8-Outlet Surge Protector Detects Current Changes and Protects All Your Plugged In Devices

Acoustic Research AR08 8-Outlet EcoFicient Office Power Conditioner
Your PC, laptop, printer, scanner and other office components consume energy even when they’re in standby mode. The 6-Outlet EcoFicient Office Power Conditioner from Acoustic Research manages the outlets and automatically detects and reduces the amount of standby power used by energy-wasting devices. Connect your PC or laptop to the EcoFicient outlet, and your peripherals into managed outlets. Turn your computer off, and devices connected to the managed outlets will automatically be powered down to eliminate wasteful standby energy use. The 8-Oulet Power Conditioner has 1 EcoFicient outlet and 3 managed outlets.

Most network card or modern damage can be prevented if you connect the CAT5 or CAT6 cable through the surge protector. The Ethernet network data connection allows you to pass the connection through the surge protector and into your modem or PC. This surge protector is complete with 2 USB charging inputs and are optimized for charging Apple devices at 2.1 amps.

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