Smart Home Saturday | 10-20-2018

Delivering news hot off the press, Smart Home Saturday will provide you with some snippets of the latest and greatest smart home news stories of the week. Preps for Battle with Amazon provides protection systems and remote home security management. As tries to grasp ahold around the home automation market.

Alexa’s New Whisper Mode Goes Live

Teasing an update at their latest Seattle event, it’s now live. The ability to whisper.

Alexa’s new Whisper Mode goes live

Google Releases More Features About The Home Hub

While Alexa and Google Home are great speakers, imagine being able to see how the machine is at work with a tablet. Check out the top features and benefits of the Google Home Hub.


In case you missed the top posts of the week by Smart Home, we have produced a quick recap. Sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Control Your Home with Voice Recognition

Voice assistants like Google and Alexa can control almost any smart home device. Give a command to a voice assistant to turn off the lights or unlock the door. This piece shows the best ways to control your home and what products mix and match with your voice assistant. On Thursday, the 18th, whisper mode goes live.