerts you when the detector is triggered. The RF section is powered by an improved Z3X transceiver module. Other Z-Wave nodes in the system also acts as repeaters if they support that function. Powered by a 3.6 volt lithium battery (included) which should give 1.5 ~ 2 years of service.

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