Professional Looking iPad Portfolio Case with Built-In Bluetooth Keyboard

2Cool 2C-TCK02C-BK Tablet Portfolio Case with Bluetooth Keyboard - BlackThis elegant iPad case is made from stylish synthetic leather and features a silicone bluetooth keyboard that easily pairs with your iPad, no matter which of the three generations of iPad you may have. The keyboard takes approximately 4.5 hours to charge for up to 90 hours of use and will automatically go into standby mode after 15 minutes of non-use in order to preserve battery life. While in use, the iPad rests on a built in stand that holds it in an upright position that allows you to use the the tablet more like a notebook. The keyboard comes with all the function keys that you would expect from a traditional keyboard to operate your iPad.
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Full Keyboard Stand Elevates and Keeps Your Laptop Cool While You Work

Continuous work on a laptop can strain your eyes, neck, back and arms and prolonged strain can lead to health problems or injury. The Sleek Laptop Chill Stand by 2Cool helps to relieve this strain by raising your laptop to eye level to help your posture while you work. With its built in QWERTY keyboard, you are able to work with your hands in the position that you have grown accustomed to. Complete with three cooling fans that silently work to keep your laptop from overheating and two USB ports so you are able to power the fans and attached keyboard. Constructed from durable ABS plastic, this laptop is ideal to travel with the busy professional.

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Show Your Notebook Some Love by Cooling it Down

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Keep Your Notebook From Overheating While You Work

Let’s face it, electronics get hot and unfortunately your hardworking notebook computer is stuffed with them! However, thanks to the ingenuity of the fine folks over at 2Cool, this problem with heat can be dealt with easily and affectively. The Chill Station Cooling Fan features a portable, quality design weighing in at only ½ a pound and is made of durable ABS plastic. Its unique design allows it to expand and attach itself to many different sized notebooks making it quite the versatile accessory. The best thing about this device is that it’s USB powered so there’s no having to deal with batteries or power cords coming from out of the wall.  You’ll have the coolest notebook on the block and you know it will look awesome attached to your mobile command center.

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If you spend long hours working or playing on your laptop, then you have experienced how hot they can get over time. Unfortunately, laptops are prone to overheating and unlike desktop PCs, a laptop’s hardware components are all in close proximity to each other with close to zero room for air circulation to keep them cool. If your laptop overheats it can do some serious damage to your internal hardware and possibly fail, resulting in the loss of your information. High temperatures in your laptop can lead to the failure of the video card, motherboard, memory modules, and hard drive and will decrease the lifespan. Hot laptops have also been known to be a fire hazard. The Chill Station Cooling Fan from 2Cool is a USB powered cooling fan that was designed to help ventilate and cool your computer while you work and is expandable to accomodate different size notebooks. The fan is protected with a metal mesh and the bottom of the unit has adjustable risers that elevate your notebook to a comfortable, ergonomic working position. Read More

  • USB powered cooling fan
  • Extremely portable, only weighs a 1/2 pound
  • Expandable to accomodate different sized notebooks
  • Made from durable ABS plastic