Smart Home Saturday’s Weekly Roundup | 9-29-18

The Smart Home Saturday¬†Weekly Roundup will make you aware of new smart home news and technology. Learning about the latest technology will help better mentor you through the home automation journey. We, at Smart Home, know how much you love home automation products because it turns your house into a home. From the ability to customize multiple products to showing friends and family the once imaginary Smart House of the 1990’s is now a reality. The Smart Home Saturday Roundup will feature new product releases, big announcements of the prior week, and news about the latest technology hot of the press!

Put your newspaper down, pour yourself a cup of coffee,  and enjoy your first Smart Home Saturday!

Smart Home News

Alexa Gadgets Tool Kit

While you might be taking advantage of products that are compatible with Alexa. Imagine the ability to build your own? Amazon announces the ability to connect Alexa Gadgets toolkit to build your own devices and gadgets. Create products and access new modalities with motors lights, sound chips and more.

Access a variety of different interfaces like Wake Word Detection, Speech, Notification, Alarms, Reminders, and music coming-soon from Amazon. A variety of products were selected to be ready for consumers including some animatronics, and other gadget interfaces. These reactions change the way people use Alexa.

Developers are suggesting some sneak peaks like the lovely talking Bass fish every Dad has had in their garage. Imagine asking that a question and delivering a reaction. Tell Big Mouth Billy Bass to turn off the living room lights! The hysterical reaction provides a humorous interface for you to experience voice assistants and home automation. Amazon announces more gadgets will be readily available for kids.

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Google Smart Hub

Our secretive leak this week is the Google Smart Hub. An obvious charge to take on the Amazon Gods, the Google Home Hub will be a display with a touchscreen interface and voice controls with Google Assistant. The intention of this release is to create a central device to control smart home products. The device has a display and camera, with a built-in JBL speaker. A different take to what the home automation market currently has, but the leaked story causes a hindrance to competitors. It’s rumored the device will be announced October 9th.

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