Stores your Favorite Channels and Offers Instant and Easy Channel Scanning

GE 24986 My Favorites Remote

Forget the channel number! The GE My Favorites Remote received the CES 2009 Design and Engineering Award in Video Accessories. This unique remote stores your favorite channels and offers instant and easy channel scanning with familiar network icons.

  • Add your favorite channels to access quickly and easily
  • 8 programmable buttons
  • User-friendly button layout
  • Customizable button icons with included network logos
  • Price: $29.99
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    Compact, Easy to Install Safe from Secure Logic

    Secure Logic 20730 ezVault

    The Secure Logic 20730 ezVault line of safety devices was developed in 2003 by ETL®as an answer to the rise in home thefts and identity fraud through mail theft. The Secure Mail Vault was the first product developed under the brand and today the line has steadily grown into a collection of some of the world’s most innovative, hidden home vaults. The ezVault offers Remote Control Entry with a range of up to 30 feet, the remote control can be stored in a hidden location. The vault can be activated and opened with fast convenience. The glow in the dark Keypad Entry allows you to gain ease of access to your belongings without the hassle of carrying around another key. A Hidden Key Entry is also present for your convenience.

  • Auto: Perfect for concealing firearms, going to the gym, long trips, and much more!
  • Home: Installs anywhere in your house, under your bed, in the closet, garage, you name it ezVault will secure it!
  • Office: Make sure your identity and important documents are safe and secure.
  • Recreation: On-the-go? Perfect for RVs, boats, hunting and more!
  • Price: $129.00
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    Pet Stairs for Getting to Higher Ground

    Domestic Innovations 20460 PuppyEZ UP

    Does your pet strain to get up onto your couch, bed, or into your vehicle? Are you concerned about the excessive impact to your pet’s joints when jumping from its favorite places? With Puppy EZ Up your worries will become a thing of the past. This clever device is a collapsible set of steps that enables your furry friend to reach new heights. Its is adjustable to suit entry into the back of a truck, onto the couch, or up on your bed. With its compact design, the Puppy EZ Up conveniently folds up for travel and easy storage! If you have a pet that is smaller, older, injured, or just plain pampered let Puppy EZ Up be your helping hand.

  • Compact size
  • Set up and take down in seconds
  • Pets easy access to all their favorite places
  • Pets get in and out of the car with ease
  • Price: $49.95
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    Apple, Microsoft now on nearly equal footing

    Apple has long been the little guy in the Mac vs. PC debate, but that’s no longer the case.

    As of trading on Tuesday, Microsoft and Apple both have roughly equal market capitalizations of around $230 billion. By another measure–adding in debt and other factors–Cupertino has actually surpassed Redmond in total value.

    The fact that Apple has reached this level of valuation represents a remarkable turn of events in the history of computing.

    Consider this: As recently as 1997, Michael Dell suggested Apple should just close up shop and return the money to shareholders. Today, Dell is worth barely a tenth as much as the Mac maker.

    That same year, Apple had to accept a $150 million investment from Microsoft. Bill Gates famously appeared at Macworld via satellite, dwarfing the on-stage Steve Jobs as he announced the company’s commitment to the Mac.

    Of course, all that was before Mac OS X, the iPod, the iPhone and now the iPad. The Cube and Apple TV aside, Apple has had an incredible run of products over the last decade.

    Macs still account for fewer than one in 10 computers sold, but its market share has increased significantly in recent years and the company has built a consumer juggernaut that extends well beyond the computer.

    As for Microsoft, the company remains highly profitable, but investors and analysts alike are concerned that Microsoft remains dependent on its Office and Windows franchises for the lion’s share of its profits. The company has poured billions into its cell phone, online advertising and other new businesses that have yet to really help the company’s balance sheet.

    Even its desktop franchises are seen as vulnerable in the longer term, particularly as Google aims to deliver many of the same capabilities through the browser.

    So where will things go from here? Will Microsoft be able to transform itself into a company whose cloud computing and search efforts someday produce returns on the scale of Windows and Office? Will Apple’s remarkable run continue? Sound off below.

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    Measure the Perfect Portion of Spaghetti Every Time

    Joseph Joseph SPMLG012HC Spaghetti Measure, Grey/Grey

    This original and innovative compact spaghetti measurer provides an adjustable portion guide for one to four servings. The lever glides along the side of the disc, opening the aperture to control the portion sizes. Grey frame with green aperture. Also available in three other color combinations. By Joseph Joseph, producers of stylish, technically innovative and award winning housewares.

  • Compact spaghetti measurer
  • Adjustable portion guide for one to four servings
  • Lever glides along the side of the disc, opens the aperture to control the portion sizes
  • Also available in three other color combinations
  • By Joseph Joseph, producers of stylish, technically innovative and award winning housewares
  • Price: $6.45
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    Large, Durable Cutting Surface with Foldable Sides

    Joseph Joseph LREDC2P017SW Large Chop2Pot, Red

    This innovative, award-winning chopping board uses polypropylene ‘living’ hinges to achieve its transformation.

    Locked in the flat position, Chop2Pot™ provides a durable, knife-friendly cutting surface. But when the handle is squeezed, the sides of the board fold up, forming a chute down which diced and chopped food can be neatly guided. Never spill carefully chopped ingredients on the hob again!

    This product carries a 3 year warranty against breakage.

  • Foldable sides guide chopped food into bowls or pans – no more spills
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Dimensions: 48 x 27 1.5cm (Chopping area 36 x 27cm)
  • Price: $19.94
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