USB Car Charger Quickly Charges Mobile Devices

Kanex CLAUSB2X USB Car Charger 2.1A, 2 Pack

Most mobile devices these days use a type of USB charging method and until the day comes where these devices are using uninterruptible and seemingly infinite batteries, we will have to continue to charge and recharge our favorite mobile devices. The CLAUSB2X from Kanex provides you with two sleek-looking 12V car chargers that will provide the juice needed to quench your mobile device’s thirst for power. These efficient car chargers provide 2.1 amps of juice for super quick recharging. The CLAUSB2X comes with two car chargers so you can split them of for different cars, or place two within the same car so everyone can remain happy with their mobile devices.

  • Provides 2.1Amps for hassle free, quick charging of USB passed devices
  • Comes with two chargers for use in multiple vehicles
  • Works with any iOS device
  • Easily transportable and portable
  • Will work in any standard 12V outlet
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