Smart Home Saturday | 11-15-2018

In this weeks Smart Home Saturday Roundup, we are bringing you some interesting news from the giants like Amazon, Google, and more!

Do you have any smart home security? It might be the best time to start thinking about it, because the Holidays are right around the corner. From smart home installation packages to do it yourself options, we have it all.


Debut of Amazon Alexa Smart Homes

Do you think it’s worth buying an Amazon Alexa based home? While Arizona, is a gorgeous area to live it will be much easier to deck your home out with smart appliances, lighting, and security. Check out one of the first smart homes being built in the Scottsdale, Arizona. Homes are about 2,300 to 4,000 square.

“Hey Google, broadcast Do we need milk?” Have a device in your child’s room? Drop in and send them a note to check the fridge. No Need to text or call. Check out the latest tricks and tips Google Home can do!

In some states, Holiday crimes increase during the winter. When we think of October, November, and December, the air fills with cinnamon as the holiday surprise us every year, right around the corner. Don’t let your home be at risk. Check out the top reasons to get smart home security before it’s too late.

When you tell your voice assistant to turn on or off the lights, there is a feeling of satisfaction. You want to do it again but with more. Being at the cross-roads of what to buy next is among the benefits of buying smart products. Here are the top must-have devices.
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