Check the Working Condition of your HDMI Cables Before Installation

Hobbes Innovation E-852 HDMImapper HDMI High Definition Cable TesterThe Hobbes Innovation HDMImapper (HDMI High Definition Cable Tester) is designed to test and troubleshoot the pin connections of HDMI cables. It detects the HDMI cable pin out and provides a detail information if the cable is damaged or in good quality. It tests for results by using pin to pin connection and verifies an open, short or mis-wire pins. The unit also displays a quick and easy to read dual LED color (green and red) to conveniently let the user know if the cable passes or failed the test.

The HDMI Cable Tester is a user friendly tool that will easily test HDMI cables by connecting both ends of the cable to the unit. A LED will illuminate in red color to indicate open, short, or mis-wire cable. Hence, if the cables pin configuration had passed, the LED will illuminate in green color. With its auto scanning feature and audible notification, testing an HDMI wire condition has never been easier and quicker. The HDMImapper can also display detail information of the wire faults if required.


  • Pin to pin test for HDMI A type cable
  • Easy to read test results via dual color LED bar
  • Displays the cable status for open, short and mis-wire
  • Quick Detect the Good/Bad cable
  • Beeper indicator to easily identify Good or Bad cable
  • Low battery indicator

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DIY “Disney Style”: Guide for High Definition Home Theater Optimization

Disney WOW World of Wonder Blu-ray Disc for Audio and HD Video Display Calibration





The Disney WOW World of Wonder Blu-ray Disc is a premier tool for the calibration of home entertainment systems. You’ll learn all about HD Home Theater along with Goofy and get guidance from the pros on how to fine-tune your system for maximum performance. Then, sit back, relax, and experience all the excitement of Disney WOW World of Wonder – the ultimate fun and easy guide to getting the most from your HD Home Theater. The on-screen guide is designed to help you get the best quality experience from your home theater system by providing everyone from beginners and enthusiasts to experts and custom installers alike with valuable high quality calibration tools. You will find both beginner and advanced sections to choose from along with simple step-by-step instructions. A/V Tools in the Beginner section are designed for ease of use in the proper alignment of your Home Theater Equipment. The Advanced section contains A/V Tools that address professional evaluation and calibration tasks for specific monitors, displays, and projectors.

The Blu-ray disc comes with tests that Disney developed to calibrate contrast and black levels, color and saturation (hue), sharpness and aspect ratio, all of this in levels ranging from beginner to advanced. The package comes with a manual to help guide users, and it offers a bundle of Disney movie clips that can be played individually or looped. It provides a video education on the nuances of properly calibrated audio and video gear, and offers an extensive collection of smartly conceived tests and tools – delivering it all via a helpful, user-friendly experience that is exhaustive, effective and easy to use, regardless of a user’s skill level or prior knowledge.

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Keep Your Wiring Projects Safe

Codes, Safety & Standards Video Course (DVD)
Learn everything you need to know to get your residential wiring installation done right and safe. This 45-minute DVD video covers all codes and standards applicable to residential low-voltage system installation. It includes NEC requirements for grounding, electrical safety, cable listing, OSHA-required site safety practices and UBC regulation.

In addition, it also covers the industry standards that affect residential installation, including those published by the leading ISO Standard Setting Organizations, including the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), the Electronic Industries Association (EIA), the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Includes 1 DVD.

  • Make sure your projects meets all the necessary electrical codes
  • Learn all about the industry standards that affect residential installation
  • Get the important training you need without the expense of traveling to a trade show

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Online Course Teaches Design and Installation of Home Audio Systems

No time to take a traditional class?

This course is designed specifically for residential installers, builders, or contractors, Whole-House Audio is an online course that teaches how to design and install complex whole house audio systems.Bedrock Learning BL-OC-AUDIO Online Course: Whole-House Audio

By taking an online class, you’ll be able to learn from the comfort of your home office. When you sign up for the Whole-House Audio Online Course, you’ll receive a printed course guide and a quick-reference guide, a field guide covering technical terms and definitions. You’ll be able to access the online course for three months by using your assigned user ID and password. Students should be familiar with the operation of a basic stereo system and have basic knowledge of structured wiring. A Structured Wiring Online Course is also available.

Whole-House Audio is an 11-part training session that goes into depth regarding source electronics, control electronics and speakers, along with the necessary wiring schematics to tie the system together. Students are taught the basic physics of sound and acoustics, and special attention is paid to component selection based on calculated performance requirements and homeowner specifications for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Both new-construction and retrofit installations are considered, with a clear process outlined for each situation, along with important safety considerations, standards, and codes that must be followed during installation. Finally, testing and troubleshooting methodologies are provided to ensure a successful installation. Special in-depth articles provide deeper background and technical information on critical topics, and project management tips coach installers on good management practices. The course includes informative text, detailed color diagrams, and engaging case studies. A certificate is awarded upon successful completion of the online course.

If you’re just getting started in residential technologies, a 2-hour online course is available to introduce you to structured wiring, networking, and integrated control. When you’re ready to continue your education, in-depth online classes are also available in home networking, residential lighting and residential communication. Read more

DIY: Transform what would be an ordinary home into a technology-ready abode that can support all types of automated systems!

If you’re constructing or renovating a home and want to know exactly how to pre-wire it for a comprehensive structured wiring system, then you MUST read this book! At 216 pages, The Structured Wiring Design Manual is chock full of step-by-step descriptions and highly-detailed diagrams to help you transform what would be an ordinary home into a technology-ready abode that can support all types of automated systems, including Ethernet connections in every room, whole-house audio/video, multiple telephone lines, security systems, heating & cooling automation and much more!Structured Wiring Design Manual

Imagine setting up a home Ethernet system, allowing multiple computers in your home to share the same resources, like printers or high-speed cable or DSL Internet connections. Or how about a whole-house audio/video system that lets you lets you listen to music or watch your TiVo in any room of the house! Imagine having the most comprehensive security system imaginable, complete with motion sensor-activated surveillance cameras that transmit signals to any household TV when someone approaches your home. You can also set up and modify your own PBX telephone system that can manage any home or business phone requirements. The possibilities are endless!

The Structured Wiring Design Manualmakes use of many of the great automation products available from Smarthome, including those listed below. If you own, or are considering purchasing any of these products, we highly recommend this book as a resource:

  • Home Network Distribution Panels (#8680 Series)
  • All-in-One Jacketed Cable (#8682)
  • JDS Stargate & Keypad (#1240 and #1242LCD)
  • 8-32 Zone Security System and Accessories (#7500)
  • Slide-Out In-Wall A/V Shelves (#8760)
  • Other products mentioned include Smarthome’s wide line of security cameras, video modulators, programmable thermostats and water heater control products.

After reading The Structured Wiring Design Manual, you’ll know exactly what’s needed for a structured wiring system that not only meets your present needs, but meets your future ones as well. As your needs or budget grow, you’ll be able to expand, upgrade or make changes to your automated systems with minimal effort — no cutting your drywall or running new wire required! The book contains step-by-step system design procedures, cable pulling and termination procedures, and information on how the structured wiring distribution panel and hubs should be configured. Order yours today — you won’t be disappointed! Read more

Do-it-Yourself Book: Learn How to Use INSTEON Home Automation Technology

Whether you’re just getting started in home automation or even if you’re getting ready to upgrade, INSTEON products are a reliable and affordable solution. Using both the existing wires (power line) in the home and radio-frequency communication, INSTEON adds remote control and automation to lighting, appliance and home control applications of all types.INSTEON: Smarthomes for Everyone (Paperback) While INSTEON is designed for the average Do-It-Yourself homeowner, having a little extra help never hurts. INSTEON: Smarthomes for Everyone is a book that will make installation and programming your INSTEON devices a snap. It will guide you through the process of designing, installing and programming a complete and reliable Smarthome system. With step-by-step instructions, you will be able to setup path lighting, scene lighting, security and environment control with the touch of a button. Turn off lights over the Internet, close your garage door from work, shut off every light in your home from your nightstand and lock all the doors.
From beginner to expert, this book will guide you through the process with step-by-step instructions and leave you with a complete understanding of your system. Get more out of your home with INSTEON Smarthome technology.
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Measure a Battery’s Health and Life Expectancy

ELK ELK-BLT v.3 Battery Mhos Meter

  • Does not discharge or damage the battery
  • Analyzes 12 Volt Rechargeable Batteries
  • Warns if battery voltage is too low
  • Replaceable test leads
  • Numeric LED display shows battery voltage, and Mhos reading

The ELK ELK-BLT v.3 Battery Mhos Meter is a compact, easy to use service tool for testing 12 Volt rechargeable batteries. The BLT measures internal conductivity (Mhos), which is the best indicator of a battery’s health and life expectancy. Mhos happens to be the inverse of Ohms (conductance as opposed to resistance). The BLT operates as follows: For each battery brand and size installed you should start by measuring and recording a baseline Mhos reading. Then, during any service call or inspection simply measure and record the current (most recent) Mhos reading. Always compare the current Mhos reading with the original reading. Self-adhesive test data labels may be used for recording each inspection. When the current Mhos reading has reached at or around 71% of the original baseline then it is time to consider changing the battery. The BLT includes a reference chart on the back with numbers equating to Mhos readings for common security industry battery sizes.

The BLT receives its operating power from the battery under test and automatically warns when the battery voltage is too low for testing. Read more