Smart Home Saturday: February 2nd

Our smart home news keeps you informed about the latest and greatest smart home gadgets and technology. From smart pet toys, smart plugs, and the Facebook Portal, check out the inustries leading news and technology.

8 Must-Have Smart Pet Toys

smart pet toys for your dog or cat

Did you know these exist? Rather than must-have pet cube which everyone knows about, smart pet toys are beginning to take over the market. From the friendly robot that feeds your dog to the amazing iFetch to launch balls to your pet without having to get your hand all slimy. Now, those are just a few, read more to discover even more smart pet toys Smarthome recommends.

The Best Smart Plug Reviews of 2019

The best smart plug reviews

Talk about one of the most efficient ways to manage appliances, smart plugs are perfect for you any place in your home. Control devices like an A/C unit if it’s not smart already. From the Insteon dual outlet to Leviton Smarthome talks about them all. Check it out today!

Facebook Portal: What’s it all about?

facebook portals

Is the Facebook portal for you? The world’s largest social network launches a head-to-head display, competing with industry leaders like Google and Amazon. Should Facebook stick to social networking? Read more to find out!

CES 2019: What Actually Happen?

CES 2019 Recap

You may have read the CES Predictions post, in case you didn’t come check out what actually happened at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. From 5G and rollable TVs to robots that didn’t lose all weekend in ping pong. This CES piece has it all!

The Best Google Assistant Devices

best google assistant devices

Alexa’s main rival, Google Assistant is compatible with a large number of devices. Google has a lot upcoming on their radar in 2019, come check out what they have already released.